03 Dec 18
Diplomacy Opp

From January 2019 until December 2019, a new group of young Israelis and Palestinians will become a part of Youth Peace Initiative’s Young Leadership Experience. As part of this one-year programme, YPI is organising the Middle Eastern Peace Process Conference from the 2nd until the 9th of March 2019 in the Netherlands. During this conference […]

01 Dec 18
The Devon Angling Association

Today is the first day in December, so a quick apology for not getting an update earlier! The season closed on 31st October on a spectacularly beautiful day which I spent fishing at Rackmill and the Haugh, without so much as a tug; but the scenery was amazing Bryan Anderson caught 2 salmon on the […]

23 Nov 18

€5. A fiver. That’s all I spent to buy a box of old flies and lures on fleabay. There were some  photos to accompany the listing and staring at it I homed in on one fly in particular. It was tied with feather which are rarely available these days. The blue elver fly is a […]

17 Nov 18
The Most Important Things to Know About Bass Fishing

Of course when it comes to discussing topics like this one, there will always be many different points of view for what lures are the best to use when bass fishing in general. This happens to be the case due to the fact that different fishermen fish in different bodies of water. And because no […]

17 Nov 18
Site Title

When it comes to conserving wetlands and other waterfowl habitats, Ducks Unlimited’s greatest strength has always been its members and volunteers. DU supporters number more than 1 million strong across North America, and their dedication and support are critical to the success of the organization’s conservation programs. DU’s ranks also are filled with the world’s […]

12 Nov 18
Financial Post

NEW YORK — The funded status of The Segal Group’s model multi-employer pension plan (MEPP) increased by 3 percentage points to 102 percent, as noted in the graph. Model #MEPP Fully Funded in Q3 “The Canadian equity market had a slightly negative quarter as the Energy and Materials sectors fell,” said Ruo Tan, President of […]

10 Nov 18
The Amazing Fish-a-Metric

View Map   The tree leaves have all changed colors and dropped to the ground, the nights are getting decidedly colder, and winter feels like it’s just around the corner. Yet, it would be foolish to stow away the rods and reels because open-water fishing opportunities are still beckoning all over southern Maine for those […]

09 Nov 18
Jason Houser Outdoors

Mepps has been a leader in fishing lures for decades.  They are known primarily for their hand-tied dressed hooks using squirrel tails. Over the years they have tried many natural and synthetic materials including bear hair, fox, coyote, badger, angus cow, and many others.  Mepps has found that no other material works as well as […]

06 Nov 18

So, the flying visit to Scotland is over and I am back in Ireland once again. The catch up with family and friends now over, I can reflect on the last couple of days. The weather was pretty terrible on the journey north but the East of Scotland basked in lovely near summer conditions for […]

04 Nov 18
Shenandoah Angling

I went out this morning instead of sleeping in, as most people that endure the trials of daylight savings time do for the fall back. It was a beautiful, but rather cold, morning. I didn’t catch a thing after about two-and-a-half hours, I ended up losing a 75 size Whopper Plopper when the ice on […]

02 Nov 18
Nature Into Action

My friend and I drove up north for the last four days of NY Brook Trout Season.  We paddled into the St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area as part of the GetOutinIt2018 YouTube Challenge. Please sub the channel to see the entry videos and support the generous sponsors. Satterfieldknives     Weatherwool     The Hidden Woodsmen Neotrekk    […]

01 Nov 18
2 Guys and A River

I love fly fishing with streamers. I suppose it reminds me of those days long, long ago when I fished Mepps spinners with an ultralight spincast rod and reel. Streamers also catch large trout — especially in the fall when brown trout are on the move. Mainly, though, I love the shock of a trout […]

30 Oct 18

  30/10 /18 Wullie Coquhoun from Dumfries looks pleased with this 21lb Esk bruiser. He caught the fish on the Burnfoot Beat on the Border Esk. The fish was immediately returned after this pic was taken. The curtain comes down on another salmon and sea-trout season tomorrow. While migratory fish runs have held up well […]

30 Oct 18
Outer-Rim World

To begin this, I just want to say sorry ladies and gentlemen, the stat-revamp is still on-going, the darn-developers have done little to get rid of the problem, instead of the getting rid of the problem, they have been giving us meaning less upgrades, I mean what is the point of paying for monthly membership […]