09 Dec 18
Kristina's Questions

Sermon delivered at Glen Cary Lutheran Church, Ham Lake, MN. Advent 2: Esther 4:1-17 and Matt. 5:13-17. What does it look like to wait faithfully? As many of you know, I spent two nights this week and two nights last week with my youngest son at the hospital, where he was under observation for bronchiolitis and pneumonia. […]

09 Dec 18

Hello dear readers can you tell that it is getting closer to Christmas? Oh I don’t mean the congestion around the mall or the Amazon packages being stolen from the front porch. No I mean the attack against Jesus, and all things Christmas which leads us right to culture wars. Yes here’s the first shot […]

08 Dec 18

The Spring Equinox falls between 19-22 March each year during a period when daylight and darknesss is balanced, and the sun begins to move forward. Flowers start to bloom, lawns are continuously being mowed at awkward hours, and I have to stock up on sunscreen and Claritin. Now’s a good time as ever for a metal […]

08 Dec 18
Truth2Freedom's Blog

Help us reach our year end funding goal. Donate now! Why is the Virgin Birth so important? The Jewish Talmud And Its Use For Christian Apologetics 10 Important Questions for the Jehovah’s Witness Worldview Evidence for The Resurrection Find a Bible Reading Plan That’s Right for You 7 of the Best Books on the Resurrection […]

07 Dec 18

He hesitates to say it, but author and speaker Eric Metaxas believes the Lord led him to write a children’s book about Donald Trump called Donald Drains the Swamp. You may know Eric best for his historical biographies of Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but he has also written many children’s books.

06 Dec 18
Andre Eger

Students at California State University San Marcos claimed “VeggieTales” was racist because the villains in the show use ethnic accents while the heroes sound white.  The project was part of a recent “Whiteness Forum” held for the class, “The Communication of Whiteness.” The lead characters in “VeggieTales” are a red tomato named Bob, and a […]

06 Dec 18
Fresh Store Shop

Metaxa ranks among the top 50 global spirits
Metaxa is a leader in the travel retail sector
Metaxa local premium spirit in its homeland of Greece and a top three imported spirit in many European markets

06 Dec 18
Enough is Enough!

On this day, in 2008, Alexis Grigoropoulos was murdered by cops in Athens, Greece. Alexis was 15 years old. Today we will publish a live blog about todays actions against statet terrorism. We will report live from several demonstrations and actions around the globe, including Athens. We publish this Live-Blog as part of our 10 years […]

06 Dec 18
America First Media Group

Christian children’s cartoon VeggieTales is now considered “racist” and “dangerous” for children, according to group of students at a California college’s “Annual Whiteness Forum.” The forum at Cal State San Marcos is a project from Professor Dreama Moon’s class titled “The Communication of Whiteness.” Students called various things racist, including the NFL, women who support President […]

05 Dec 18
Politically Slanted

A “Whiteness Forum” was held at Cal State San Marcos last week and during a discussion on America’s systemic racism, popular Christian cartoon VeggieTales was declared racist. But the reason may surprise you – it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the content of the show. Instead, it’s the color and accent of the vegetables […]

05 Dec 18
Rick and Linda Reed

Here’s a  post I recently wrote for the Heritage Seminary Blog. One of my seminary profs, Dr. Howard Hendricks, was known for his pithy, memorable statements.  Here’s one of my favourites: “Leaders and readers.”  I’m convinced Dr. Hendricks had it right.  To be effective in ministry we must become life-long learners.  That means, among other things, remaining life-long readers. At […]

04 Dec 18

A humanitarian crisis unlike any we’ve seen in decades is unfolding in Yemen. And it’s being caused by an “ally” of the U.S.

01 Dec 18

All is not lost dearest #Vegans, you shall have a #pie. For I have created this luscious #mincemeat, especially with you in mind. Bursting with a tangy #lemon flavour, using dried, cherries, berries & #ginger & soaked in a shot or two of #Greek Metaxa. Delicious.