17 Mar 19
Part-Time Audiophile

Suncoast Audio had another fantastic-sounding room nearby on the seventh floor and Peter Mackay was on hand playing some righteous digital through the A3s.  The Magico A3s ($12K) have been an unqualified success for the company and it’s easy to see why.  They have the classic Magico sound with deep and tight bass and a […]

06 Mar 19
Part-Time Audiophile

The Ryan speakers were humming along nicely in Room 511 with Auralic electronics and Cardas Clear cabling.  Trevor Ryan always has a very good room and this was yet another outstanding display of two-way monitor greatness at the Florida show. Alex Brinkman of Auralic blew me away:with a track from Virgil Thompson’s The Plow That […]

27 Feb 19

James Wan: James Wan is the director of horror movies such as Insidious, The Conjuring and Saw. I want to look as him specifically to so that I can see what techniques he uses in order to create his simple but effective scare sequences which in a way sets films such as The Conjuring apart […]

27 Feb 19
Twister6 Reviews

In-depth report of CanJam NYC 2019 visit.

09 Feb 19
Klever Blog

Q1 Define your curriculum for your class, or a professional development activity you’re designing, or a work/transition activity you have in mind. Consider the current language in the goals. Are the means embedded? Is there flexibility in how learners can reach the goal and still maintain high standards?  Be creative with this one and think […]

08 Feb 19

Top Five Team Scores after Day 1: Broken Bow 66.5 Valentine 66 Ord 38 Bridgeport 36.5 Hemingford 32 106: #2 Casey Benavides (Bridgeport) vs Chet Fisher (Southern Valley) Trevin Edwards (Loomis-Bertrand) vs Jarrett Battershaw (Valentine) 113: #1 Chris Williams (Valentine) vs Blake Bruns (Hershey) Jacob Hilmer (Loomis-Bertrand) vs Jordan Cluff (Kimball) 120: #4 Spencer Gaffney […]

03 Feb 19

C4 @ Broken Bow Projected Top 3 Teams: #2 Broken Bow (10) #1 Valentine (9) Ord (5) Other Teams Competing: Bridgeport Cambridge Chase County Gordon-Rushville Hemingford Hershey Kearney Catholic Kimball Loomis/Bertrand Minden Mitchell Perkins County Southern Valley Valentine and Broken Bow are plenty familiar with each other after seeing each other in two tournaments and […]

01 Feb 19

Here are the lineups of the 8 Class C teams competing at State Duals: Weight, Name, Grade, Record #1 Broken Bow 113 Gaffney, Karson 9 15-24 120 Gaffney, Spencer 12 33-6 120 Garey, Trey 10 14-4 120 Ridder, Brody 9 2-4 126 Faulkenberry, Casey 10 36-4 126 Campbell, Schylar 10 10-10 132 Powers, Patrick 11 […]

01 Feb 19

On Sept. 18, 2018, shortly after the hydrogen fueling station in Potsdam was started up (see Potsdam Meets 50-Station Target), the 51st one in Germany, and first in Saxony state, went into operation in Dresden. It is located on Wiener Strasse, at a Total gas station in an easily accessible spot in the midst of […]

31 Jan 19

The Teams: #1 – Broken Bow Indians (19-1) 106: Dakota Russell 113: Karson Gaffney 120: #4 Spencer Gaffney/Trey Garey 126: #2 Casey Faulkenberry 132: #3 Patrick Powers 138: Matthew Ambler 145: Grant Reynolds 152: Cole Ulmer 160: Kaden Powers/Kris Ambler 170: #3 Lathan Duda 182: #2 Treyvon Brooks 195: Colton Duda 220: Kiefer Anderson 285: […]

28 Jan 19

Everyone wants tо have a nice аnd pretty white smile. However, attaining those pearly white teeth саn bе a tedious аnd expensive job. One might gо tо а beauty dentist аnd invest а lot tо have beautiful teeth, but that dоes not save you from the unpleasant torture that уou hаvе to endure іn the […]

20 Jan 19

These are the original Vaic Reference mono blocks that later became the Ayon Titan. They are incredible amps – they are PSE and have flexibility to use a wide variety of 300b type tubes. Alessi Vaic was the man who initiated the manufacture of new age 300b tubes. Ayon, KR, EML all began with Vaic’s […]

10 Jan 19
Peak Student Media

Over the years many video games have shaped the face of how we play them today. Beginning with “Pong” in the early 1970’s- the first video game to ever be widely played, and “Donkey Kong”- the game that popularized platformers and introduced the character, “Mario.” Though the 1980’s saw video games’ initial rise to prominence, […]