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18 Feb 19
Do Machines Dream of Better Translations?

In the room where the light had left, wrapped in deep darkness, Byakuren was scowling at the empty space and indulging in reverie. Takashiro had already been told to leave and only Byakuren was left in the bleak room. Closing her eyes to enjoy the comfortable cold air that was blowing from the balcony, she […]

18 Feb 19

I have had some problems at work over the past six months. There have been many changes over the past year with certain roles being made redundant, one of these was a team leader position, which didn’t really effect me as I only saw my team leader at social functions. I work the same couple […]

18 Feb 19
World Site News

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a vice president at New America and professor of practice at Arizona State University. He has reported from Afghanistan for two and a half decades and is the co-editor of “Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics, and Religion.” The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own;…

18 Feb 19
Lookout for Shorts

My Hong Kong adventure — and a love story. This all started around 2009. Back then I hosted an internet video broadcast on a now defunct Web site called BlogTV, which anyone could use to host a show. I averaged thirty or forty viewers at any given time over nightly shows that lasted up to […]

18 Feb 19

By DUARDO PAZ-MARTINEZ | Editor of The Republic BROWNSVILLE, Texas – It’ll be mostly old names known to even the downtown cabbies, but the marathon begins this morning, following last Friday’s certification of the official candidates to be considered in the upcoming May 4th municipal election. Picture a director’s picks for a remake of The […]

18 Feb 19
Daily Republic

By Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune So excruciating were the acceptance speeches at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards that Trevor Noah compared them to irritating people who wait in line at Chipotle, “get to the front and go, ‘uh . . . ’ ” Noah was right. The Grammys were enough to make you dread the Oscars. […]

18 Feb 19

The Young Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods, Fondation Beyeler, Basel (3 February-26 May 2019) is an exhibition which explores a period of rapid development from 1901 to 1907 in the art of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). It traces changes from painterly Post-Impressionism through the Blue, Rose, Gósol periods up to and including the proto-Cubism. This exhibition […]

18 Feb 19
The Gods are Bastards

< Previous Chapter “Don’t make that face, I’m not saying anything about what any other woman can or should do. Everybody has a perfect right to be angry when some fool is leering.” Ruda pressed a hand to her chest, trying to put on a solemn expression through which a mischievous grin kept cracking. “All […]

18 Feb 19

Kyler Murray is short, and there was a time when that fact would have impeded his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. Peter King kicks off his Football Morning in America column with a look at why that logic no longer applies, as explained by someone with firsthand knowledge of how good Murray can be. King also tackles:

• The Colin Kaepernick-NFL settlement and the three things that influence our opinion of the case.

• An appreciation of Joe Flacco, who despite recent results still deserves to be remembered for one of the great playoff runs by a quarterback in history.

• More thoughts, notes and opinions on Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Kareem Hunt, Greg Schiano, Adam Silver, Roger Goodell and my argument for why there is no such thing as too much coverage of the Patriots dynasty.

• Plus 10 things, factoids, beernerdness and a fun opportunity for football fans in Indy to have a beer with me, Frank Reich and sports media members.

17 Feb 19
Hey Lou Writes

This week I’ve been on the upswing of finding out some hard news: impending blindness on the horizon. Though Retinitis Pigmentosa might be the diagnosis, I do know that hard things can become the New Normal and that God uses everything, everything, for good. This has been comforting to remember and as my husband had […]

17 Feb 19
The Nomadic Vegan

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Italian Food I do a lot of myth-busting about vegan Italian food here at the Nomadic Vegan. In addition to leading vegan Italy group tours, I’ve also written quite a few articles about vegan food in different parts of Italy, as well as lesser-known vegan dishes that are part of […]

17 Feb 19
My Thoughts

Foreword It is funny thing, for a person who does a lot of writing for work, it is rare that I have the opportunity to write my own perspective. I get to write in my own words, but they are telling someone else’s story, and I am always told what message I should be putting […]

17 Feb 19
Mediated Signals

Prior to 1895, the average person was only likely to come into contact with a phonograph at a demonstration presented by an exhibitor or at a phonograph parlor, an establishment that offered coin-operated machines at which customers could listen to records through tubes resembling a stethoscope. For the most part during this early period, it […]

17 Feb 19
When Light Dawned

When Light Dawned – Chapter 3 (Paul finds himself in high cotton) A day earlier, back on Friday, Paul had received the telegram from Aunt Nell that put his current unenviable situation into motion.  Nell and her husband Robert were impossibly rich.  It was his money, not hers, but rich is rich and the property […]

17 Feb 19
Jam's Cogs

So, at the start of this year I wanted to try something I’ve been meaning to for a loooong time – I wanted to track everything I was doing. Every book read, movie watched, times gone to the toilet, hours spent on homework – every-everything as a statistic. Two reasons: It was an interesting fantasy […]