23 Apr 19
Quanah's LDAP Blog

OpenLDAP has two different replication methods. The basic method is known as "syncrepl". The alternative method is an expanded version of syncrepl known as “delta-syncrepl”. The primary difference between the two is that delta-syncrepl has a secondary database on each master that is configured to store every change as a diff for the modified entry. […]

22 Mar 19
Sarah Scott

I really freaked myself out this week. I measured my shaft and engine and thought my shaft was too short to reach the engine. But then I discovered the shaft had just been pushed back so the previous owner could remove the old engine. I pushed it forward and it was the perfect distance. What […]

09 Mar 19
Cloud Pubs

What Is AD LDS? Active Directory Light Weight Directory is an LDAP-based directory service. It is used for applications authentication and authorization. It is more flexible than AD DS. You Can have multiple instances of AD LDS running on a single computer. It does not require DNS Infrastructure and Can be modified to meet specific application needs. Active Directory […]

08 Mar 19

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03 Mar 19
Vamsi Talks Tech

This article, co-authored with Peter Fray (Chief Technologist – Platform9) originally appeared on “The New Stack”. Two years of working with Kubernetes for enterprise applications, and large-scale production deployments have taught us valuable real-world lessons about the challenges of Kubernetes in the enterprise, and what it REALLY takes in order to make it ready […]

18 Feb 19
Tech & Tricks

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Overview of AD DS AD DS Physical Components AD DS Logical Components Overview of AD DS Protocol What is Authentication? What is Authorization? Why Deploy AD DS? Centralized Network Management Requirements for Installing AD DS Overview of AD DS and DNS Overview of AD DS Components Lightweight Directory Access […]

11 Feb 19
Lumber Jack News

Hi all, So this may be stupid… we have lots of little nicks and scuffs, etc in our walls. Some are just surface areas that I believe touching up with paint would fix. Some require wall patch. In both cases, it seems to me if I put on the same color, but its new paint.. […]

09 Feb 19
Tutorwood's Blog

Well, it looks as there’s another new tool entering the oscillating tool market in Australia with Festool announcing the release of their new cordless Vecturo, the OSC 18. Due for release in the UK in April 2019, when it hits the Australian market I would anticipate the price to be in the vicinity of $1200 […]

05 Feb 19

A directory is a hierarchical structure that stores information about objects on the network. A directory, in the most generic sense, is a comprehensive listing of objects. A phone book is a type of directory that stores information about people, businesses, and government organizations. Phone books typically record names, addresses, and phone numbers. Active Directory (AD) is […]