Mossy Oak

22 Feb 19

Wise 3160-1832 Torsa Scout Edition Ergonomic Boat Seat Mossy Oak Duck Blind Blk – Buy – Wise 3160-1832 Torsa Scout Edition Ergonomic Boat Seat Mossy Oak Duck Blind Blk

21 Feb 19
Welcome to the MNRC Blog!

Congratulations to our new 2018 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers!  These retrievers have successfully Qualified at three Master National events.   New Hall of Fame retrievers will have their names added to the MNRC Hall of Fame banner at this year’s event. And just a reminder, if you would like to be included in our […]

21 Feb 19
Dances with Tricksters

I’m gagging with laughter.  I found this from my 11 year old story when I was in sixth grade and Ariel/Lucifer or “Starguassi” was sincerely trolling the everliving fuck outta me.  Eating moss, using crop circles as the Craigslist personals, and meanwhile Uriel or “Lira” is trying to read a Japanese newspaper???  I spent all […]

21 Feb 19
Natchitoches Times

Focusing on early prespawners lead Randy Millender to the Day 1 lead at the season opener of the Bassmaster Central Open on Louisiana’s Toledo Bend Reservoir with a 5-bass limit that weighed 22 pounds, 11 ounces. While many anglers were looking for bites inside the mouths of spawning creeks, the Teague, Texas, pro devoted […]

20 Feb 19
B and Everything Between

Where in the South can you find beautiful colonial houses, abundant dog friendly parks, weeping mossy oak trees, riverfront markets and history filled with juicy hauntings? Why, Savannah, Georgia, of course! Beauty at every turn, it was easy to see why Savannah is considered one of the most romantic getaway destinations! Lush greenery, a slower […]

19 Feb 19

2019 PSE Archery Uprising Compound Bow Pkg 15-70# Right Hand Mossy Oak – Buy – 2019 PSE Archery Uprising Compound Bow Pkg 15-70# Right Hand Mossy Oak

19 Feb 19
best trail camera

Browning Strike Force Trail Camera HD Pro A part of the Browning Strike Force series, the Strike Force HD Pro is one of the best and most popular trail cameras on the market. It’s hard to argue with that distinction, considering the trigger time, the image quality, the battery life, the flash range, and the […]

19 Feb 19
Live and Let Hike

The Woodlot Trail is a short, one-way nature hike in Maryland’s Oxon Cove Park that—despite being within striking distance of Washington, DC—makes for a surprisingly scenic walk. Meandering in and out of wooded ravines, the hilly traverse follows a deep-cutting stream behind Oxon Hill Farm, ending back at the parking area. The hike The main […]

19 Feb 19
Chronicles of Cleti

I slotted the ceramic cube in place, and the temporal displacement system Mark II whirred to life. The honeycomb matrix contained precious metals that filtered radiation from the cletonium crystal inside the cube. A tiny amount of palladium and platinum served the same function for the chronometer on my wrist. Finally, my time machine was […]

17 Feb 19
Dances with Tricksters

In case anyone ever wants to read the monstrosity I wrote from age 17-19, wherein Samael lives in an abandoned basketball court in the woods of Northern Virginia, torments local high schoolers, and bangs an 18 year while drowning his homeless ways in red wine and philandering.

17 Feb 19
Nods To Nothing.

Hillbilly Logic Where were we? Ah, right. The scene in which I explain an app-based payment service to a convicted felon whose property resembled the aftermath of a natural disaster. I have no idea what led me to believe Mike would understand Venmo. But Brandon, Labas, and I invested the last five hours bearing witness […]

17 Feb 19

Part 2 is here. Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail 6000 Dwarves create this special plate mail from interlocking basalt and feldspar gears that disperse impacts into mechanical motion. While this +1 plate mail is stronger and heavier than normal plate, its interlocking gears and intricate design does not slow the wearer’s movement. Dwarven Stone-Forged Platemail has a […]

16 Feb 19
Alis: Artist, Designer, Maker

Last weekend I went home for one of my mum’s yoga retreats. Whilst I wasn’t working or yoga-ing, I spent my time soaking up as much of adra, home, as I could. In front of the cottage we stayed in was a field with two big, unkempt sheep in, and beyond that some trees and then […]