22 Jul 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

MOOG VOYAGER MONOPHONIC ANALOG SYNTH (ELECTRIC BLUE)   The Minimoog Voyager is a handcrafted, all-analog performance synthesizer that incorporates the features and incredible sonic range of the original Minimoog, while adding a vast number of new functional improvements to its design. And just like the original Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager was designed and brought to […]

21 Jul 19

Kawasaki had the same lineup as Osaka as expected and it was the first time the band played here. Notably five of the eight tunes were from the new Immigrance album. The show was attended live and reviewed for by Tai Suzuki right at this link – Kawasaki live review so this will be […]

18 Jul 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This Moog Minimoog Voyager is in excellent condition! This handcrafted, all-analog performance synthesizer has very if any scratches or signs of wear and comes with a sturdy professional travel case and power cable. It does not come with any other accessories.

16 Jul 19
Lower West Side Studio

Not to be confused with the Minimoog Transistor Ladder Filter the Oakley Modular Discrete Ladder Filterprovides rich, resonant sounds using circuitry based on Moog’s 904A filter and CP3 mixer.

14 Jul 19

Chrisye adalah salah satu “cinta pertama” saya dalam menyukai musik. Siapapun tidak akan mampu membendung kekaguman akan suara emas pemilik all-time hit “Cintaku” ini. Rasanya hampir semua lagu beliau mampu dinikmati dengan baik oleh para pendengar yang terdiri dari berbagai macam kalangan. Dari mulai generasi tua bahkan sampai ke yang muda sekalipun, lagu-lagu Chrisye masih […]

14 Jul 19

Rick Wakeman originally wanted to be a concert pianist until the steady work of a session musician beckoned. His dependable talent for nailing a part in one solitary take lead to memorable contributions such as playing Mellotron on David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, work on Lou Reed’s post-Velvets debut LP and with Marc Bolan’s as he […]

05 Jul 19
Music In The Key Of E

We were still a week away from Back To The Future appearing theatres, so we kept the radio on and preferred these songs as the Top 12 from June 29th, 1985. 12. ‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry THW – I talked a little about this song in my 9/28/18 post. One thing that I did […]

05 Jul 19
The Cooks

Via KingUnderground Records – Torb The Roach & Floppy MacSpace “Square Wave Adventures” album and 8-bit video game. The 10 level, 8-bit video game by Nils “Nilski” Nordmark, can be played online for free at There are strains of underground hip hop that predict the mainstream’s future or find themselves in conversation with its present. Then […]

05 Jul 19

This post was backed by 22 supporters on Patreon. If you back me for $1 a blog post, you’ll get next week’s essay earlier than everyone else. For $2 you can read my writing on other subjects, and at $5 you can commission an essay from me. Egypt live at Manchester Xmas special Egypt While […]