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17 Jul 19
how to root asus zenfone

Asus zenfone 3s max zc521tl price in uae h203 price ZenFone 3s Max ZC521TL – Big battery. Mega pixel, time: 0:51 Boy asus zenfone 3s max zc521tl price in uae lite clone virtual grand 18:13 – This Asus ZenFone 3s Max mobile phone will delight you with its incredible 5. Out of Stock Refurbished Product. […]

16 Jul 19
kaylaschuppe80's Blog

Well known роker рlayers such аѕ David “Chino” Rhееm, Marіа Hо, аnd John “Thе Rаzо” Pham ѕаt facе-to-face acroѕѕ thе fеlt with all thе good, thе bаd, and the uglу оn Februаrу 4, 2010, for а ѕhоt аt bеіng dеclared а heads-up champion. Bоth rank amаtеur and cеlеbrity pokеr proѕ alike turned out for that […]

16 Jul 19

Post : Several years ago Updated : July 3, 2019 Hello Ko Hla Min: It was a pleasure to read the message of good wishes to all RIT members sent by Bhikku Ashin Pannagavesaka (Bobby Myo Tun, A69). I’ve just finished dashing off a note of greetings to him, and was reminiscing on those days […]

15 Jul 19
How to connect blackberry to pc via usb

Motorola moto g4 play inserting the sim card – Insert SIM card into Moto G and Moto E INSERT-REMOVE SIM/SD CARD Motorola MOTO E4, time: 2:35 Nui tex motorola moto g4 play inserting the sim card battery 17:55 – Insert or remove the SIM card – Moto G Play (4th Gen.) Follow the steps below […]

13 Jul 19

Updated : February 27, 2019 By Des Rodgers RIT English Department My introduction to teaching at RIT began as a team member of the English Department. Besides Daw Yin Yin Mya (Head of the English and known to us as Terry), and Daw Sheila Saing (Asst. Head), there were 10 tutors including myself. Nicknames In […]

13 Jul 19

Updated : June 18, 2019 The Class of 69 will hold the Golden Jubilee of Graduation on December 14, 2019 at the YTU Assembly Hall. There will be Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe. The GBNF list has 88 members. This post should bring back sweet memories. It should also instill Samvega (Sense of Urgency) noting that […]

10 Jul 19

Updated : June 19, 2019 Names beginning with A Daw Aye Aye Aung (Vocalist) Saya U Aye Hlaing U Aye Lwin (M70) U Aye Maung U Aye Win Hlaing (Abel, La La, EP) Saya U Aye Win Kyaw (C70, GBNF) Saya U Aung (C70) Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi was Rector of RIT. He later worked […]

09 Jul 19

Post : Several years back Updated : June 19, 2019 Introduction by Hla Min The Class of ‘70 comprised of the first year intake students in 1964. There were 494 registered students, of which 67 were female. Most graduated in 1970. Some took sabbatical for a year or two. A few left RIT before graduation. […]

08 Jul 19
Bob Gregory's Gallery of Renown

I was reading the Old STATS Baseball Scorecards and they had a leadoff Triple Crown. It consisted of On Base Average, Runs and Stolen Bases. This is logical as On Base Average relates to batting average, Runs relates to RBIs and stolen bases is like, but not as helpful to winning as home runs. I […]

02 Jul 19
Toddling Traveler

Every time I get home from a weekend with my former college roommates and very best friends, I’m SO grateful for the rare in person time together. Our annual girls weekend is something sacred that we’ve kept going for 11 years now, regardless of who’s getting married, who’s having a baby and where in the […]