19 Feb 19
Site Title

Jenis-jenis Software lengkap dengan contoh dan penjelasannya A. Sistem OperasiMerupakan perangkat lunak yang berfungsi mengendalikan semua komponen yang terdapat pada mesin komputer.  Di bawah ini adalah contoh-contoh dari sistem operasi :1. Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows atau biasa disebut Windows adalah Sistem Operasi yang dikembangkan oleh Bill Gates atau ketau CEO Microsoft Corporation yang menggunakan interface […]

18 Feb 19
James Blash

Before I can edit the scheduling algorithm for my independent study, I need to understand the intricacies of how it works. That’s what I tasked myself with this past week, and as it turns out, there’s a lot to know. MINIX is structured in 4 layers. Top to bottom, they are the User Processes layer, […]

12 Feb 19
markets blog

“The Android TV Box  market report is a complete research on the current state of the Android TV Box market with a focus on the regional market. This report presents the global Android TV Box  market size (value, production, and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2013-2018 and forecast to ‘2025’), by manufacturers, region, type, and application. This […]

09 Feb 19
Pacosite's Blog

Los desarrolladores de SUSE han anunciado planes para deshabilitar los sistemas de archivos obsoletos o poco utilizados que son compatibles con el kernel de Linux de forma predeterminada. Está previsto que el cambio se incluya en futuras versiones de SLE 15-SP1 y OpenSUSE Leap 15.1. El motivo es el deseo de proteger el sistema de […]

08 Feb 19
What's On My PC

I ran into this situation with my Minix NEO Z83-4 Mini PC where I am limited in internal hard drive space (32GB) and wanted to install (or move) apps to an external drive. With Windows 10, it is possible to do exactly that. The only apps that I could not move were the apps already baked […]

08 Feb 19
Jerome's Blog

Morning start, i started encoding our PEIS (PERSONAL EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM) on our computers, it took me half a day to finish a single PEIS paper due to slow computers because we are using a mini computer which is called minix. In the afternoon it came to my head why not try encoding PEIS paper […]

06 Feb 19
James Blash

Over the past week, I found myself running head-first into a wall with MINIX. I ended up having to do lots of reading before I could even begin with development/tinkering. Having never done a project like this, I found rather quickly that the hardest part is getting started. Persistence is key, though! In my research, […]

05 Feb 19

Rakuten is running a sitewide sale today: you can save 15 percent on most purchases when you apply the coupon code SAVE15 at checkout. Savings top out at $60, but but that’s good enough to help you pick up a Microsoft Surface Go tablet for as little as $339, a Nintendo Switch for $267, a […]

02 Feb 19
JH' Blog

Minix를 이해하는 것은 Microkernel 운영체제를 이해하는데 있어서 정확한 접근이라고 생각한다. 대부분이 알고 있는 Andrew S. Tanenbaum 교수님의 Minix는 교수님의 연배 만큼이나 역사가 깊다. 1987년 이래로 벌써 30여년이 흘렀다. 명맥은 여전히 유지되고 있으며 Minix3가 나온지도 벌써 10여년이 흘렀다. 여전히 Git에는 작업이 되고 있다. 내부를 설명하는 책 OSDI는 여전히 훌륭한 책이다. 책은 소스코드 포함 1000페이지가 넘는데 다 […]

30 Jan 19
Big Country Preps

SAN ANGELO — Leading San Angelo Central 50-47 entering the final quarter Tuesday, the Abilene High boys were on pace to collect their third consecutive win. But the Bobcats outpaced the Eagles 24-17 in the final period to rally for a 71-67 win. The loss, which dropped AHS to 11-17 overall and 3-6 in District 3-6A […]

29 Jan 19
Morgan's Blog

My name is Morgan Minix; I am a sophomore journalism major studying at Howard University. Along with writing, I am interested in sports, music, and politics. Within this blog, I will be extensively covering Ward 2 in Washington D.C reporting on a variety of different stories of interest. The objective of this blog is to […]