Mon Tex

19 Feb 19
Made in Maddy

Il y a quelques mois en allant sur Etsy. Mon œil a été attiré par une bague tête de mort. A partir de là, il m’est venu l’idée d’un look grunge. Je pensais vous faire ce look au moment d’halloween. Mais la vie en a décidé autrement.

13 Feb 19

As you reported, a joke by Jean-Marie Bigard who shocked Cyril Hanouna last night on the C8 in "Touche pas à mon poste" was removed from the re-broadcast of the show yesterday On the stage, the comedian said: "She is a woman who infuriates her doctor, she comes all the time, she can not […]

06 Feb 19
The Jesh Studio

A nostalgic walk in my old neighborhood in southern California where my kids went to elementary school… passing the Bougainvilla flowers … One Word Sunday: Red,  Tue Travel, ABC Wed: Fiery Red     The buck standing in the front yard that prompted me to  paint the oil below. It doesn’t come out much here, […]

06 Feb 19
Bob’s Blog

(This article will be updated regularly on Wednesday February 6th and Thursday February 7th 2019) The 2019 GHL Trade Deadline is upon us. On Friday at 3:00 AM EST, no further trades will be allowed until the off-season. Last season, we saw a great deal of action at the deadline and I wrote an article […]

29 Jan 19

The report entitles Global Mastic Asphalt Market offers accurate information and holistic view of mastic asphalt industry. Further, the mastic asphalt report additionally embraces the detailed investigation of the vend stats, Business opportunities so as to enable mastic asphalt industry shareholders to take a vital decision on their future projects. The mastic asphalt report summarizes […]

01 Feb 19

List of Soukous Musicians Artist – Album [Year of Release]     3615 Code Niawu – Bel Ami [2013] 3615 Code Niawu – Rita Coin [2013] 4 Etoiles – Sangonini [1993] Abeba Lipordi – Ba Mbila [2014] Abeba Lipordo – Lifelo Ya Mondele [2014] Abeba Lipordo – Vendredi 13 [2018] Abel Dibassa – Succesion [2016] Abeti […]

26 Jan 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) – Warren Seelye vit dans les rues de Paris depuis deux ans. Aujourd'hui, il a un nouvel endroit à appeler à la maison. "Eh bien, c'est beaucoup mieux que de vivre dans la rue", a déclaré Seelye. Il dit qu'après un accident vasculaire cérébral et avoir perdu son emploi, il avait perdu […]