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23 Apr 19
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Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at three big trends we saw at NAB 2019 that will shape filmmaking in the year to come. It was a pretty quiet year as far as new cameras go, but that meant that some other technologies took center stage at NAB 2019. Let’s take a closer look. LED Fresnels Last year, we saw everyone moving to RGB LEDS, following the lead of ARRI’s SkyPanel. Pretty much everyone brought out color changeable versions of their existing fixture lights — from Hive’s small spotlights to Westcott’s foldable LEDs (and everything in between). This year, it was the high-output LEDs. The COB (or Chip-on-Board LEDs) are getting brighter and cheaper, and there were quite a few brands offering LED Fresnels that are approaching — or even surpassing — the power of HMIs. Intellytech released the Light Canon Pro, a 400W Fresnel that meters at 120,000 lux at 3 feet. Unlike a HMI, these are cool, can plug into house power, and don’t have a delicate bulb that can break. Aputure refreshed their line of daylight Fresnels as well with the brighter, cheaper version of the 120D and 300D. The largest LED at NAB was the Mole Richardson 20K. It’s a 3000W LED that meters at 64,000 lux from 10 feet. The list price is US $40,000, but this kind of brightness and output will probably make its way into the mainstream over the next couple of years. The days of hot lights and generators on set could be numbered. Large-Format Cameras The second big trend was large-format camera sensors. The Alexa Mini LF was probably the biggest news of the show. And Canon, Panasonic, and others all have large-format versions of their cameras waiting in the wings. Because cameras are so integrated now, changing the size of the sensor means changing many other things. There were a lot of new and existing companies releasing large-format-compatible lenses, a new large-format-compatible battery standard, the B-Mount from Bebob, and new storage devices (like the Codex Compact Drive) that can handle these faster bit rates. Camera Integration Image via ARRI. The last big trend we saw at NAB was device integration. The days of the camera system hidden under a mess of cables and third-party devices may be coming to an end. This started a few years ago with RED building the Xenomorph camera for David Fincher. It was one unit that incorporated a sensor, screen, wireless video, wireless audio, timecode, follow focus, and a battery mount. Now we’re seeing technology becoming available to the mainstream. Industry leaders (like ARRI) are producing cameras with built-in wireless transmission and focus systems. Companies like VITEC, or the Mac group, are acquiring multiple brands and integrating them. VITEC owns both SmallHD and Teradek, and they announced a wireless follow focus system that plugs into the wireless video transmitter, transmitter lens, and focus data, along with the camera image, so that a SmallHD monitor can display focus data from the follow focus. That’s our wrap-up of the major filmmaking trends at NAB 2019. Cine Gear is only five weeks away, so we’ll see if new gear — announced there — follows these developments. Cover image via NAB. Looking for more articles on filmmaking and video production? Check these out. The Cameras and Lenses Behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe Breakout Director Kat Candler on the Best Festivals for First-Time Filmmakers NAB 2019: Our Favorite Releases from This Year’s Show Adobe Releases New Content Aware Fill Tool for After Effects Industry Insights: Below the Line Women Speak Out
16 Apr 19
Austin Food Magazine

Located on a 28-acre ranch at 16604 Fitzhugh Road in Dripping Springs, Texas (approximately 25 miles south of Austin), Treaty Oak is regarded as the vanguard distillery that strives to strike a perfect balance between heritage and innovation in distilled spirits. Their recently re-opened culinary space, Alice’s Restaurant, (formerly Ghost Hill Restaurant) boasts a new […]

13 Apr 19
Chris Neville-Smith's blog on theatre

Sabrina Mahfouz’s adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s young adult novel is an intricate yet accessible depiction of a racially divided world that might have been. I don’t normally start a review with a spoiler warning, but if you’ve already decided to see this play and you don’t know about the Noughts and Crosses series, I advise […]

09 Apr 19
Watford Harriers Latest News

Year 5 Girls XC Final 1 114 Anna Stoneham Christ Church 06:42 2 162 Celeste Koyejo Field Junior 06:48 3 129 Athena Collins Royal Masonic 06:50 4 128 Cristabel Lee Royal Masonic 07:07 5 165 Emily Channer St Paul’s 07:08 6 139 Rosie Harrington Sacred Heart 07:14 7 108 Hannah Bedford Bushey Manor 07:17 8 […]

07 Apr 19
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Charleston County The transactions listed below include properties sold for $ 250,000 or more and registered between February 4 and 8. charleston 60 and 60-1 / 2 Cannon Street LLC sold unit sales unit A, 60 Cannon St. to RBFSJT LLC for $ 2.7 million. W. Terry Elizabeth Cherry sold the unit 267, 1 Cool […]

05 Apr 19

Iranology is also known as Iranistics, or Iranian Studies. This is the field of study which focuses on Iranian history, literature, art, and culture. One who studies Iranology may be referred to as an Iranologist. As we can see below, the study really picks up in the second half of the 18th century. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ […]

02 Apr 19
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Banners for cultural hitlists Drama, comedy, documentary and baking: we present our highly subjective list of the best that British television has to offer. Compiled by Gabriel Tate, Ben Lawrence, Michael Hogan, Gerard O'Donovan and Catherine Gee The Thick of It (BBC, 2005-2012) Before becoming a Timelord, Peter Capaldi was Malvig Maluck Tucker, the Government's […]

01 Apr 19

Route: Freycinet National Park – Avoca – Evandale – Deloraine – Mount Roland – Devonport Day 38: 17 March 2019 From Passed Apsley River to few km before Coles Bay 45,87 km (Total so far: 1471,45 km) – Altitude climbed: 745 m Weather: Sunny, strong head / side / tail wind Again, what a day […]

31 Mar 19
Highway Queens

Jenny Lewis’s new album has a striking cover picture of her wearing a cut out dress. The image was a glamorous twin of her cover for previous album ‘The Voyager’. On that album she had worn a rainbow suit inspired by Gram Parsons and the headless shot focused all our attention on that outfit. The […]

19 Mar 19
Juan Banda

AGILE & SCRUM These are great books that have been written in the last years about Agile and Scrum. They are together a great collection of wisdom and inspiration for making your learning path enjoyable; it is highly advisable that you start/continue reading some of the books in this list: Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, […]

19 Mar 19
Meranda's Movie Musings

Spies, lies, and Russians? Sounds like a few words describing todays political scandals. Jennifer Lawrence is Dominka, a prima ballerina turned Russian spy forced to use her body to take down bad guys. Joel Edgerton (Loving, The Gift, Bright) is Nate Nash, a CIA agent working with a Russian mole, is Dominka’s target. But because of her […]