Merino Kids

19 Feb 19
Naturally, Kim's Knitting

Welcome to Naturally, Kim’s Knitting. I am Kim and this podcast is about knitting, spinning, and dyeing yarn from my home outside Lima, OH.  Today is February 19 and this episode is number 154 Find Me Online ~on Ravelry as NapiersKnits and Naturally, Kim’s Knitting ~etsy: NapiersKnits ~on Instagram as knittin_kim ~on YouTube, Blogger, and WordPress as Naturally, Kim’s […]

18 Feb 19
Camino MMXX

Trail Time I am not in great shape. Twenty years of riding a desk has taken its toll – and although I have done the odd hike now and again, I can’t kid myself into thinking I am good to go 20-30k/day on the Camino when I barely even stand up most days. So I […]

18 Feb 19
The Curious Creative Club

Hi everyone, it’s finally getting a little warmer out there, but with the half-term holidays this week, it’s always good to have a back up for those rainy days. When I get desperate for the teenager to break her current obsession with the entire re-run of Friends or for my son to un-glue his fingers […]

18 Feb 19
Jen Wolf Writes

After last week’s attempt at finding a book about civil rights/diversity appropriate for a two kids under 5 years old, I found two that were much closer to what we needed at this week’s library visit (more on that later). In addition, my daughter very proudly told the librarian that she could read some words […]

17 Feb 19
The Canadian American Kiwi

Who else just loves baby clothes?! They can be so. darn. cute. It’s hard to not spend all my baby budget on clothes. Actually it’s near impossible; that’s about all I’ve bought so far. Since I’m currently working, Jared and I have more room in our budget than we did last year, and when we […]

17 Feb 19
baltimore food and fun

Oh man. If you enjoy live music, this is the week for you. Tons of concerts and shows going on in Baltimore! Another busy weekend for me. I’m going to a Charm City Fringe Festival party on Friday. Sorry, it’s invite only! On Saturday I’m going to Open That Bottle Night at The Center Club with The Wine […]

17 Feb 19
Justquiltin with Denise Russart

  Guess what !  Yes it’s snowing outside against this morning tho it does show it much in my photo.   The sidewalk did not have snow on it when I last looked out last night and there’s big flakes falling out there this morning.  At least they are fluffy ones I guess.   But […]

17 Feb 19
Grass up the middle CC

This mornings ride took the usual route… The usual place, at the usual time. We were, as usual, just ambling along. Discussion included a (particularly good) Francis Bacon documentary, visiting the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Manchester, the weeks jazz record purchases and the potential for future rides out to Levenshulme night market…… all so […]

17 Feb 19
In The Know Cycling

Soft, moisture-wicking, 100% merino wool makes the kids’ REI merino midweight base layer crew top an ideal next-to-skin layer for high-performance, cold-weather activities.

16 Feb 19

I’m fairly certain that those of us who choose to handspin yarn for fun commonly let the spinning get away from us. No, I don’t mean any sort of comical cartoon-like spinning wheel come unhinged and rolling down the street inexplicably leaving a trail of yarn in its wake while I chase after it (although […]

16 Feb 19
Blatters' World

Tuesday 12th February 2019 arrived snowy and freezing, a perfect reason to move out of the Vancouver area. Having failed miserably in our attempts at finding a suitable new home in North Vancouver we had decided to return to our home on wheels and head back to Arizona to release Donny GMC from the clutches […]

16 Feb 19

These are the best comic book weeks! Sometimes I’ll get a couple of comics on my Buy Pile to pick through, see what I like or don’t like. But weeks like this one was stuffed with my favorite comics! We’ve got Runaways, we’ve got Mr. & Mrs. X, we’ve got Go Go Power Rangers! It’s […]

16 Feb 19
Kathleen Rea

If you are left scratching your head at why socks are such a big issue for some kids then you have never experienced a child in a full-on sock meltdown. When a child with sensory issues experience discomfort with how their socks feel…. how they bunch up, or have seams, or do not stay up […]

15 Feb 19
Clothing Model For On-Line Browsing

Determine if the export of hip and the most recent and modish dresses. On Betsey Johnson you’ll find so many adorable types and prints in tops and dresses with. Could folks discover many celebrities as I sit with my should-have cup of. Not many people understand that the fate of trend business is still very […]

14 Feb 19
The Post

Sheep seemed to flow into Rabbit Valley shortly after the settlers arrived in what was then Piute County but is now known as Wayne County, and their numbers continued to grow exponentially for decades afterward. Among the first men to own and graze sheep in Wayne County were John Burr, Beason Lewis, Isaac J. Riddle, […]