Moose Knuckles

22 Feb 19

Hallo Readers, The British Body Politic, which had been ailing for some time, has finally succumbed to massive organ failure and is currently on life support, hooked up to those machines that go beep, beep, beep, like you see on the telly. The left side of the Body Politic started leaking, with eight constituent elements becoming […]

19 Feb 19

The outward appearance of decadence, royalty, and any sort of regal dignity was immediately dispelled when Petka got his first sight- and scent- of what lay before him. Now, granted, this was the first time he had actually set foot inside an otherworldly, mist-veiled kingdom’s throne room, but when it came to castles and royal […]

18 Feb 19
cow 142

Wed January 30, 2019 11 a.m. 11:59 a.m. Tim Presley’s White Fence I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk Fog City Drag City 11:54 a.m. Pedro the Lion Phoenix Yellow Bike Polyvinyl 11:48 a.m. Bleach Party Endless Bender Single Summer Tall Pat 11:45 a.m. Kiss the Tiger Let Me Bleed Violent Love self-released 11:42 a.m. Saturday […]

18 Feb 19
The Province

It’s the latest edition of the weekly tracker, where we tally up the efforts of the Vancouver Canucks’ highest-profile prospects: Jonah Gadjovich They called him the “Man Child” during his days in junior hockey. Now in his rookie season in the AHL, Gadjovich finds himself playing in a grown man’s game — and is finally seeing growth in […]

14 Feb 19

The brand is hoping to offer a point of difference within the crowded outerwear category.

14 Feb 19
Corey Quinlan Taylor

During my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin, I would occasionally visit the Peace Corps Bureau located in the coastal city of Cotonou. After passing the guards and gates of the office, I’d stop by a small room on the second floor that held a large bed draped in mosquito netting. Adjacent to […]

14 Feb 19
My various writing

Cale brushed through the nylon flaps of the cookshack and entered immediately into what seemed like an unworldly refuge from the greyness and patter of the rain and the persistence and splatter of the mud. As a welcome warm gust of wind from the propane heater brushed his cheeks, the cheery sounds of Rebecca and […]

13 Feb 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

19-year-old Marcella Zoia is facing criminal charges of mischief endangering life, mischief destroying or damaging property, and common nuisance after being accused of tossing a chair from a 45th-floor condo balcony in downtown Toronto.  She is in the process of being charged after turning herself into the police. Zoia surrendered to police on Wednesday morning […]

12 Feb 19
The Scottish Sun
KT TUNSTALL has launched a “failed 80s metal band” challenge – and her fans’ hilarious answers have not disappointed. The Suddenly I See singer, 43, mocked up her very own alter ego – Eagle Turd – for the game, and urged others to get involved. KT Tunstall challenged fans to come up with failed metal band names on social media Posting a Kiss-inspired snap on social media, the Scots star teased fans that her metal album S*** From Above would drop this year. Taking to Twitter, she added: “I have a game. Irvine Welsh and KT Tunstall lead calls for paedo Scots student to be punished after being found guilty of sexually abusing six-year-old girl “Name your failed 80’s metal band: A somewhat aggressive creature followed by an abhorrent soft material or liquid. GO.” And the Fife star has been loving the suggestions so far. Responding to Philip Pyke’s “Ferret Lard” offering, she said: “Where can I buy tix?” Meanwhile, she hailed Becky Andrews’ “Lizard Velour” as a “sexy band, good times”. [boxout headline=”KT’s top picks so far”] Lynx Reflux (@Rotorheart) Viper Felt & Lizard Velour (@BeckyAndrews1) HåwkSlürry (@RobOnABike) Moose Knuckle (@artistashleigh) Tiger Shark Follow Through (@Thorsby1) Komodo Sludge (@danielx2) Man Jobbie (@BertSwattermain) Rat Jizz (@MrRaeStewart) [/boxout] [article-rail-topic title=”RELATED NEWS” term_id=”4773″ posts_number=”6″ /] We told earlier how singer KT now wears a hearing aid after going deaf in her left ear. It comes after she revealed she’s not “locked-down straight” and opened up about her “relationships with girls”. Last year the Fife star hinted she could give up music – to pursue another dog-eat-dog profession. She made the declaration to fans after wowing thousands of spectators who flocked to New York for the annual Tartan Day Parade. [bc_video video_id=”5766244487001″ account_id=”5067014667001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%” caption=”First glimpse of KT Tunstall’s Tartan Day Parade glamour as she becomes New York’s first female Grand Marshall”] We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at or call 0141 420 5200  
08 Feb 19
Adkins on Sports

His first at-bat of the game … there’s a flyball deep to left! It’s on its way! There it goes! And the Yankees are going to the World Series! Aaron Boone has hit a home run! Charley Steiner’s words echoed throughout that cold October night in the Bronx, the perfect frame to an indelible moment […]

08 Feb 19
My Blog

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be showing you a little video that I thought would be fun this video is basically gonna be about me trying on clothes that fit me 20 pounds ago so I thought this would be a fun video just because I kind of […]

07 Feb 19

Are you a gym trend setter or only in it for the gains? Does your husband threaten divorce with each new pair of Lorna Janes and Aimn? Or are you content with your Kmart kicks and bargain buys? Do you seek quality over quantity? And have you ever questioned if the higher the price the […]

03 Feb 19

Madrid Bars for Tapas Taberna Fontan (Plaza de Canalejas, 6, 28014) For nice calm ambiance and free tapas with your drinks Chocolate con churros (MUST HAVE) Chocolateria San Gines (the OG and most world renown) You can easily share one order or chocolate con churros with 2 Open 24hrs! Los Artesanos 1902 Chocolate (arguably San […]