Minky Tres Vain

07 Dec 18

One of the joys of being a music blogger is being exposed to all kinds of music across a wide range of genres. More recently, it seems an increasing number of artists and bands are fusing together multiple influences and creating music that spans across numerous genres, rather than sticking to only one, which is […]

19 Nov 18
Read Between the Lines

If you want to see the punk resurgence in action, “Brain Ape: Live at the Unicorn,” is the perfect place to start. The London-based scratch rock band Brain Ape puts it all out there when they are on stage. The half-hour long live performance was recorded by Galina Rin, Nuri Moseinco, and the venue itself […]

08 Sep 18
Power of positivity Independent world artist global blog site

Up coming bands 2018 -Brain Ape . Very cool band taking social media by storm with huge tallent amazing vocals . Very talented band members with fantastic individual amazing talents creating one he’ll of a performance . Exciting times ahead for these upcoming Artist . Brain ape : We are a band that comes from […]

16 Mar 18
Music Interview Magazine®

Among London’s indie music intelligentsia, Brain Ape’s latest album, Auslander, is clearly a demonstration of wit and cleverness. From topics to song titles, including “Graphomania,” about the uncontrollable urge to write and “The Quick Brown Dog Jumps Over The Lazy Fox,” the trio’s ingenuity comes across loud and clear. With a punkish-metal-noise rocking message, on […]

12 Mar 18
Read Between the Lines

The American grunge scene has influenced countless bands through the years and is still having an impact on young bands today. The music of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Mud Honey and Tad rank high on the list for Minky Très-vain and Sol Albret, the main men of the London area band Brain Ape. Brain Ape […]

03 Jan 18

As I’ve stated in previous posts, being the EclecticMusicLover, I like when artists and bands incorporate lots of different influences to create genre-bending music. One such band is Brain Ape, a London-based outfit who skillfully fuse punk, stoner rock, grunge, noise rock and shoegaze to create their unique sound they call “scratch rock.” In August 2017, […]

20 Dec 17
Read Between the Lines

There is a unique movement going on in music if you choose to listen. Grunge and punk bands from the past are influencing young bands of the future and one of them is Brain Ape. Minky Très-vain and Sol Albret of the London area, are creating wonderfully nuanced music that evokes an earlier time, but […]