14 Dec 18
Peak Student Media

With the 2018 marching season finally over, it is time to look back on one of the less appreciated organizations at Apex High: our marching band. Conducted by Mr. Jarvis, the Apex High Marching band plays at every football game that is played on our home field and practices endlessly from August through November. To […]

06 Dec 18
Peak Student Media

Click here to read the first article in this series! You wake up at some time before sunrise and end up at school. You go to your classes and are assigned various amounts of coursework and homework. You talk to friends during lunch, maybe do some of your homework, and then go back to class. […]

05 Dec 18
SBK Consulting

Morel Supremo! Kendere behøver ingen præsentation. Supremo er bil højtalernes Rolls Royce! Giv dem en high end forstærker og en ukomprimeret lydkilde, og de kvitterer med en Hifi gengivelse som kun de bedste og dyreste stue anlæg. For music lovers, by music lovers!

01 Dec 18

I am selling my ZENith SE Mk.II Std, which was built and sold as a limited production run of only 100 units. Mine is #57 of 100, and I am the original owner. This coveted model sold out very quickly, and rarely appears on the used market. This is your opportunity to own one of the […]

26 Nov 18
Peak Student Media

What is wrong with us? No, really, what is wrong with us? Older generations tend to believe that younger generations are ruining the planet while many from younger generations feel as though older generations have already ruined this world before we even had a chance to be born. Often, people today consider those who lived […]

11 Nov 18
Part-Time Audiophile

The Very Definition of POSH Naming a speaker POSH? This would all seem silly if the system in the Gershman Acoustics room didn’t offer a luxurious and exceptional sound. Ofra and Eli Gershman were showing off their new POSH Statement loudspeakers ($129,000/pair), powered by a VAC Statement 405S amplifier ($46,000) and a VAC Master preamp […]

08 Nov 18
Peak Student Media

Click here to find out now! “You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve, and chivalry Set Gryffindors apart; You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true And unafraid of toil; Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, […]

04 Nov 18
Ed B on Sports

Tress MacNeille From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tress MacNeille MacNeille in 2007 Born Teressa Claire Payne[1] (1951-06-20) June 20, 1951 (age 67) Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Alma mater University of California, Berkeley Occupation Voice actress Years active 1979–present Tress MacNeille (born Teressa Claire Payne; June 20, 1951) is an American voice actress, who has voiced various characters in shows […]

29 Oct 18

TubeDirect heeft zich gespecialiseerd in de online verkoop van audiobuizen en aanverwante hoogwaardige audio-componenten. Ook NOS buizen (New Old Stock audiobuizen) kunt u bij ons vinden. Na jarenlange ervaring met uiteenlopende audioapparatuur zijn wij tot de conclusie gekomen dat de toepassing van de juiste audiobuis in audioapparatuur een toegevoegde waarde heeft. Buizen zijn gehoormatig veelal […]

26 Oct 18
Peak Student Media

Do you ever stop to wonder how have we come so far as a species? How we have progressed so far in comparison to other creatures. Though there are many reasons and theories, it all seems to boil down to one truth; our capacity to learn. Gaining knowledge and being able to utilize it effectively […]

21 Oct 18

A while ago I bought a pair of new Tango M705 and wanted to find a good use for it. I also had a small wood case made of oak and accent stained with chestnut. This was the beginning… I always wanted to build a compact 4P1L amp and here it is my new “Shiny […]

19 Oct 18
The Half Ginger

I always find myself thinking of what I can do as a final project in classes and I usually find myself coming back to the same subject. Others who have taken classes with me in the past are probably sick of what I’m about to propose, but my critical photo essay is going to be […]

15 Oct 18
Peak Student Media

Politics—the topic that no one wants to talk about during Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone holds their own beliefs on how the world should function, varying from autocracy to complete anarchy. However, within in the United States, there are two political parties that wield enormous amounts of power: the Democrats and Republicans. While there are other parties, […]