Mint Marshmallows

18 Dec 18
Button Blog

When we say “frost yourself,” what’s your knee-jerk reaction? Matthew McConaughey? Kate Hudson? A Hollywood-fabricated diamond campaign? Well, yes. Same. But, it also makes us think of the hoards of ice-blue, delectably frosty beauty products we’ve received by the pounds this season. And while the shade is a bit unlikely where highlighters, shadows, and lipsticks are […]

18 Dec 18
Vape Traveller

electronic_cigarette Blue Dot Vapors Holiday Sale 20% off eliquid and 100ml Sample Packs for 1 Cent! Happy Holidays to All! It’s a lovely time of year and all of us at Blue Dot Vapors would like to wish you an amazing holiday and a great end to the year. We have so much […]

18 Dec 18
Duncan's World

Baking and Cooking Ingredient Substitution Chart Substituting one ingredient for another should only be done when you don’t have the necessary ingredient on hand in your kitchen. Substitutions can change the flavor and outcome of the finished baked goods. The following chart gives substitutions that may be used to achieve a product similar to the […]

18 Dec 18
My Dairy-Free Cup of Tea

Struggling to find delicious treats for your dairy-free friends and family, or even for yourself? Read on to find out where to find my top 5 favourite dairy-free treats!

17 Dec 18
The Cookie Rookie®

Gingerbread House White Chocolate Bark is a fun and festive Christmas Bark sprinkled with marshmallows, soft peppermints, gumdrops, M&Ms, and of course ginger cookies! This Gingerbread House Bark Recipe has all the flavors you might find on a classic gingerbread house, but with none of the fuss.  Gingerbread House White Chocolate Bark Recipe This Gingerbread […]

17 Dec 18
Culinarrations Blog

‘Tis the season when “Visions of sugar plums dance in your head” and the sugar plum fairy weaves her magic spell. So does anyone out there actually know what a sugarplum is? Webster’s Deluxe says it’s a sweetmeat made up in small or oval pieces; a bonbon; hence, something pleasing, as a complement. This desirable […]

17 Dec 18
Kenai Organic Farms

SEASON OF SAVINGS It’s our season of savings, and many of us like to let people know they’re appreciated at the holidays. But, a gift card here and a box of chocolate there adds up quickly. Here are do-it-yourself gifts that are easy and inexpensive. These are ideas by Ruth Soukop of Living Well […]

17 Dec 18
Made with Love

Hi guys and welcome to blogmas day 17 In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite festive drinks. I love these beautiful beverages and they really do scream Christmas to me. Have a go at making these yourself over the festive season- you will not regret it. Hannah’s Ultimate […]

17 Dec 18
The Lifestyle Hacks | Food Recipes, Fitness, & DIY

Is it really Christmas without cookies??

16 Dec 18
Amanda Explains It

Welcome back for #Blogmas Day 15! Blogmas Is flying right by! To catch up here are the links to the first 15 Days of #Blogmas Blogmas Days 1-15 Blogmas Day 1Blogmas Day 2Blogmas Day 3Blogmas Day 4Blogmas Day 5Blogmas Day 6 Blogmas Day 7  Blogmas Day 8 Blogmas Day 9 Blogmas Day 10  Blogmas Day 11  Blogmas Day 12   Blogmas Day […]

18 Dec 18
Tatertots and Jello

New Years Eve Hot Cocoa Bar Printables. Ring in the New Year with a festive hot cocoa bar. It’s easy with simple ingredients and these free NYE hot cocoa printables! How do you ring in the new year? We love staying home, making lots of appetizers and playing games all night. It’s fun to spend […]

15 Dec 18
Modern Honey

Homemade Hot Chocolate Bar with Toppings This quick and easy homemade hot chocolate is topped with a variety of toppings. Always a hit at parties! Tis the season for sipping homemade hot chocolate on the daily.  There’s nothing better than whipping up a batch of homemade hot chocolate made with the freshest of ingredients. It […]

15 Dec 18
Dann's Denn: We are the food and liberty blog.

Marshmallows even the fussiest can love When I was a kid my grandma used to bring treats every Tuesday.  Sometimes it was a Butterfinger bar and sometimes, even better than a Butterfinger (blasphemy I know) were those bright orange Circus Peanuts. They are, I suppose, intended to be some kind of marshmallow thing.  I loved […]