04 Jul 19
St. Lucia Times News

Press Release:–  PayCab, a mobile application that merges growing transportation demands with evolving technology, is now available in Saint Lucia. The app, which is already available for download in the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores, delivers first-world services like Uber to the island. Initially introduced in Antigua in 2018, PayCab has evolved folds over matching […]

17 Jun 19
Bex Fisher

Hello everyone! So if you saw my recent video you’ll know that the back end of last year I spent being pretty ill, and the first half of last year working myself to exhaustion. This didn’t leave much time for shooting and as such, I sadly only managed to fit one shoot into my 2018 […]

16 Jun 19
Juan Bautista Stories

Diss is Hip Hop (Hip Hop sa Pinas) Ayon sa isang Hip Hop documentary, kasama na talaga sa kultura ng Hip Hop ang Beef. Kahit nuon pa man lalo na nung late 80s hanggang 90s, may touch of egotism na talaga ang genre na ito ng musika. Ang sabi nga nuon ni 50 Cent, if […]

13 May 19

Antigua Carnival is on my must attend list for 2019. The land of 365 beaches, I am truly excited for all the beach parties, and  vibes. Known as the “Greatest Summer Festival“, Antigua promises to dazzle us this summer. So I am here to assist with your planning, if you decided to go. Since I […]

16 Feb 19
IndiePulse Music Magazine

A self-dubbed ‘product of environment’, J’Moris has been drawn to music since he was a young boy. While battling the trials and tribulations of life, he’s always found music to be an unrivaled outlet of expression. During his college venture at Lamar University, Moris co-founded the organization Tru Misfitz. Continuing to maneuver more into the music […]

31 Jan 19

  One of the best, ever.

28 Dec 18
Boston Misfitz

This year has been one wild ride. New faces doing big things, and the same faces making strides and new accomplishments. We’ve also seen the league expand and reach new heights, whether it be threw involvements, guest writing recaps, the group chat actually being active, trades galore and to top it off I think some […]

15 Dec 18
Boston Misfitz

Highest scores 249.1 Sean M Wk-10-2018 240.1    Gomez      Wk-4-2018 239.7    Sean M     Wk-5-2017 237.7    Sean M     Wk-8-2017 236.5    Joey N       Wk-9-2018 228.4    Sean M      Wk-4-2018 226       Eric A        Wk-11-2017 224.3    Joe B          Wk-8-2018 223.8    Sean M      Wk-11-2018 222.4    Gomez       Wk-2-2018 Lowest scores 40.1   (Tyler )Wk-11-2014 40.9   (Tyler)Wk-4-2014 44.2   (Sean )Wk-11-2015 45.6   (Tyler)Wk-12-2014 48.3   (Tyler)Wk-9-2014 53.6   (Gomez)Wk-3-2014 54.8   (Beau)Wk-7-2014 […]

07 Dec 18
Boston Misfitz

This is it folks, the final week. We’ve seen a lot this season. A dumb amount of trades. A long time vet call it quits on the league because he had to hold his girlfriends purse on Sundays.  We’ve expanded the league to 10 teams and passed many new rules that will go into effect […]

07 Dec 18
The Underground Misfitz

*I do not own this image. I found it on pixabay Hey everyone, I absolutely love the dark shades in this image. Usually so much darkness is an evil thing, but in this case it’s almost peaceful. Is it just me? What do you see? Please, tell me how you interpret this picture. What story […]

29 Nov 18
Boston Misfitz

Power rankings  Make it Ertz so good  Fournette-cate yourself  Thas Ma-Homes  2 Gurleys 1 Khunt  Wentz upon a time  Jimmy G-string  Pimpin Aint Breesy  Blount Force  Team Bennett  Viscous Vixens Week 13 Predictions Fournette-cate yourself vs Thas Ma-Homes 162.4 to 175.6 I feel like Ma-Homes is going to pull this one off, although the champ has […]

26 Nov 18
Boston Misfitz

Ik I missed the mark last week with predictions and trade recaps, so I’m gonna attempt this shit 1 more time. I’m gonna give my best opinion on each trade at the time of the trade as well as my best opinion for the long term after affects. This week was Crazy, we had a […]

17 Nov 18
Boston Misfitz

This week was fucking nuts, the trades were absolutely insane with almost every single team making a trade during deadline week, but once again the only guy to pull a stalemate and sit still with his squad was Gomez. BF idk if its utter confidence in your team to keep it together or your unwillingness […]

17 Nov 18
Boston Misfitz

Week 10 is a busy 1 for sure. We had a 4 way tie for first headed into the week as well as the trade deadline fast approaching. In this weeks recap im gonna sum up the trades from this year with grades. I’m also going to lay out my playoff berth predictions. So without further ado […]