22 May 19
Luxury with a History of Love

Milan has lost Prada, MSGM and N°21. Giorgio Armani, however, will be there in force, both opening and closing the event, which welcomes four new names: Youser, David Catalan, Edithmarcel and Miguel Vieira. via

20 May 19

The fashion week will kick off with the Milan Fashion Graduate event and will close with the Giorgio Armani show.

17 May 19
This Bitch Magazine

  Where are you originally from? What is your background? I was born on the west coast of Puerto Rico, but I spent most of my life in Miami. I moved back to the island before gradating High School. Now I am going to college and studying in New Orleans. My father is Colombian, that’s […]

14 May 19

Tie-dye makes a strong comeback. The effects can be romantic, exceptional, colorful and elegant. MSGM, LV, VOGUE, Stella McCartney and CLOT all use tie-dye. Styles Refreshing Tones Understated and elegant tones are romantic and beautiful. Print is recommended. Elegant Blues Blue tie-dye is mysterious and elegant. The watercolor texture is made through sfumato. Print is […]

08 May 19
Drippy Fashion and Street Culture

The psychedelic ’60s trend is back, and all grown up.

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07 May 19

While challenges are affecting the Italian fashion and textile industry, the Florentine trade show is gearing up to affirm its leading role in the men’s wear arena.

07 May 19

On two proposals, 1: The idea of this proposal originates from Oxford Pitt Rivers that I visited on the third day of the trip week, a natural history museum. This museum is the kind of exact exhibition of nature and history, animals, fossils, historical relics and culture, natural creatures, of course, nature is so wonderful, its […]

07 May 19

My FMP is about visual merchandising and branding, so I plan to do a window design or a brand magazine. Here are some of my favorite window designs : For a fashion magazine, I choose my favorite brand -MSGM Here’s how it’s styled and positioned :

05 May 19
All about fashion

Përsëri sezoni i ri, dhe përsëri tendencat e reja të modës pranverore-verore 2019-2020 janë të gatshme për të demonstruar dizajnerët më të mirë në kuadër të trendit të shfaqjeve në catwalks botëror. Edhe pse tendencat e modës shpesh janë tronditëse dhe ju bëjnë të dobësoheni në risitë e tilla të papritura, ju duhet të jeni […]

02 May 19

An experimental cultural hub, Ordet will open on May 5 with a John Knight exhibition.

02 May 19
Footwear News

She then swapped out the sneakers and jacket to dress up her look for night.