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18 Feb 19

Kyler Murray is short, and there was a time when that fact would have impeded his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America column with a look at why that logic no longer applies, as explained by someone with firsthand knowledge of how good Murray can be. King also tackles:

• The Colin Kaepernick-NFL settlement and the three things that influence our opinion of the case.

• An appreciation of Joe Flacco, who despite recent results still deserves to be remembered for one of the great playoff runs by a quarterback in history.

• More thoughts, notes and opinions on Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Kareem Hunt, Greg Schiano, Adam Silver, Roger Goodell and my argument for why there is no such thing as too much coverage of the Patriots dynasty.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness and a fun opportunity for football fans in Indy to have a beer with me, Frank Reich and sports media members.

18 Feb 19
Alana Karen

17 Years of Lessons Learned – Part 3 There’s something deeply annoying about receiving feedback about prioritization. It can feel patronizing; an “I know what you should have done and you didn’t do it” feeling. How do they know best? And yet it’s some of the most important feedback I’ve received. Prioritization is a key element […]

18 Feb 19
It was over before it even began.

I explain that she’s my biological sister without hesitation or pain because I forget. I simply say oh I’m adopted so easy without pain because I forget. I forget that adoption means my birth mother and father gave up their rights of me and her. They made a mistake once with Alison, and then with […]

18 Feb 19

  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” -Marcel Proust Like any other sane person, I would not normally agree to travel to Germany during the winter months. It can get verryyyy cold and wet there, and a California girl like me is not used to such […]

18 Feb 19
Randolph Metrocom Homes

April 18 will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t made a decision on how you’ll prepare your taxes this year, here are a few tips that may push you toward a DIY approach. Shop around for softwareTurboTax ( is generally the most popular and trusted tax software option, but you’ll typically […]

18 Feb 19
Untamed Heart

I knew this was the first time he actually kicked someone to the ground, a girl. And my first time getting physically harmed, by a skinhead.  A skinhead who was also my so-called “stepbrother”.

18 Feb 19
Filx with felix

The date is 2/17/19 tonight I’m interviewing Xiomara Perez age 50, her relationship to me is,well she’s my mother she’s female and Cuban she currently lives in Kings Mountain NC originally born in Siego De Avila, Cuba. This interview will be in the form of a Q&A session. Q:What were some of the first films […]

18 Feb 19
Site Title

              Hello! I am Jeremie Dela Cruz I’m a Grade 12 student of STEM 1 from MayamotNHS i probably doesn’t look good at first but i’m not sure with that, because if you do effort to know me then go i’ll give you what you want to know that’s […]

18 Feb 19
Reflections of a Realist

So many people think that other people define them, or their weight, or hair, or clothes or job defines them. It’s taken me a very long time to realize that the only person that can define me, is me. Since my weight fluctuates so much, I used to think that every time I gained weight […]

18 Feb 19
About Catholic Schools

Analica Thymakis has skipped through her first weeks as a school captain with an initiative to boost awareness of heart conditions.

18 Feb 19
Shock and Awe Graphics

“Schools teach exactly what they are intended to teach and they do it well: how to be a good Egyptian and remain in your place in the pyramid.” – John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling.

18 Feb 19
That Old Gamer Guy

Hello all! So I’ve been gaming for about 30 years now and as such have born witness to the incredible entertainment revolution that is the video games industry. Gaming has gone from an obscure hobby to a mainstream juggernaut, from an activity for “lonely losers” to something that the “cool kids” do and it has […]

18 Feb 19
Rabuti B K Kenanao

SPEAKING WISDOM. Monday, February 18th. Pastor Chris Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect…we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory (1 Corinthians 2:6-7). God expects you to constantly renew your mind with the Word, so you can think, […]

18 Feb 19
color wheel

I have recently been looking into ways to update old paneling yourself, and I have seen an array of options that are simple enough for a one time project, but I have also seem to run into many instances where the content is sponsored and therefore completely biased and unreliable. An example of this is […]

18 Feb 19
YFBRC - this is about your journey with Him

It is amazing how i have managed to see this writing through to completion. i know the importance of consciousness, but clueless, and cautious about how to establish this on a biblical foundation…even up to the point i started this article. It is about trusting God, i believe. CONSCIOUSNESS BEFORE MINDSET The world talks about […]