16 Jun 19
Jasmine Tyson

I have spent the past week and a half editing together my film clips, however I was unhappy with the outcome and couldn’t figure out why, so I decided to ask my lecturer to look at it and tell me what he thought, so I could gain a fresh perspective. He told me he thought […]

14 Jun 19
Technology Traveller

Well, in my opinion, it’s not so much of a process of “figuring it out” as a process of getting in touch with and truly listening to ourselves (perhaps for the first time). To “figure something out” tends to imply a mental or logic-based approach. And perhaps this is why so many of us end […]

13 Jun 19
The Taylor Group

Mazzer Major E (Auto)

13 Jun 19
The Taylor Group

Mazzer Major A (clicker manual)

04 Jun 19

Coffee lovers are always true to their dose and never leave their tonic. No matter what kind of coffee they prefer, they will make sure that it’s the same drink that they consume every day. However, in order to have that perfect cup of espresso, you need the right kind of electric and innovative coffee […]

29 May 19
East Valley Coffee

This is the AnZa, a home espresso machine from the minds at Montaag—a multi-disciplinary design firm that keep offices in both Norway and Berkeley, California. The team here has worked on a dramatic range of projects, from consumer tech devices and HiFi speakers to cafe interiors and futuristic ocean vessels. They also love coffee. And like most designers who love coffee, they eventually turn their […]

22 May 19
Trieu Blyth-Foster's Blog

UNIT 4 Project Proposal Template   Centre name Ravensbourne University Centre no. 14271 Student name Trieu Blyth-Foster Candidate no. 6285591899 Project title Get The Bus! Date 16/02/2019 Pathway Media Production Section 1: Rationale (approx. 150 words) During my time at Ravensbourne I’ve developed my interest for fashion photography, throughout my time on the Media Production […]