22 Feb 19
NFC World

PARTNER NEWS: Hong Kong-based Tappy Technologies offers a range of wearable payments products including watch straps, wristbands and key fobs that come with an embedded contactless payment chip. Customers include Barclays bPay, Icici Bank, Axis Bank, Etisalat, Timex, Mondaine and Guess. “Our goal is to enable all traditional timepiece and jewellery brands to easily add […]

21 Feb 19
Happy Wife, Happy Life

We’ve all had those days where we would rather crawl back under the covers and run any errands for the day in our jammies as opposed to actually getting up and getting ready. Ladies, fear not. You CAN still amp up the glam and not have to spend hours getting ready. Here are my top […]

19 Feb 19
L'Évolution de la Conscience selon Maharishi

«Lorsque l’attention est toujours maintenue dans la sphère extérieure de la vie et non amener à l’intérieur, le lien entre la vie intérieure et extérieure est évidemment absent, et l’harmonie entre les deux est perdue au niveau conscient de l’appréciation. Cela rend la vie extérieure dénuée des gloires de la vie intérieure, et la vie […]

13 Feb 19

Mondaine MH1.R3610.LG Helvetica No1 Regular Hand Winder Men’s Watch – Buy – Mondaine MH1.R3610.LG Helvetica No1 Regular Hand Winder Men’s Watch

13 Feb 19
Nachrichten Welt

Sony ist mit seiner Wearable-Technologie eher experimentell, seit es aufgehört hat, Uhren für Googles Wear OS zu bauen. Der E-Paper-Neugier der FES Watch folgend, und anstelle der Sony SmartWatch 4, die nie realisiert wurde, handelt es sich bei ihren neuesten Geräten um ein Paar intelligente Riemen, die mit traditionellen, mechanischen Uhren getragen werden können: dem […]

13 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Sony has been more experimental with its wearable technology since it stopped building watches for Google Wear OS. Following the e-paper curiosity of FES Watch, instead of the Sony SmartWatch 4, which has never been realized, their latest devices are a pair of smart straps that can be worn with traditional mechanical watches: the wena […]