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25 Mar 19
Jake Scheideler

Is this a huge mistake? Will it ever work? Will anyone care? Anyone building an app for the first time is wondering these things. You’re not alone. “No one knows what they’re doing. You think people who came before you know everything, but there isn’t one right way to do it. If you make a misstep, […]

25 Mar 19
Global News

Ontario offers grants to veterans facing crises — but veterans of recent wars, no matter what their needs are, aren’t eligible. Many ask for help and are turned away.

25 Mar 19
Paradigm Shyft

It is one of the most important aspects of our media system – and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris. The key role played by these agencies means that Western media […]

25 Mar 19
Carol E. Crain

By Carol E. Crain, written August 1, 2011 Throughout my lifeI’ve had drawers of emotions – Emotions I had to stuff,Put away, not show,And lock them up. Then as I lived life later,I was able to open the drawersAnd look at the contentsLittle by little – piece by piece. The drawers are being emptied more […]

24 Mar 19
My dearest Louise...

My dear readers, It has been 49 days since I came back from RDC5 and this will likely be the very last post regarding this extraordinary adventure. It’s not really a post about the event itself, but more of an addendum to the autograph session. I had told you that I stumbled up to Mr. […]

22 Mar 19

What started as a passion project led to a job with the space agency, and a credit in the new Apollo 11 documentary.

22 Mar 19
Marcellus Drilling News

A full-blown war is on for the future of EQT. Yesterday Toby and Derek Rice released a proposed slate of EQT board members they want elected at the next annual meeting on July 10th. They propose replacing all existing board members–except for their brother Dan. The Rice boys say it’s necessary to have a board […]

21 Mar 19
Douglas County Herald

  Tin Lizzie on the Square 25 Years Ago March 24, 1994 Captain David Cook, commanding officer of Troop G, Missouri State Highway Patrol, spoke at the town hall meeting here last Thursday night.  Sgt. Danny Middleton, Cpl. Brian Thompson, and Tpr. Keith Jones, all of Ava, and Tpr. Dan Keller of Ozark County, participated […]

20 Mar 19
The Art of Blogging

I think it’s only natural to want to get better at things that are important to us, but when I look back at my past four years of blogging, I have not really done much to try and make my blog better. I hoped that by writing every day, my writing would get better; maybe […]

20 Mar 19

It’s time to Break It Down! Happy Vernal Equinox! Last week the ACC Tournament was in full swing. This week, the NCAA Tourney commences. Another week, another Tournament; this one lasts the better part of three weeks. GO HEELS! OK, OK, the NIT also kicks off this week. Now that I got that out of […]

19 Mar 19
La Paz Group

Kathryn Schulz came to my attention four years ago, and we immediately deemed her worthy of an invitation to Kerala. We linked to two more of her articles after that, but re-reading the first essay, it is easy to recall what “ignorance is bliss” means. The world was, as always, facing challenges. But I had no clue […]

19 Mar 19
This Writer's Life

Lots of people inspire me and when Debby e-mailed me and told me her story, I knew I had to share it with you. She’s overcome a visual impairment, plus lots of set backs with publishers, to become an author. I hope this interview I did with her acts as your inspiration too. This Writer’s Life (TWL)-Could […]

19 Mar 19
Talking Pictures

This is an early film about Edith Cavell, a British nurse shot by the Germans during World War I for spying. Her case became a cause celebre at the time and she has remained a fairly iconic figure since. This is the centenary of her death and Park Circus has re-issued a 1939 film, Nurse […]

17 Mar 19
When the River Won't Flow

Today, the second Sunday in Lent, the Gospel Lesson was St. Matthew 15:21-28. The Story of the Canaanite woman who sought healing for her daughter.   Jesus answered that he was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.  But she knelt before him and said “Lord, help me.” He answered — that it was not […]

16 Mar 19
A Song of Ice and Tootles

This is Part 3 of a series on Rodrik and Maron Greyjoy I began [HERE] and continued [HERE]. It assumes you’re familiar with Parts 1 and 2.   At first blush, Bronn (Maron Grejoy) and Lem Lemoncloak (Rodrik Greyjoy) hardly seem like fraternal peas in a pod. So I was intrigued when I realized that […]