Miz Mooz

17 Jan 19

Miz Mooz Luna Women’s Slouch Boot – Buy – Miz Mooz Luna Women’s Slouch Boot

16 Jan 19
Kasmira Kit

Umbrellas have often let me down. I prefer a hat or a hood and a jacket.

08 Jan 19
Neno Review

The English Text: It always feels like every holiday goes too quickly, even if it is more than a week. However, if we fill it up with things that impress us, our holidays will not easily be forgotten. I tried to do this by optimising what I wore during the Christmas break. And here in […]

04 Jan 19
Shoes For The Soul

Suede leather shoes and boots are a raging trend for quite some time now and they are here to stay. You can wear them year after year and they are still the in thing in footwear. To make them last longer you need to keep them clean and in good condition. Miz Mooz boots of […]

16 Dec 18

  Interruptions and lessons learnt: How to pick back up and continue where you left off… So, Its been awhile Posh Bae Babes. Too much has happened since I have started this blog and I apologize for the white noise in between my last post and now. The truth is, when it comes to selling […]

28 Nov 18
Kasmira Kit

I tried the messy side bun today but the thing self-destructed. These photos are before it was totally destroyed giving blood. As they took the last few drops of my pint, I nearly passed out and completely ruined my hairstyling. I can’t blame BloodSource. The bun looked pretty dodgy before the vampires got ahold of […]