Mini Goldendoodles For Sale In Texas

25 Jan 19
Mini Goldendoodle Monthly

  January 23, 2019 Welcome to another Update at Lamgo Farms!  I’m so excited you’ve found your way here; and hope you learn a little more about us, our puppies, pets, all things growing in the pastures and of course all of our little Lamgo People each week. Right now we are preparing for our […]

14 Dec 18
Mini Goldendoodle Monthly

  December 13, 2018 Welcome back to another update at Lamgo Farms!  We love having new visitors and are blessed to have regular fans and readers. We are teetering between Fall and Winter and rain and sunshine.  Of course, we’re praying that we can see some of that “white” stuff fall from the sky as […]

16 Nov 18
Mini Goldendoodle Monthly

  November 15, 2018 Welcome back to another update at Lamgo Farms!  We are excited to show you all that has been happening this past week with our puppies, people, and now our new pet products in our store! Yes, our store is now active and open online for you to visit!!! It has been […]