Mountain Buggy

17 Dec 18
The Ya'lla Blog

The Hagia Sophia is a 6th-century Christian basilica, converted to a mosque by the Ottomans, now a museum. If the word awesome still had meaning, I would use it to describe the Hagia Sophia, temple of Holy Wisdom. It set the standard for Byzantine architecture, though it was 1,000 years before another cathedral surpassed its […]

17 Dec 18
Laravel News

Monitoring is an essential part of building and deploying software, but the landscape is huge and it’s easy to overlook certain areas. Here we’ll discuss the essential monitoring stack for developers.

17 Dec 18
La Giraffa

How can two travelers soak up as much of the world as possible, while keeping their bodies and relationship intact? When Andrés and I started to dream up our adventure, we wanted to find a balance between the assurance of plans and the beauty of spontaneity. To create structure, we chose a direction. We made […]

17 Dec 18
Zanobard Studios

We are now at the end of the eleventh week of the semester, and Christmas shall soon be upon us. This week began much like last week did, with myself and Josh sitting down and continuing to plan out the major mechanics of the game. The big task we had set ourselves at the end […]

17 Dec 18
Sufficient Living

Marxism/Malthusianism debate – Book – R. Buckminster Fuller – CRITICAL PATH Great book, and some interesting points that may get us off the Malthusian/Marxism/Nazism merry go round. I'll post a portion of the introduction just so you can read it here but the book is good also and is available here. ​ ​ INTRODUCTION: […]

16 Dec 18

  Readers, I have had a marvellous couple of hours.  Honestly, it’s one of the best sessions I’ve had for ages – make yourselves a drink and settle down for the evening. He had his birthday today and it was decided that the whole family would go out for dinner (once She had faffed around […]