23 May 19
Hannah Ravell's PR & Communication Portfolio

Inspired by my course convener/lecturer, Elizabeth Egan’s week two lecture where she emphasised the importance of going to our internships prepared and with ideas to contribute, I took the initiative to do research into popular days of the week hashtag’s for content ideas. I spent an hour preparing for my day at the office the […]

21 May 19
Nikki Blogs

Writing captions can sometimes be the hardest part about posting to Instagram, right? Well, when you’ve got a strong hashtag strategy and new tags for every single day of the week, maybe you can make it just a touch easier! Check out the list of over 100 hashtags for all seven days of the week […]

21 May 19
Simply Lanae

Today, I’m reflecting on the over 20+ year friendship with my bestie, Martina. We have pushed and motivated each other for a very long time. The older I get, the more I’m starting to realize how precious friendship is and the power it holds. Someone having your back really makes you feel like you can […]

20 May 19
Best Superfood Powders

Energy is vibration ~ #vibrational waves. ~ Wellness is a #frequency ~ are you tuned in? ~ Do you have a regular #wellness routine to align your #energy #vibrations? ~ How frequently do you channel your energy into your #wellbeing? ~ What #MedicinalFoods do you eat to build your #temple? ~ #LetFoodBeThyMedicine ~ ~ […]

20 May 19
From the Pen of Joshua

++++++++++++++++ #DestinyPoint- We all are experiencing life! However, the key is your level of response. From Lady Michelle Obama’s current tour she speaks “10% of life happens to us all, but the results come from the 90% of how we respond to life” .. yes even First Lady Michelle Obama! No one has escaped life- […]

20 May 19
Unfailingly Andrea

You only truly fail when you give up, so keep trying. #motivationmonday

19 May 19
Neverending Stories Quotes

Hello beautiful people out there!❤ hope y’all doing great✌ So our today’s topic is one of my favorite because this topic (blog) contains a lot of good advise. That’ll be so helpful to some people out there just like me. Without wasting a single second let’s get started! 1. Don’t worry about other’s opinions Always […]

18 May 19
Papon73's Weblog

General – Let’s celebrate the fact that humanity made it possible to fly in the sky. This day also highlights the contribution of certain people who helped pioneer aviation in the USA. Celebrate Aviation Day with #NationalAviationDay on social media. Feature – Highlight the inspiring men and women who made aviation what it is today. […]