Maya Wrap

24 Apr 19
Books Dani Likes

Hello Kittens! I’ve got a great backlist title for you today. It’s going to appeal to fans of non-traditional thrillers and all the “city folk” who get freaked out just thinking about going into the woods. “Leave no trace” is a well-known concept when it comes to responsibly interacting with the great outdoors. The main […]

23 Apr 19
Kyle Abramson: Designs + Work

During the dates of April 1 – April 19, 2019, Disrupt the Comfortable which is the senior exhibition was put on display within the Penn State Abington art gallery. It displayed two digital works and three installation pieces. All of them display something that will most likely offend or disrupt the said comfortable. There were […]

22 Apr 19
Benjamin Phillips

The other people watched me go with a mixture of shock and awe. They were more than willing to wait the rain out, and as I reflect on this day, I don’t know why I was so unwilling. I was determined to get home for some reason. There was probably some food for me there that I was looking forward to gorging myself on. That’s really the most reasonable conclusion. So I stuck my poor little suede boots outside of the protection of the Palacio and nearly gasped as the weight of the water crushed me.

22 Apr 19
Site Title

With the conclusion of the 21st Roger Ebert‘s Film Festival (Ebertfest), we’ve gathered all of our coverage on this past week’s panels, guests and film presentations. Included is the work of Chaz Ebert, Brian Tallerico, Nick Allen, Peter Sobczynski and our three Ebert Fellows, Curtis Cook, Pari Apostolakos and Eunice Alpasan, along with two articles published elsewhere. […]

21 Apr 19 - Gjør shopping bedre

Lekker omslagsbluse med vakkert mønster, fra VERO MODA. Blusen har en topp under som kan tas av, og passer perfekt både til hverdags og fest. – Vevd, uelastisk kvalitet – Omslagsbluse med knytebånd (ikke avtagbart) – Topp under (avtagbar) med regulerbare stropper – Gjennomsiktig materiale – Perleknapp på ermekant Lengde fra skulder bak 64 cm, […]

20 Apr 19
Eric Williamson

This week was a reflective one for me. I was happy to see my 6th graders again and to teach a full class now that all students have completed their written assessment from last week. After looking at the data this week from their post-assessment, I came to several conclusions about my teaching and how […]

19 Apr 19

Let’s share a story tonight. Are we all on this planet with the same perspective of life? There are so many times I have felt like trash, felt like running somewhere far far away, doing something that I have loved the most, eating whatever I want, sleeping all day and do nothing, sing to myself […]

19 Apr 19
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Hailing from Murcia, Spain, Crownaside will release their debut album, From Mud To Ashes on April 24th 2019. A concept album that recounts the history of Maya peoples and the way they were tortured by the Spanish visitors.

19 Apr 19
Wandering shoes

Hola! Writing you one last catch up post and this one is about my trip i took to Mexico in 2017. This one was certainly not a SOLO trip. i went with an amazing group of 9 people. We rented out this mansion in Playa Del Carmen, and pretty much just went 100% the entire […]

18 Apr 19
Weekend World Travelers

Gate 1 Travel: 5 Day Classic Guatemala Day 1 – Guatemala City 7:03pm: Land in Guatemala City – whoo hoo! Second time ever in Central America and I’ve been excited to get to Guatemala in particular. 8:03pm: Arrive at the hotel, check in, head up to my room, and there’s Donni! Hugs and celebrations ensue, […]

18 Apr 19
Jenny Reads Books

Beartown By Fredrik Backman My Rating: 5/5 stars “It doesn’t take long to persuade each other to stop seeing a person as a person. And when enough people are quiet for long enough, a handful of voices can give the impression that everyone is screaming.”    “For the perpetrator, rape lasts just a matter of minutes. […]

18 Apr 19
HBCU Gameday

Beyonce’s “Homecoming” documentary on Netflix struck all the right chords with HBCU alumni.

17 Apr 19
The Washington Informer

With Jazz Appreciation Month underway in April, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) recently honored its 2019 class of Jazz Masters with three days of events throughout D.C.