21 May 19
Market Insights Reports

Condom is a sheath shaped barrier used during sexual intercourse to reduce the chances of pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted diseases. World Health Organization listed condoms as essential for health systems. Use of condoms reduces the risk of diseases such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Request For Sample […]

21 May 19
The Reason Why I Smile

The Reason Why I Smile is because I can smell my successes and feel my greatness. The resurrection of my dreams has arrived, and my time to SHINE is nigh. Realizing the possibility for a sufferer of depression to have PEACE and JOY in the midst is refreshing. Today, is one of those days I […]

17 May 19
It's Not a Rumour

Like Romeo and Juliet, our love is so strong that it is killing me to watch my love dying and I want him and myself released from this suffering. Rick has a cold and it’s making things 10 times harder. He is more disoriented than ever. He keeps doing this hallucinating thing where he’s reaching […]

16 May 19
Archy news nety

20th Precinct Makeup job At Upper West Side CVS Pharmacy Was Robbed Of Thousands Of Dollars. On April 26, at 3 p.m., a one walked into the chain pharmacy at 200 West End Ave., at W. 70th St., and began taking items off the shelves and placing them under his jacket. The man, being taken […]

15 May 19

20th enclosure Makeup work A CVS pharmacy from the Upper West Side has been robbed of thousands of make-up products. On April 26, at 3 pm, a man entered the chain pharmacy at 200 West End Avenue, at W. 70th St., and started taking items off the shelves and putting them under his jacket. The […]

14 May 19
The Mom Reno

I’ve been attending The Max Challenge since it opened in my hometown, and I’ve generally flopped between the two mindsets above :-). Lately, though, I’ve been recommitted to getting there daily and putting my in my best effort, so here’s to feeling more like the first graphic and less like the second! The Max workouts […]

14 May 19
Thinks with Spinks

Weight lifting workout for the week of 5/13/2019 did not happen today. I have an URI (upper respiratory infection), that turned into an ear infection as well. The docs have me on a cocktail of drugs to battle this horrible cold virus. It has knocked me on my tush, but I am fighting. I am […]

13 May 19
The View From My Room

Well, it’s a sad day for those of us who loved and were thoroughly entertained by Doris Day.  I wish she wouldn’t have hidden herself away after her career was done, but apparently, she was not a typical entertainer and she didn’t welcome all the attention that came with fame.  She could act.  And she […]

09 May 19
Gemma Is Loca

Greetings Loyal Reader: Last Friday, the Duster and Dander count reached extreme and my body began to attack me. I spent the weekend in misery thinking that I may die (figuratively, not literally) and though I was in bed, I never felt any better. On Monday, I went to work feeling like death warmed over […]

09 May 19
running the GOOD life.

Marathon #6: The Perfect 21 miles. I’ve had my eyes on a marathon for little bit. Ok fine, since I finished the last one in 2016. But then I got pregnant, had that adorable fat squishy baby, sold our house and moved, ya know life changes. “You wake up, ain’t nothing the same and life […]

07 May 19
Sierra Gorkun

The functionality of the brain is something that I find immensely interesting, impressive and complicated. Although I have always had an interest in biology I have always struggled to grasp a solid understanding of many concepts, although the visual and informative break down within these websites was both interesting and helpful. After reading how important […]

07 May 19
Anne Brock

On cloudy days, I don’t know where she is. I lose my bearings. She could jump out at any moment and I wouldn’t have seen her coming. My Shadow. My Shadow lurks around every corner on gloomy days. I never know when she’ll show up or what demons she’ll bring with her. On those days […]

07 May 19
Hopelessly Infertile and Surrounded by Fertiles

I was talking to a friend who was TTC for five years before she had her first child and she told me that some of her friends don’t consider her infertile because when she did finally give birth, she did so without any medical interventions to conceive. And I thought to myself, “I’m one of […]