23 May 19
Secret Scotland

I recently threw some thoughts and recollections into a post, after seeing the third Victor Morris shop had closed, bing the empire to a final end. I don’t think anyone has covered the original shop in Glassford Street, at its corner with Trongate, and I only remember it in passing, never having been in it. […]

23 May 19

Like many camera hoarders who visit the annual Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham in the UK each year, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the Disabled Photographers Society stand. This year was no exception, and though I had already decided that I wasn’t going to spend a huge amount on dozens of old film cameras, they are a charitable organisation so spending a little would be ok… perhaps even charitable. On the day my usual urge to throw everyone else around the stand out of the way and pillage the analogue treasures before me was to my mind at least commendably restrained, and I eventually only walked away with a couple of purchases (*cough* nine *cough*).

22 May 19
The Sun
THOUSANDS of men are turning to hair loss drugs in frantic attempts to grow ‘proper’ beards. Over-the-counter medication Minoxidil – most commonly sold as Regaine in the UK – is being used by a growing number of blokes eager to fill out their patchy face fuzz. Paul Marechal saw rapid beard progression after Minoxidil use The phenomenon sees men smear the foam or liquid on their face up to twice-a-day in an attempt to achieve more ‘masculine’ growth. The fear of being ‘follicly-challenged’ on the head has haunted men for decades but with the recent rise in popularity of the ‘lumberjack hipster’ look, a new face based concern has arisen. Online communities have formed where men use the technique, track their beard growth and share tips with other men across the globe. The Minox Beard Spot is one such Facebook group which currently boasts more than 55,000 members. One of the founders Adam Siddals, 27, spent more than two years applying the minoxidil foam twice-a-day and the results were astonishing. FACIAL FOLIAGE Adam began applying – with the help of a Derma-roller – in April 2016, and despite stopping in July 2018, still boasts impressive facial foliage almost a year later. Despite the business analyst’s success, many experts suggest that once you stop using such products the new and improved hair can simply fall out again. Mixodil helps blood flow to hair follicles which can boost growth and thickness and Adam is a staunch advocate of the process. He told the Mail: “It really bothered me, I was insecure about my lack of facial hair. [quote credit=”Adam Siddals on Minoxidil use”]Taking Minoxidil is the best decision I’ve ever made – apart from proposing to my girlfriend[/quote] “My friends always used to tease me for having no facial hair, they used to say ‘just face it you’ll never grow a beard, quit trying’. “Now I’ve started being taken more seriously at work and I look older, it’s given me newfound confidence and made my life better. “Taking Minoxidil is the best decision I’ve ever made – apart from proposing to my girlfriend.” DO YOUR RESEARCH He added that sometimes it’s better to wait for nature to take its course – especially if you’re in your late teens – and said fellas should check the side effects before using. Adam recommended using the foam, as he claims it has fewer side effects, and noted that it’s not a miracle cure. While there are many studies that examine the use of minoxidil on head hair, the only recognised one on beards was carried out in Thailand. The 2016 study only sampled 48 patients but the results showed increases in hair counts and concluded that Minoxidil 3% lotion was effective and safe for beard enhancement. SIDE EFFECTS But despite the apparent global appeal, many experts advise against the process. UK hair restoration surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo issued a stark warning to anyone using Minoxidil on their face. He warned that the drug was originally invented to treat high blood pressure, so using too much if you have normal blood pressure could be harmful and lead to fainting and dizzy spells. Dr Farjo also said the drug can cause dry skin – including a whitish deposit which is harder to hide on the face than it is on your scalp. But he accepted it can boost the appearance of facial fuzz. [article-rail-section title=”MOST READ IN SUN MEN” posts_category=”14471″ posts_number=”8″ query_type=”popular” /] He told The Mail: “It’s good at maintaining hair – not growing hair – and that’s how we prescribe it to patients with pattern baldness. “If you have an immature beard, then Minoxidil could make it look fuller. And then you have to continue to use the drug or the appearance of thickness will disappear. “But there’s probably no chance at all that if you had no hair on your face that Minoxidil is going to suddenly give you a beard.” Despite Dr Farjo’s convictions, Dr Jennifer Jones from the British Association of Dermatologists disagrees and said ultimately the science suggests using Minoxidil on your face would improve beard growth. She said: “It is likely it will work because one of the things we warn women about when they use Minoxidil is not to get it on their face because they can grow a downy facial hair as a result- like baby hair.” Dr Jones added that ultimately the practice is safe but would advise using it in a very small area for 3-4 weeks to make sure you are not getting an adverse reaction. Despite her subtle endorsement of the practice Dr Jones had a reminder for potential users: “None of these things work overnight and can take between 6-9 months.”   Adam Siddals underwent a drastic transformation after applying Minoxidil to his face Kiril Yakimenko also benefited from the hair loss drug [bc_video video_id=”6037031295001″ account_id=”5067014667001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%” caption=”​Are men constantly thinking about sex​?”]
22 May 19
News Archives Uk

How far would you go to grow a full beard? Thousands of Britons have set themselves the task of distributing Minoxidil, a kind of bald-headed drug, over cheeks, tibia and upper lips to achieve the coveted look. And for some it seems to work. The drug, which is marketed in the UK as Regaine, promotes […]

21 May 19
Archy Worldys

Thousands of British men are smearing a hair loss remedy and growing as part of a bizarre new trend with a full beard. They apply an over-the-counter anticancer medicine called Minoxidil to their cheeks, chin and mustaches twice a day and share their results online. Boys from the age of 16 to men until the […]

21 May 19
News Archives Uk

Thousands of British men smear a face of a hair loss drug and develop a thick beard as part of a strange new trend. They apply an over-the-counter depressive medication called minoxidil on their cheeks, breasts and mustaches twice a day and share their results online. From 16-year-old boys to men in their fifties are […]

21 May 19

Thousands of British men are drooling a drug for facial hair loss and are growing full beards as part of a new bizarre trend. They are applying an over the counter stocking drug called minoxidil on their cheeks, minds and mustaches twice a day and sharing their results online. Boys from young up to 16 […]

20 May 19

It’s Monday, so here’s your weekly dose of emails, chat and general nonsense from Rachel and Graeme. https://www.photo.net/discuss/threads/feb-article-how-to-make-a-rangefinder-for-minox-cameras.35633/ https://johnwhitmorephotography.co.uk Social media are all @thedarkshed https://twitter.com/thedarkshed https://www.instagram.com/thedarkshed/ https://www.facebook.com/thedarkshed/ There are also FB / Eventbrite events and a mailing list to get the latest updates. https://www.facebook.com/events/1153581328152979 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/john-whitmore-photography-garage-gallery-exhibition-tickets-61696536000 Warwickshire Open Studios – map and artist info: https://www.warwickshireopenstudios.org/   […]

04 May 19

When that passion for compact cameras really has been begin in my life? May be right from the start. At that time analog medium format cameras were still alive and were still selling relatively well. I remember that we were using Yashica Mat 124G cameras (120/220 film format) for our photography learning classes and although […]

02 May 19

My List On Camera’s Throughout History Mastra V35 The year the camera was made: 1958 2. Kiev 4A The year the camera was made: 1950s 3. Universal, Mercury II half frame 35mm camera Year that this camera created: 1945 4. Kodak Jiffy (Series II), 620 Roll Fill Camera Year the camera has created: 1973 5. […]

28 Apr 19
Rag Tag Magpie

I liked the colour of the yellow Minox so although not quite as colourful went for the classic polaroid next and that completes that spread in my sketchbook  

25 Apr 19
Lisa Richardson Bylines

What matters most is to wake up in in the morning, still exhausted, in a place few others have been before. Because you will have been part of the stunning view, not on the other side watching from a viewpoint. This profile of Italian guide and pro climber, Paolo Marazzi, was first featured on the Arc’teryx blog […]