Mei Tai

17 Dec 18

Standfirst: Stop assuming you’ve seen everything there is to Chinatown and give this place another go with our top 8 spots in Chinatown that you never knew about   Brighton’s Accessories House Laces, ribbons, cloths, wooden yardsticks, zippers, threads, pins, buttons; the list is endless at Brighton’s Accessories House. The perfect definition of an accessory […]

17 Dec 18
DL's Travels

November 17, 2018 Bing Kee 炳記茶檔 After indulging for months in siu mei, my new friend Mike has recently discovered a new topic of interest — local style milk tea. This seemingly omnipresent drink has a surprisingly high variance from shop to shop; the worst is little better than mud water but the best would […]

16 Dec 18
Where to, miss? - To the stars.

“There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.” ― Jack Kerouac, On The Road Thế là cái học kì gần cuối ở CNN này cũng đã qua. Nhìn lại thì không có gì nổi bật, trừ việc ôn thi IELTS sấp mặt và đã bị mất kiến thức toán (tôi […]

15 Dec 18
Ny's Year 4 PhD Journey

Today I added my drug Sodium Oleate to my 96 well plate to test for cell cytotoxicity tomorrow. This is my second time, well our second time, to do this assay. Me and my labmate Yong Tai are performing this experiment for the second time because the cell densities could be a little too high […]

14 Dec 18

  Poate ca nu a fost cea mai buna zi a mea aceea cand ti-am sarit in fata masinii. Cum poate ca nu a fost nici cea mai inspirata decizie a ta, sa ma tragi de mana si sa ma asezi langa tine pentru mai mult timp decat cel necesar ca zarva ce se iscase […]

14 Dec 18
5280 Geek

Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship 2018 Written by John Andreula Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk Saturday, September 29th 2018: One of Colorado’s cultural and sporting best kept secrets took place at Gateway High School in Aurora Colorado. Various Kung Fu practitioners and martial artists, as well as their masters, teachers, and families, all converged […]

13 Dec 18

Pășeam cu frica pe plaja in care tu îți ascundeai printre nisipul fin, cele mai de preț vise. Marea privea înspre mine , de fiecare dată când tălpile mele, călcau peste cate un gând de al tău, purtat de vânt. Soarele îmi șoptea sa te strig, dar eu am ales sa nu mă opresc din […]

13 Dec 18

If you hike to the Taki waterfall in Ngardmau, and look around at the hills, you will see scars of red dirt that are remains/reminders of the bauxite (chidudes) mining that occurred in Ngardmau from 1940 to 1944.  Bauxite is the raw material that goes into making aluminum and it was mined by a Japanese […]