23 May 19

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23 May 19

#mensstyle #Luxury The watch is arguably the most important accessory a man can purchase in his life. It can last a lifetime and be handed down for generations. This post will guide the young professional on taking their game up a notch in the workplace. Out of college, I started to pay attention to the […]

22 May 19
Vintage Watch Movements Collection

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20 May 19
Talkin' with Tosti

Wondering what you should wear to an interview? It all depends on the job you’re going for to be honest. I know that doesn’t sound like a good answer, but it’s the best advice I can give you. Although that advice is pretty vague, I can tell you, from experience, that it’s always better to […]

20 May 19

Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. Fixed blue ion-plated stainless steel bezel. Concave sandlbasted blue aluminum dial with silver and red hands. No markers. The Movado dot appears at the 12 o’clock position. Dial Type: Analog. Chronograph – three sub-dials displaying: 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10th of a second. Quartz movement. Scratch […]

20 May 19
The Love of Mccarthy 401

Be selective about your apartment. If your going to share your apartment make sure its with a like minded person with eco friendly values. You will need to get a flat that is close in your job and other places which frequent, to let you can ride your bike or walk. Other areas of this […]

16 May 19
Ryan Fielder NextGen

starting with mortal kombat one, it was released on the 9th  august of 1992, by acclaim studios in close to all arcades, the lead developers were Ed Boon and John Tobias, Mortal Kombat was a two player game based fighting other people, it quickly raise to fame becoming one of the most popular fighting games […]

15 May 19

Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance The Omnisphere Bundle comprising of five single Omnisphere sound sets all developed and produced by MIDIssonance. It is a collection of top quality sounds produced for Omnisphere 2.6 and includes all of MIDIssonance sound sets for Omnisphere 2. MIDIssonance is all about high-quality sound design for all things cinematic. MIDIssonance did […]

15 May 19
Market Tamer

The retail industry is known for its volatility, and as competition continues to heat up from the growing e-commerce market, investors may be wondering if any retail stocks are worth the risk. The short answer is that there are companies that are still benefiting from retail, and three Motley Fool contributors have highlighted a handful […]

15 May 19
La Verda Planedo

Je 1965, la valo de Tryweryn, valo en la lando de Kimrio, estis inundata por krei la ’Llyn Celyn’ akvujon, kiu estas fonto de akvo por la urbo de ’Liverpool, kiu situas en Anglio. La valo de Tryweryn enhavis malgrandan urbeton, kiu nomiĝis ’Capel Celyn’, kaj la loĝantoj de Capel Celyn, kaj iliaj subtenantoj, luktis […]

14 May 19
Best Greencore Post

You’re battling with a blessing thought for that unique woman in your life. You would prefer not to make her something excessively commonsense (like a vacuum cleaner), yet you additionally don’t think she’ll value a present that is totally unnecessary (like a lot of Russian settling dolls). Yet, a wonderful wristwatch strikes the ideal harmony […]

14 May 19
Riddims World

Party Exchange Riddim 2010 Tracklist: 1. Lady Saw Featuring Eve – He Is At My House 2. Movado- Fall Rain- Mix 3. Party Mi Say Version 4. Patexx Ft. Liquid – Party Mi Say 5. Tarrus Riley&Agent Sasco – Why U Do Mi So 6. Tony Matterhorn – Walk And Wine [forqy-button href=”” target=”_self” size=”large” […]

13 May 19
Best Diamond Jewellery

Jewelry is a part of every woman’s dreams and they tend to keep enhancing their cherished collection of ornament pieces day by day. High-end jewelry pieces are not only meant for adorning oneself but, they are also considered to be a symbol of status in the society. People love to showcase their jewelry collection by […]

08 May 19
Earlier this year, the Movado Group announced that they’d tapped fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski to create a vegan watch strap (available in the fall), as part of its latest entry in their iconic Artist Series. To introduce Lubomirski as a fashion photographer reduces a diverse, multi-decade career to one title. It ignores the fact that the staunch vegan and avid supporter of meditation took the official portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day, and that he’s authored numerous books (including a new children’s book, Thank You For My Dreams, on gratitude), founded a fur-free initiative in the fashion industry and established a thoughtful social media presence. At the same time, he’s led a global life while building a family in NYC. The manifesto for Creatives 4 Change reveals much about Lubomirski’s character. As he explains, six years ago he “was having a conversation with my wife, who is a huge environmental advocate. We were talking about the industry. I said, ‘How can we work in this industry if our beliefs are this?’ My wife, who is much more intelligent than I, said ‘You are good at what you do. Don’t jump off the boat because you don’t like where it is going. Stay on the boat and use any influence you have to tap the nose of it—change its direction.'” With that, Lubomirski began to align his beliefs on animal welfare with his photographic work. Every creative choice we put out there has massive ripple effects, every creative decision we make has immense power Creatives 4 Change is a pledge that he undertook—and recruits others to also—wherein all shoots are fur-, feather- and exotic skin-free. “I realized that in my jobs, I was allowed to control this aspect of the shoot,” her says. “I am a creative. I knew then that all of the other creatives have had power, too. Every creative choice we put out there has massive ripple effects. Every creative decision we make has immense power. You have a choice—and what comes with that is a massive responsibility. You do have power to say no sometimes,” he adds. Beyond the pledge, he wants designers, photographers and editors to vocalize their refusal of animal materials. With his multi-hyphenate artistry, it’s hard to imagine how Lubomirski maintains social media—an area he excels at. It’s just become part of his routine, though—and a necessary one. “It’s another feather in what we have to do nowadays,” he says. “In the old days you could be a photographer and do an editorial and you’d get campaigns off of it. Or do a campaign and get editorials off of it. You cannot just do that now. You have to have social media and a YouTube channel and you have to be on lots of different things and do side projects. I love it because I am a project person. I always have to be doing stuff.” This also motivated his shift from campaign photographer to collaborator with Movado. First, of course, he acknowledges that watches are “one of the best and most classic ways for men to accessorize. It’s a real statement. It speaks everything about you.” As for how the transition occurred, he notes, “They were interested in doing a vegan watch and maybe because of my public stance on veganism, they felt there was synergy there.” He sensed that their interest in doing this line correctly was just as strong as his own. Through all of Lubomirski’s commitments, one finds a definitive style that’s more of a feeling than a visual indicator. As he says of his photography, “I love women—men as well, but I mostly photograph women—to look like they are happy and living beautifully. It doesn’t matter what environment they are in, I will never portray them with pain or angst. It’s because of the women in my own life.” This translates to his vibe on set, but ultimately he has one mission: “I like people to enjoy looking at the picture of themselves afterward. I am not a tortured artist. It’s more about collaboration and allowing the subjects to feel like they are being seen.” And with Creatives 4 Change and the vegan Movado watches, he’s granting visibility to a worthy cause. Images courtesy of Movado