Miz Mooz

04 Jul 19

I want to have an honest conversation about something. Things that we never talk about because the wrong look, noncommittal noise, or pause could validate all of our worst fears. Areas of our emotional and mental health that we keep shoved deep down inside of us because if we were to ever talk about them, […]

04 Jun 19

Okay, so, a couple snoozes ago I told you guys how much I wanted to find the oxford shoes that Elsa wears in The Hookup Plan. I’ve done some digging, and although I have not found the exact shoes she wears, I have started my search. Or as they would say on The Bachelorette, my […]

23 Mar 19
Niyá DeGroat Henry

Three boutiques that are redefining Flagstaff’s style culture Nestled in the high country of Northern Arizona and with a population of almost 72,000, Flagstaff is one of the few cities in Arizona with all seasonal changes. Contrary to popular belief, it snows in Arizona. The city is a major attraction for tourists and out of […]

14 May 19
The Fox and Fern

After a brief bit of snow in May, the weather in Calgary has finally become more seasonal. It’s nice to be able to wear skirts and open toed footwear and not freeze for a change! This look in particular is a combination of some old, and new favourites of mine. This jacket, for example, has […]

08 May 19

Vintage coat, Miz Mooz shoes, Goorin Bros. hat, James Avery bracelet and compass ring, Tiffany & Co necklace  This past Sunday, we finally got to spend some time at The Broadmoor. We have lived here almost 3 and a half years and we have been told so many times during our time here that we needed […]

26 Apr 19
Shoes For The Soul

Footwear is one of the most coveted accessories that are available in a plethora of colors, styles, patterns, and trends. They are coveted by men and women across the globe. Shoes protect your feet and make a strong fashion statement. As a result, fashionistas select the best footwear with the right garments to avoid all […]

16 Apr 19
Kasmira Kit

Last time I wore a similar outfit with a zebra print dress. Snake print was the natural, next step.

05 Feb 19
Shoes For The Soul

One of the widely coveted accessories which are available in a host of styles, patterns, colors, and trends are footwear. Shoes protect the feet and thereby make a powerful fashion statement. Thus, fashionistas choose the right footwear along with proper garments for avoiding all types of fashion disasters. Fashion-forward people choose the ankle boots from […]