09 Jul 19
Panoply Technology

Note:this post is based on a Microsoft’s white paper that I had to study to get my microsoft certified proffessionnel certification way back in 2004. Introduction The Active Directory uses the Internet concept of a name space to provide a single point of administration and replication, a hierarchical view of the directory, extensibility, scalability, distributed […]

02 Jul 19
Isometric Leaves

The adventure from past to present advances with Release 4. Also available to read on Medium. Opening notes Previously, I’d looked at R3 with version 3.1, since R3 was the first major BeOS release to run on Intel alongside PowerPC. And now we’re ready to look at the next major step forward: R4. Release 4.0 has […]

01 Jul 19

Este será um artigo ligando algumas coisas que foram feitas em artigos anteriores, está na hora de começar a costurar soluções e mostrar o poder da solução Kubernetes/CNCF da Oracle. Então, desta vez, criarei um cluster MySQL sendo gerenciado pelo Kubernetes utilizando o MySQL Operator. Antes de explicar o que é cada coisa, é preciso […]

01 Jun 19
Sarah Scott

This week, I started to think about my thru hull transducer, because my friend Sarah was coming Tuesday morning to help me install it and record some audio for a news pitch. The transducer had a 20 degree tilt built in, which is supposed to work for a deadrise (hull angle) between 16-24 degrees. The […]

23 Apr 19
Quanah's LDAP Blog

OpenLDAP has two different replication methods. The basic method is known as "syncrepl". The alternative method is an expanded version of syncrepl known as "delta-syncrepl". The primary difference between the two is that delta-syncrepl has a secondary database on each master that is configured to store every change as a diff for the modified entry. […]

22 Mar 19
Sarah Scott

I really freaked myself out this week. I measured my shaft and engine and thought my shaft was too short to reach the engine. But then I discovered the shaft had just been pushed back so the previous owner could remove the old engine. I pushed it forward and it was the perfect distance. What […]