07 Feb 19

Molicare&reg comfort super extended capacity briefs are designed to keep patients dry and protected during heavy overnight flows. Comfort stretch poly increases comfort and maximizes patient mobility. Anti-leak cuffs for containment. Discreet profile for comfort and dignity. 3-Part absorbent core for added dryness. Dual tapes for refastening.

01 Jan 19
Windelgirl Helene

Ich trage derzeit immer die Molicare Elastic mit nur 2 Klebestreifen das wirkt Authentischer meint Papa. Wie man sieht wird sie auch ordentlich benutzt. Mittlerweile bin ich nicht mehr ganz so quengelig wie zur Anfangszeit und Maule rum nur weil ich 1x Eingemacht habe. Mittlerweile maule ich nur noch rum sobald ich das große Geschäft […]

28 Dec 18
Back In Diapers 24/7

Part III: Touches what I have learned on my way towards becoming reliant on diapers. How to deal with the dreaded diaper leaks. Level of protection aka. type of diaper etc.

15 Oct 18
Medical Supplies

When in need of Medical Supplies it is upon you to locate the most reliable supplier of the products to you. The dealers that sell Medical Supplies are so many in the market and it can be challenging for you to locate the right one if you lack the insights and key factors to consider. […]

15 Oct 18
Medical Supplies

As matter of fact, some people face various medical problems such as adult bedwetting. This is a problem that mostly affects people who are suffering from conditions such as diabetes and different forms of UTIs. Kidney diseases and prostate cancer are other factors that cause this problem. On the other hand, nocturnal enuresis can also […]

27 Aug 18
Serah In Diapers

kali-is-an-abdl: I would advise that at that stage, perfect concealment is effectively impossible. Here are a few tips that I have. Use plastic pants and a onesie. I recommend this to everyone who uses diapers for their toileting, but it’s especially important for people who fill their diapers. Think hard about your choice of diapers. […]

31 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

I woke up at 9 AM, then peed in my diaper—a NorthShore Supreme—while sitting on the side of my bed. It was the same one I peed a ton in while writing my journal entry last night, and this was only the second time I’d peed in it, but when I looked in the mirror I saw it was already wet partway up the back along with being super full in the front and crotch.

30 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

After we got home, I peed once or twice more while watching TV. Then I changed into a fresh MoliCare. It was actually my last MoliCare. I peed in it once just before eating dinner and then a second time while watching TV.

27 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

The tea worked and I peed twice in my MoliCare while sitting in bed and continuing to watch TV. I got into a squatting position each time I peed to ensure I didn’t have any leaks.

24 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

Once inside, though, I didn’t feel like putting on a diaper yet and there was no way I was going to use a toilet, so I pulled out a MoliCare, held it in front of me, and peed into it.

21 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

I normally use a drawstring bag as a diaper bag if I need or want one separate from my backpack. It’s a good system, but I thought a sling bag might have some advantages over a drawstring bag.

12 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

I ended up not changing out of my Prevail before bed last night, for no reason in particular. This morning, when I woke up, I sat on the edge of my bed and flooded it. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t leak at all.

I kept it on as I started my morning routine, then squatted to poop about fifteen minutes later. I changed into a new Prevail after that. I’d had the old one on for just under 24 hours before I changed it!

11 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

Last night, I put on a MoliCare before bed. I peed in it a medium-ish amount right after I put it on. Then, at 4 AM, one of my dogs woke me up needing to go outside. When I was out with him, I peed about the same amount as I did the first time.

08 Jul 18
Diaper Demigod

Last night, I put on a MoliCare for bed. As is my new usual, I didn’t wear anything over the diaper. I peed in it a medium-ish amount before falling asleep.