18 Feb 19
Anxiety and Liz

If you read my weekend update then you will know that I had a really good weekend and Monday. I was feeling really positive and my anxiety was at the lowest it’s been for months. Overall I have felt more positive this week, with a little dip towards the end as I began to feel […]

17 Feb 19
Madelene Aldridge

In 2013 an eight story textile factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing over 1,300 people and injuring over 2,500 more, making it the deadliest textile related incident in the world. This incident shocked the world and brought attention to the poor working conditions of factory workers and the impact that the fast fashion industry has had […]

17 Feb 19
The Life of Loz

Here’s my first outfit of the day post on the new blog!

17 Feb 19

This is the second time I’ve purchased on missguided. Decided to write down an honest shopping experience from them. Missguided: a UK based multi-channel retailer aimed more for women. They now have a men selection. Pros: Tons of trendy clothes selection True to size Includes tall, petite, plus size, and lingerie Lots of discount codes […]

16 Feb 19
Empty Shop Project

(Independent,2018) It is a well known problem that the high-street is attracting less and less consumers, instead they are turning to online stores where they can purchase goods with ease. The majority of high street stores remain similar to how they were 50 years ago reducing the incentive for consumers to go as its becoming […]

15 Feb 19

What a year 2018 was… i got a job that I love, and life has changed that’s for sure. (But in a good way) Don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten about this. Finally, after basically a year, I have gotten my life in order and I am officially (finally) back on the blogging scene…and what better […]

15 Feb 19
Sophie Samantha

Early February is always the BEST time. My birthday was on Sunday, 3 years ago today I picked up Alfie and 4 years ago today I started this blog. As I was saying, on the 10th of February I turned 19 and I may or may not have baked myself birthday cupcakes (using Tanya Bakes […]

15 Feb 19
Ecommerce experts with real retail experience | The Commerce Collective

Lucy Mowatt speaks to James White, Head of UK & IE at Nosto, about ecommerce personalisation and online shopping. They explore who’s doing it well, who could do it better, and James’s predictions for the future of retail.   Just a skim read of Nosto’s About Us page reveals its origins story – and you’ll […]

15 Feb 19

Posting this a little later than I planned, but it can still provide some inspo for those waiting to go out to celebrate this weekend.  For my second look, I still wanted to have a hint of shoulder on display, but this time paired with a hint of thigh.  🙂 An oversized off the shoulder […]