Moby Wrap

16 Apr 19
Random Acts of Writing

Welcome to this weeks guest installment of Letters of Questioning: Dear castaway Ravyn, Well, the prospectus defense is behind me, on to writing “the real deal,” the actual dissertation. “Defense” is really a poor word for the process. My advisers – like any good advisers, I imagine – were less like barbarians at the gates […]

16 Apr 19
Stories With The Ohs

Hey all, Now that J is here, and is almost 3 months old, I thought I’d pop on here real quick and share some of the essential items – well at least in my opinion. These have been some of the most used items the past two months! DockATot – We have been loving using the […]

16 Apr 19
Nesh Reads Books

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I thought I would share my book wish list. You could also call it a bucket list. The list contains an array of novels I have already read but wish to find or buy my own copies, as well as books I’ve never read before and […]

11 Apr 19
Tir Na Nog

Appearance Akutagawa is a 20-year-old man with a sickly appearance. He has a slim build and very pale skin. He’s often seen covering his face with his hand due to his frequent coughing. He has short, choppy black hair with side bangs which reach his chin and turn white at the tips. His eyes are […]

10 Apr 19
Blog | League of Moms

A dear friend of my mine just told me she is expecting! Insert happy dance! She is one of those people that I was really rooting for.  I knew she wanted a family but it wasn’t coming easy for her and when I heard she was pregnant I got all sorts of warm fuzzies in […]

08 Apr 19
Babies And Pilates

“I haven’t time to exercise” is something I hear a lot from mums. How are you so thin, what’s your secret, how have you time. I don’t know how you do it. These are common phrases I hear about me. I like to turn can’t into can. I eat well, I sleep well, and I […]

08 Apr 19
Waking Up the Day

December 11, 2012 [In this dialogue we delve more deeply into the deliberate use of coincidence but then segue into the drive of the spiritual universe toward ecstasy,  Emily Dickinson, the poet of ecstasy, being an exponent of that drive, and the natural world of bluebirds, snakes and butterflies  in her father’s garden in Amherst.  […]

07 Apr 19

Did you know it goes up to age 8+?

06 Apr 19
Life As We Know It

Every baby is different, and every baby likes to be held a certain way. They have a personality right from the moment they are born, and that personality means liking to be held a certain way. People will tell you their opinions from the very beginning; not just about the way to hold your baby […]

06 Apr 19
VanWyk For Life

First off, new parent: Congratulations!! Navigating parenthood is one exciting, challenging, and rewarding journey. If you’re in the first few weeks / months of first-time parenthood and having a tough time with it already, just know: it will get better. A million people will tell you that. And you will think “Yeah. Right. But what do […]

05 Apr 19
ceci n'est pas un mommy blog

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed that Dan and I often wear Elliot, especially for walks, or around the house. What started as a passing interest during my pregnancy turned into a full-blown necessity when it became clear that Elliot loves to move and I was not strong enough to […]

05 Apr 19
The Natural Catholic Mom

+J.M.J.+ Second only to nursing, babywearing has been the most life-changing help in parenting for me thus far. Truly, I don’t know how we would be able to function without it sometimes, and that isn’t hyperbole. From grocery shopping and errand running with ease, no stroller necessary – And facilitating nap time anytime, anywhere – […]

03 Apr 19
Kate's Plate

Here is a description of some people I saw during my 8 hours in San Diego Airport: a girl my age with TONS of perfume on, a dude bouncing his leg so the the bench and floor near him were vibrating, a baby playing peek-a-boo with me, a family of 4 all using their phones, […]

30 Mar 19
The Caffeinated Reader

Hey guys! So I could do like a combined post of my March Wrap up and Haul but I’m going to split it, mostly to milk it this time around because I’m playing in a fiddle rally right now while you all are reading this. I want to note something first, all these books because […]

29 Mar 19
A Blogger's Beowulf

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back I feel like I’ve taken two steps forward, and one step back with this project. In the last update post I’d stated my hope that I’d be onto the formatting part of the process by the time I was writing this update. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet. But. I […]