Mortier Pilon

05 Dec 18
Koreatis: Cultivating Korean Culture by Yong Yi

These are some of the products that inspire my concepts.   Portable Cooking Set for millennials by Yu Li Insulated Food Jar by Minimal Design Left: Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crock by Natural  Right: Crock by Patrick Yeung Left: Stacked bowls by Sugao05  Right: Stackable Dinnerware by Yuan Parnasse Top: Nesting Bowl Set by Joseph Joseph  […]

21 Nov 18
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

These foodie finds can make healthful, tasteful fueling easier. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch, $130 Photo by SodaStream Cut your sugary soda habit or jazz up your water game with a SodaStream, which can take tap water from flat to carbonated in seconds (choose from three fizziness options). With a little squeeze of your favorite citrus juice, […]

22 Oct 18
Liz's Blog

After my first batch failed, I researched more sophisticated ways to make sauerkraut, and discovered that no serious krauters use an open-air vessel, precisely because of the yeasts and bacteria that tend to corrupt your ferment.  They use a variety of different kinds of fermenting crocks.  The type that is the least expensive is a […]

07 Oct 18
Towanda is Me

Today is Sunday, and we have nothing to do. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Slept until 9:15, a bowl of cereal for breakfast, good coffee and lots of time to write my blog and load pictures. I love our apartment and that we feel comfortable here. Everything seems to be closed […]

06 Sep 18

Mortier aux ailettes et son pilon. Bronze. Travail probablement espagnol, fin du XVIIème – début du XVIIIème siècle. H. 9,7 cm – D. 15,5 cm. H. du pilon : 18,5 cm. Bronze mortar and its pestle. Probably Spain, end of 17th – beginning of the 18th Century VENDU / SOLD