06 Dec 18

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22 Aug 73
Art / Photography

The Camera That Started It All Minox ( – 1972)    

20 Nov 18
Sound Books

From the man behind the YES Belgrade label, Stevie Whisper graces us with one of our most eclectic and exciting podcasts to date. Morphing through waves of dark and atmospheric ambient, to tribal rhythms and industrial, EBM soundscapes, this mix is a proper excursion into hypnotic territories. Get in! Tracklist: Prg-M – Last Dance in […]

19 Nov 18
Keratin Brotherhood

Minoxidil is one of the more popular hair loss treatment solutions thanks to its ease-of-use, relatively low price, and overall results. But if you’re considering adding Minox to your hair loss treatment regiment, understand that there are some side effects that you should be aware of before you take the leap. Dry, itchy scalp Minox […]

15 Nov 18
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

I have learned something from every piece of photographic gear I’ve ever owned. In some cases I’ve learned to do better, and in some cases I’ve learned to reel back in horror. I do a nice reel, with hands held in front of me and a terrified expression on my face. I rarely scream, but […]

10 Nov 18

Minox 35 MB FOMA 320 RETROPAN soft © 2018 HJSphoto

10 Nov 18

Minox 35 MB FOMA 320 RETROPAN soft © 2018 HJSphoto

10 Nov 18

Free Download Hong Kong Superman (1975) Full Movie. Hong Kong Superman can be watch for free registering. Free Streaming Hong Kong Superman in 4K Quality. Get Free Access Hong Kong Superman (1975) in HD Quality Release : 1975-06-25Genre : ActionRuntime : Company : First FilmsCast : Bruce Leung Siu-Lung, Sylvia Chang, Stanley Fung, Dean Shek, […]

03 Nov 18
Fotografie. Filmbasiert.

Normalerweise schraube ich nicht an Reglern, sondern lasse meine Fotos authentisch und unverändert. Diesmal nicht, deshalb steht es auch in starkem Kontrast zu dem Beitrag Rela.Tief. etwas weiter unten. FOTO © 2018 BY JENS G.R. BENTHIEN Ganz schön knackig, was? Wie aus einem Reisemagazin. Nach dem Motto: Norddeutschland ruft! Jetzt noch eine Blondine mit Heugabel […]

01 Nov 18
Julien Bernagou Photography

Au commencement, il y avait la photo argentique. Le dernier de cette ère fut un Minox 24 x 36 GTE, acquis en 1995. Petit et silencieux, il tient dans la paume d’une main. Le passage de l’argentique à la photo numérique s’est fait progressivement en 2004 en débutant avec un compact, un Canon Powershot S50. […]

31 Oct 18

Minox 35 MB FOMA 320 RETROPAN soft © 2018 HJSphoto

30 Oct 18

Minox 35 MB FOMA 320 RETROPAN soft © 2018 HJSphoto

25 Oct 18

The report portraying a comprehensive analysis of this worldwide “Sifting Machine market” covers the development speed of the industry throughout the anticipated forecast. The report that is Sifting Machine confirms that amount and that the assessment of the market within the forecast time. Saimach, Rotex, Guan Yu, Jiangyin Kaiyue, Xinxiang Baiyuan, Kek-Gardner, DELI, GRUPO CLAVIJO, […]

24 Oct 18
The Truth About Guns

Inexpensive German hunting rifle. These words do not go together. Sauer manages to pull it all together in their entry level hunting rifle, the Sauer 100. When many folks think of Sauer, they automatically assume the fine wood stocks most of their rifles are known for. There are 100’s in Beechwood stocks, but most are […]