Mosin Nagant

03 Jul 19

Winchester Model 69 Rimfire Rifle Parts ※ Download: Winchester model 69 serial number Winchester 69 question Wants to dismantle your rights, limiting every aspect of your constitutional rights. Listed by the factory as the model 98 Cannon. Somewhere about 1954, the receivers were grooved for tip-off scope mounts. It follows that I must have purchased […]

29 Jun 19

I debated writing on this topic as the story of the Tu-4 “Bull”; the reverse-engineered B-29 Superfortress; is fairly well known. Numerous authors have covered it, and there was a TV documentary on it some years ago. None the less, the topic is apparently still of high interest, so perhaps the information below will be […]

28 Jun 19
Brickmania Blog

About the White Death – WWII Finnish Sniper Minifig: A legend of the 1939-40 Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, White Death, as he was nicknamed by the Red Army, holds the highest number of recorded sniper kills in any major war with 259 confirmed kills (many sources believe the true number is […]

27 Jun 19

Toz 17 early version
Mag fed 22LR.

Overall good condition
These are surplus firearms, wood stock may have scratches, dents, stickers or tape.  Firearm may have slight surface rust in some areas.

27 Jun 19

Toz 18 early version
Mag fed 22LR. Receiver is drilled and tapped for a PU scope mount

Overall good condition
These are surplus firearms, wood stock may have scratches, dents, stickers or tape.  Firearm may have slight surface rust in some areas.

24 Jun 19

Russian Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle in 7.62x54R.
WWII dated or older.
Shooter grade guns and may have spots of blue wear and/or surface pitting.
Wood stock may have scratches or dents or repairs.
Each comes with a bayonet
Overall good + condition.

18 Jun 19
Police Friends

Another Tuesday means another Milsurp Thread.Haven’t really focused too much on C&R stuff since I bought a M1903 last month. Managed to reserve one of the last SG550’s that JDI was bringing in, hopefully it’ll be here around October. Then a few days later, Atlantic just had to list some POF MP5’s for sale. Figured […]

16 Jun 19

If you had to choose one topic for each, what would you identify as the most successful U.S. effort and the biggest failure of the U.S. effort in the Korean War? By “effort,” consider a battle; a strategy; an example of great heroism or great failure; a branch of the service; etc. Explain your choices. […]

14 Jun 19
Rifle Hero

Rifles and firearms started being developed a long time ago. Ever since the Chinese developed the black powder back in the 9th century, inventions of firearms and rifles began. Since it is already clear that Rifles aren’t something new, let us look into a bit of its history. It is an ancient weapon used mainly by […]

13 Jun 19

What is historical memory and how is it manipulated by historians and the public? Has the media manipulated history or does it just reflect current Historian thoughts? My initial reaction to the latter question was: “When was the last time an actual Historian weighed in on current affairs in the media?” I could possibly write […]

12 Jun 19
Al Simmons Gun Shop

Calibre: 7.62x54R

Barrel Length: 28 ”

Action: Bolt Action

Additional: Comes With 49 Surplus Rounds

11 Jun 19
PNN Today

Out of all the guns in (40), only 7 were in the original version of the game. The M9, MP5, M39 EMR, M870, Mosin Nagant, Saiga-12, and the AK-47. Out of these original guns, there are two iconic, well-known weapons; the MP5 and the AK-47. The MP5 is an iconic weapon of anti-terrorism and […]

11 Jun 19
William R. ablan, author

If you write adventure, mysteries, war stories, or westerns (to name a few), you’ll use guns.  Unfortunately, not very many writers have been trained in the fine art of gunfighting (and yes, it is an art).  As someone who’s done it for real, let me try to pass a few lesson along to you that […]