Mega Man: The Wily Wars

21 Jun 19
Comma Eight Comma One

Recently Red Metal was tagged for a Sunshine Blogger Award article, in which they answered several questions. Give it a read, it’s rather intriguing! Anyway, he tagged several bloggers including yours truly to answer some questions he’s posed in turn. So I’m taking some time to try to take a crack at them. Some of […]

21 Jun 19

Old is Gold! SEGA has announced their own re-released of its well-known classic console, the SEGA Genesis Mini. The console is a tiny-sized recreation of the popular SEGA Genesis that was released back in 1988. The console itself during that time was a huge hit and went on to garner over 30 million in sales […]

19 Jun 19
henry flower

Lent 2016… T hursday, 11 February 2016 Hand forced to start anew. Gumboot full, kept crashing, old stuff morphed with new nonsense, same old games etc. Feels like spring; swept path; walking about, climbing stairs, carrying cups…beware the old toddler. Been off the sauce now since Jan fourth; vaping and puffing; cleaning up the act. […]

18 Jun 19

Sega takes another crack at releasing the definitive mini version of their most beloved console ever.

17 Jun 19
All Things Geekery

In this episode, We are going to cover all things E3. Starting with the pre-E3 details of Stadia and our thoughts on it. We will work through each of the main conferences calling out our top moments and items that got us excited. Then we will wrap up this episode with our personal Best of […]

14 Jun 19
Rude_Semprini Retrospectives

It was a typically laid back announcement post from Bazza McMahon. He made the announcement of an upcoming tournament. It had no set date, no set restrictions on who could be in, no limits on who you could nominate. He made a point that potentially anyone could get in. Gene, Travis, King Of All Cosmos, […]

14 Jun 19
Rude_Semprini Retrospectives

Dracula But enough talk! Have at you! Dracula’s debut stands out to me as one of the most memorable in early VGCW. It was the episode after Endgame 2, and Bazza announced a Tag Team Tournament to decide the contenders for The Returners tag team belts. Just before the final match between Gerudo Skies and […]

12 Jun 19

As much an inspiration as he was a great boxer, 🇺🇸Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield (44-10-2, 29KO) was a living embodiment of how much the human spirit can endure, and how you could ⚔️weaponize it as fuel towards your drive in pursuit of your goals. Holyfield had the ability to fight in all 3 ranges, inside, within the […]

12 Jun 19
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show is a chance for most people to catch with the biggest upcoming games. But I was most looking forward to playing something that came out back in 1994. Mega Man: The Wily Wars is a Sega Genesis game that contains 16-bit remakes of the first three games in Capcom’s classic side-scroller series: Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3. It also contains an original set of levels that you unlock once you beat the trilogy. I love Mega Man, but I never got to play this game before. Wily Wars only had a cartridge release in Japan and Europe. In the U.S., you could only play it through the Sega Channel, an ahead-of-its time service that downloaded games through a coaxial cable. Sega Channel was expensive and not available everywhere. I didn’t have it, and so I never played Wily Wars … until Tuesday at E3. Wily Wars is a part of the Sega Genesis Mini‘s digital library. The micro-console is coming out on September 19, and I played it at Sega’s E3 booth. Mega Man on Genesis rules I could play the entire library, but I went straight for Wily Wars. It was a surreal experience. I had wanted to try this game forever. Sure, I could have caved in and downloaded a ROM off the internet, but I was stubborn. I held on to hope that it would someday be easily and officially accessible. That day is here. Playing the Genesis Mini at E3. I went right into my favorite Mega Man game (and favorite game of all time, really), Mega Man 3, and headed straight to its best stage: Snake Man. I have gone through level about 100 times before. Suddenly, it felt almost new again. The layout was the same, but the visuals were different. It wasn’t just that it went from 8-bit to 16-bit. It all had a distinct Genesis feel to it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s that kind of retro look you’d rarely confuse for a Super Nintendo game. This certainly didn’t look like Mega Man 7 or Mega Man X, for example. It was thrilling. I got to experience one of my favorite levels in gaming from a new perspective. It was great even if it also felt a little, well, weird. Mega Man himself controls a bit differently than he does in the original. It was harder, for example, to tap on the D-pad inch my forward or backward. On the NES, a single tap would move you a decent bit. Here, a tap would barely nudge Mega Man. It’s something I think I’ll get used to with time. Genesis Mini. It was great to see Snake Man’s level with more details. In the original, it just looked like some kind of indoors … something. It was green, I know that. Wily Wars gives the stage more character with background details like broken wire fences and other flourishes that make the level feel more industrial Even just playing a Mega Man game with a Genesis controller felt novel. The Blue Bomber has been a part of so many consoles, it always seemed bizarre that he had such a small presence on one the greatest machines for 2D games ever. It sounds like such a goofy thing, but just using that chunky, black, three button Genesis controller to move Mega Man made me smile. I’m excited to get my own Genesis Mini so I can play through all three remakes and the extra campaign. I’ve waited patiently for about 25 years, and soon I’ll actually own Mega Man: The Wily Wars. That’s as exciting to me as any of the big announcements from this year’s E3. Well, maybe except for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. That’s pretty freaking exciting. The RetroBeat is a weekly column that looks at gaming’s past, diving into classics, new retro titles, or looking at how old favorites — and their design techniques — inspire today’s market and experiences. If you have any retro-themed projects or scoops you’d like to send my way, please contact me.
07 Jun 19
Archy news nety

We weren't optimistic that the PlayStation Classic would drop below $ 30, but Sony made it happen as part of their Days of Play 2019 promotion. If you're waiting for this moment, it's time to go, because the odds are lower than this are very, very slim. At the time of writing the PlayStation Classic […]

07 Jun 19
The North East Recluse

If you’ve been keeping up with trends in the gaming industry, you’ll know that there’s something of a trend for releasing mini versions of classic games machines loaded with games (instead of, you know, just keeping the games in a big online archive that anyone can access). Nintendo kickstarted the whole thing and have indeed […]

06 Jun 19
Dimenção Alternativa

A SEGA revelou em uma livestream nesta terça-feira (4) mais 12 jogos clássicos que estarão no console retrô Mega Drive Mini. Dentre os títulos estão sucessos como Kid Chameleon, Strider, Road Rash II e Virtual Fighter 2, além de algumas surpresas. O novo console será lançado no dia 19 de setembro de 2019 e custará […]