Minky Tres Vain

14 Dec 18
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Brain Ape, made up of Minky Très-Vain (vocals/guitar), Sol Alex Albret (bass) and Jamie Steenbergen (drums), released their live DVD last night with Live Circuit, at the Dublin Castle. Brain Ape: Live at the Unicorn documents one of the band’s killer sets from July 2018, and is now available to order. Brain Ape formed in […]

07 Dec 18

One of the joys of being a music blogger is being exposed to all kinds of music across a wide range of genres. More recently, it seems an increasing number of artists and bands are fusing together multiple influences and creating music that spans across numerous genres, rather than sticking to only one, which is […]

19 Nov 18
Read Between the Lines

If you want to see the punk resurgence in action, “Brain Ape: Live at the Unicorn,” is the perfect place to start. The London-based scratch rock band Brain Ape puts it all out there when they are on stage. The half-hour long live performance was recorded by Galina Rin, Nuri Moseinco, and the venue itself […]

08 Sep 18

Up coming bands 2018 -Brain Ape . Very cool band taking social media by storm with huge tallent amazing vocals . Very talented band members with fantastic individual amazing talents creating one he’ll of a performance . Exciting times ahead for these upcoming Artist . Brain ape : We are a band that comes from […]