15 Jul 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Everyday Carry Amazon Prime Day is here. Think of it like Black Friday for online shopping at Amazon, but this year it lasts a full two days. So for the next day and a half, you can expect exclusive deals and discounts on thousands of products. There will be tons of deals to […]

11 Jul 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Ed Jelley So you’ve finally tracked down what feels like the perfect EDC bag. It’s built to last and can hold everything you’d ever need. But being truly prepared doesn’t stop at just having a solid bag and all the right contents. Keeping everything properly organized is just as crucial—it ensures you can […]

22 Jun 19

Because your gear bags should be as versatile as you are.

21 Jun 19
Leap and Learn

I often take my toddler somewhere by myself. I have been caught in a few jams without being properly prepared. We all know to have diapers, snacks, Butt Paste, sunscreen and whatnot.  This post is for those random situations that you don’t always see coming. The dad every day carry, if you will. If you are not a […]

19 Jun 19
Survival Kit Reviews

Hi guys, I just entered a competition to join a polar expedition in 2018 above the arctic circle. If you have a moment, please vote for me! A survival kit designed by myself to enable a comfortable night’s stay in the back country. IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Maxpedition Tactile Pocket – Large Cyalume SnapLight […]

17 Jun 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Mon Garcia Whether you’ve built out a tactical EDC or just want the best essentials to get you through the day, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Maxpedition have established their reputation in the EDC scene with their tactical-ready bags and pouches, but more recently they’ve offered more discreetly styled options for urban […]

14 Jun 19
Survival Kit Reviews

A look at the maxpedition thermite pouch as a 72 hour survival kit.

13 Jun 19
Survival Kit Reviews

The survival kit of all survival kits! The bug out bag to end all bug out bags! Check out my zombie survival kit and remember that if you’re ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, you’re ready for anything! [ links are posted down below] Outside the survival backpack: Condor 3 Day Assault Pack ► Morakniv […]

10 Jun 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by EDC for DJF GOVO Badge Holder/Wallet – Durable ID Card Holder with Metal Clip and 4 Cards Slot (Holds 1-4 Cards) Black Apple iPhone X Apple Watch 42mm Swell Bottle Lastra Straws Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer Key Fob Necessities for urban and suburban survival, comfort, and safety. Contents of Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer: […]

25 May 19
Survival Kit Reviews

►EDC Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer – Every Day Carry – Review Test (Deutsch/German) ►►►Organizer: (*) ► Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht meiner Ausrüstung ►►► Teil meiner Outdoor-Ausrüstung: ►Jacke: (*) ►Hose: (*) ►Schuhe: (*) ►Messer: (*) ►Tourenrucksack: (*) ►Tagesrucksack: (*) ►Tagesrucksack klein: (*) ►Gaskocher: (*) ►Titanbecher: […]

22 May 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Doug Suunto Traverse Alpha Zippo Smith & Wesson SWPROBK Pocket Protector Knife, Black Magpul Field Case iPhone 6 i-Clip Wallet My small edc when I don’t carry my Maxpedition pack. from Everyday Carry via @everydaycarry , brought to you by IFTTT

20 May 19

  Tourniquets get a lot of digital bandwidth in tactical and preparedness virtual circles. Rightfully so, since they’ve demonstrably saved a fuckton of lives over the last two decades of combat. Unfortunately though, in the process of bludgeoning a deceased equine, in order to overcome decades of medical institutional intertia about the supposed hazards of […]

17 May 19
Misha Status

My current writing kit May 2019: This is an update on my current writing kit, which is not at all interesting to anyone else, but is a way to help me to evaluate what is working, what needs to go, and what I can do better: Harware (digital): Phone is a Samsung galaxy 10. I […]

14 May 19
How to probably not die

First things first. Don’t be Batman with a super utility belt. You will look like a fool. Carry items you you need / use. This is a sidebar to Tactical GHB/EDC Bag post. My EDC consists of the following: First up is a Glock 19 gen 5 MOS with a Trijicon RMR with an extra […]

10 May 19
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

submitted by Ed Jelley Well over a decade ago, there weren’t very many options for a good EDC bag. Back in those days, Maxpedition made a name for themselves as a go-to choice for a sturdy, tactical bag. Gear enthusiasts often recommended the 18L Pygmy Falcon, 23L Falcon-II, and the larger 35L Falcon-III for their […]

10 May 19
Survival Kit Reviews

Showing How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes! *Links Below* $50 Survival Backpack from Walmart Get your DFS Micro+ Survival Kit Here: $64.99 Genuine Military Issue GEAR! one-time Donations: http://PayPal.Me/DropForgedSurvival Amazon Buy Links: (Really Helps Support the Channel) Re-curve Bow Components: 56″ Recurve Phantom Bow: Carbon Arrows: Bow String Silencer: 60″ Recurve […]