17 Apr 19

Il nostro coach Pencil ha deciso di fare un breve vlog per commentare tutte le modifiche più interessanti delle patch notes: Note sulla patch 9.8 DA AETHER, SHIO SHOUJO Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti alla patch dell’MSI 2019. Diversi campioni che abbiamo visto ultimamente, come Gnar, Kayle, Nautilus e Trundle, riceveranno altre modifiche, assieme ad altri […]

14 Apr 19

I soldati entrarono e un cane mi attaccò e fece cadere mio figlio. Il cane mi afferrò al petto e pur riuscendo ad allontanarlo mi morse sulla coscia sinistra. Raccolsi tutte le mie forze e riuscii a respingerlo. Grazia Parolari –  13 aprile 2019 Dalla testimonianza di Samaher Awad, sposata con 4 figli piccoli, al […]

11 Apr 19
Sin Cal Chimney Hearth and Home

The Morso 6143 wood stove, with open base, has storage underneath for your cord wood. This line of wood stoves is sure to please with something for everyone. With Cast iron, steel and soapstone options, they also have custom glass hearth pads. Come by the shop and see this diverse line with both modern and […]

10 Apr 19
MAGHETTA - Iaia Guardo

Una torta vegana profumatissima all’arancia che ti lascerà senza fiato. Pochi ingredienti ma perfetti. Soffice e morbida rimane molto umida e ogni morso diventa una carezza indimenticabile.

06 Apr 19
Piccione,s Fast food Italy

L’essenza della Sicilia racchiusa in un unico dolce… profumi e consistenze inconfondibili morso dopo morso. I cannoli siciliani sono un vanto di questa splendida Isola, insieme alla cassata, le iris, le paste di mandorla… sono tra i dolci più amati al mondo. Serviti nei ristoranti come dessert da gustare nel loro formato originale o in […]

06 Apr 19

As increasing numbers of men and women look to mount wood burning stoves inside their homes there is usually no doubt that demand for this particular type of heat will continue to be able to grow for many yrs to come. However, although many men and women are only now getting up to the rewards […]

04 Apr 19
Susan Reboot

After being in countries that are quite different from Canada, then getting (somewhat) climatized back to something familiar in Europe ……being back in North America was quite strange. My first habit when I land somewhere new is to ask ‘Do you speak English? I need to find a way to get to…..’. Well….I felt pretty […]

04 Apr 19
Mediterraneo Sport

Snorkel specifico per l’apnea e la pesca sub Ha un morso anatomico in silicone anallergico per un prolungato utilizzo Il tubo e` stampato in due materiali con due differenti durezze. La parte centrale e´ realizzata in materiale termoplastico semi rigido. La parte superiore e` stampata con un materiale morbido. Disponibile nella colorazione nera, bianca, camuflage.

04 Apr 19
Mediterraneo Sport

Snorkel specifico per l’apnea e la pesca sub Ha un morso anatomico in silicone anallergico per un prolungato utilizzo Il tubo e` stampato in due materiali con due differenti durezze. La parte centrale e´ realizzata in materiale termoplastico semi rigido. La parte superiore e` stampata con un materiale morbido. Disponibile nella colorazione nera, bianca, camuflage.

29 Mar 19

Tramite una telecamera ad alta velocità con visore notturno, i ricercatori Rulon Clark e Grace Freymiller della San Diego State University hanno catturato una scena davvero interessante nel deserto di Sonora, intorno a Yuma, Arizona. Con una manovra che si può definire acrobatica un ratto canguro del deserto (Dipodomys deserti) si libera dalla presa nel […]

26 Mar 19
The Denver Post
Generic downtown lunch options got you down? Sure, there will always be the chains (here’s looking at you, 16th Street), but for a change of pace, a handful of local destinations have recently opened along the mall and across Lower Downtown Denver. They’re making lunch dates, client luncheons and working midday meals in the business district significantly more exciting. From French food to French dips and dim sum, here are seven new lunch menus and some suggested occasions to try them out. On a lunch date: Morin The newest lunch of the bunch, Morin started serving its noon menu on Monday, March 25. Diners here can expect a more casual vibe to Morin’s dinner service (but still daytime date-worthy) with salads, soups, sandwiches and “petit” bites. To start, order the fancy-sounding chickpea panisse ($3) and some addictive potato beignets ($9), and then finish with the most decadent Croque Madame (bechamel, gruyere and a fried egg, $16) to share. Or be reasonable with a frisee salad ($12) and a $22 bistro steak. 1600 15th St., 303-623-0534; lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays. For a working lunch: Pony Up This all-night Blake Street bar actually opens at 11 a.m., serving a food menu focused on one thing and one thing only: the French dip sandwich. Chef Sheamus Feeley perfected the dip recipe for years while he was leading kitchens at Hillstone restaurants across America. Now you can try his dips in one of five varieties, from traditional to vegetarian and Vietnamese sandwiches ($12-$15). Go for a side order of extra crispy potatoes ($6). If you’re feeling residual dip guilt, switch to the kale caesar salad ($11). 1808 Blake St., 720-710-8144; lunch starting at 11 a.m. daily. MORE: 12 of the best summer food festivals in Colorado you should already be excited about  When wooing a client: LeRoux Here’s a surefire way to impress clients: lead them to a cheese cart. At pan-European LeRoux, you can select three ($15), five ($24) or seven ($33) cheeses to be sliced on the spot and served with baguette, preserves and candied nuts at your table. There are other things for lunch, too — French onion soup ($11), mushroom mille-feuilles ($16), bouillabaisse mussels ($18) — but we’re really loving the look of this cheese treat. 1555 Blake St., 720-845-1673; lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays. To have a quick bite: Cho77 Late last year, Southeast Asian street food spot Cho77 moved from South Broadway to 16th Street, bringing dim sum, bowls and salads with it. By night, the restaurant is a sit-down experience, but daytime diners can order dine-in or takeout at the counter. Dumplings, potstickers and bao buns ($4-$12) are some fan favorites. 1555 Blake St., 720-638-8179; lunch starting at 11 a.m. weekdays. Added bonus: The shared bathroom of LeRoux and Cho77 was chosen as one of the coolest in the city. A fun fact for your associates, right?  Taking a wine lunch: Chow Morso With 25 handpicked wines by the glass, this downtown sister restaurant to the Wine Spectator Award-winning Barolo Grill deserves its own category. Enter the wine lunch. Solo lunch-goers in need of a noontime drink can sit at the bar or at a blonde-wood table and ask the sommelier for recommendations to pair with lunch piadinas ($13-$14) or bowls of vongole ($19). 1500 Wynkoop St., 720-639-4089; lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. [related_articles location=”right” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-tag”] In need of upscale Oaxacan: Zocalito At chef Michael Beary’s Zocalito, which just relocated from Aspen to downtown Denver, you can try rare Oaxacan chile peppers in the form of rellenos, rubs and moles. Beary imports the chiles directly from farmers in southern Mexico and dedicates his menu to their nuanced (read not spicy) flavors. For lunch, try a skirt steak in negro mole ($29), chicken wings dry-rubbed with four types of chile ($15), or the pasilla de Oaxaca ($16), served with a yellow chilhuacle mole. 999 18th St., 720-923-5965; lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays. Any day of the week: Brass Tacks This newest LoDo hangout is becoming known for its nighttime offerings, but food and drinks are served all day long, starting at 10 a.m. daily. At lunch, head to the back of the historic space and stop at the order window (you can’t miss the giant Bingo board hanging over the counter). Try chef Zach Spott’s blackened shrimp BLT ($12) or the flank steak and somen noodle salad ($13). Fans may recognize the style from Spott’s other venture, Green Seed at Denver Central Market. 1526 Blake St.; food starting at 10 a.m. daily.
25 Mar 19
Breaker's Log

There is no denying that music has an influence on everyone’s life. No matter what (sub)genre(s) you prefer, music has a way of speaking for you, reminding you of things lost, found, and never want to lose. Sadly, to most people, that’s where the similarities end. Some are quick to delegate who should be listening […]