Mosin Nagant

14 Feb 19
Game Codes UK

In the dark days of the end of World War Two amidst the ruins of Berlin, one bullet can change history… Sniper Elite V2 is an award-winning and authentic World War II sniping experience. You are elite US sniper Karl Fairburne. Parachuted into Berlin amidst the Germans’ final stand, your mission is to prevent Nazi […]

08 Feb 19
Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You

Are buying used firearms a good idea? Like most things in life, we end up having “one of those answers”… possibly yes, and possibly no… it all depends Used Firearms Can Save You Money, Or Waste It There’s no doubt that you can save a few dollars buying used firearms instead of new ones, but […]

06 Feb 19
PNN Today

As most of you may know, has a headshot mechanic (also referred to as critical hits) implemented into it. With this headshot feature, each shot has a 15% chance to do double the damage (or less, depending on the weapon). Throughout the community, this mechanic has been heavily criticized as irritating or game-breaking. […]

01 Feb 19
The Tactical Hermit

AIM Surplus – Mosin Nagant Rifles, Tokarev Pistols and Surplus 7.62x54R   (Note: The Tactical Hermit is not a paid spokesperson for AIM Surplus nor do I receive any monetary compensation for advertising for them. I am simply a Curio and Relics buff who likes to pass on information to like minded folk.) I have […]

29 Jan 19
PNN Today

Ever seen people just snipe you to death or at least take a bunch of your HP? Ever raged after you watch someone land almost every shot on you?

28 Jan 19
Living History in the Star Wars Galaxy

With the holidays behind us, I have recognized a pattern in my kit’s evolution over the last few years. Although I always have several projects in the Work In Progress phase, it seems I like to set aside a bit of time around the New Year to create something special. -This tradition apparently began in […]

27 Jan 19
It's Only A Model

Many countries you can play as in Hearts of Iron IV (and indeed the Second World War in actual reality) simply did not develop any of their own tanks, ships, aircraft, or even infantry equipment – in many cases it was supplied or purchased from other countries, or simply not needed. The way HOI4 deals […]

20 Jan 19
Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

So you’re wanting to get started prepping and your on a budget. I’m talking a seriously tight budget, and starting at ground zero, totally green noob status to this survival lifestyle. Where do you start? I’d definitely recommend buying the best firearms you can afford. The cheapest possible setup might be to go for the […]

17 Jan 19

Since starting wwiiafterwwii, numerous people have contacted me requesting I write something on this topic. This is understandable as the M1 Garand remains one of the most popular rifles of all time, and there is a high degree of interest with American readers (and to my surprise, some readers in Vietnam as well) in the […]