12 Jun 19

If you decide to use pin-on diapers to manage your youngster’s bed-wetting you must use waterproof pants to cover them. The most popular type of waterproof pants are plastic pants. Some plastic pants are thicker than others. In general the thicker plastic pants tend to last longer. Some brands of plastic pants that have good […]

08 Jun 19

I have previously talked about how we as a community find it hard to buy ABDL diapers. But there are many home-care diaper sellers out there today, online and offline. And I thought it would be a little fun to discuss how these people sell diapers. Many of these brick-and-mortar retail shops are staffed by […]

11 May 19

• Sales revenues in all segments are up on the previous year – above-average growth in Wound Management driven by innovations • EBIT at EUR 30.6 million virtually the same as last year (EUR 31.3 million) • Targets confirmed for the 2019 year as a whole – focus remains on strengthening competitive position and customer […]

24 Mar 19
Living Life With a Leaky Bladder

If you are anything like me you have tried to get away with using pull ups as opposed to nappies. If you are able to use pull ups I a slightly jealous. I found both had their advantages and disadvantages. I will go through some of the main issues and benefit of these products. Absorbency: Pull […]