23 Jul 19
NY Times Student Journeys

Dear family and friends, Although our program has come to an end and our students have returned home, we thought we would share one more blog post on our European travels, featuring two contributions from student Michael K. Michael, who is interested in military affairs, especially military history, volunteered to write about the group’s visits […]

23 Jul 19
Weapons and Warfare

A nephew of Charles I, the son of the king’s sister Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia, Rupert served in the Protestant forces in Europe in the 1630s and was captured at the Battle of Eiberg in 1638. He spent three years in prison before being ransomed by Charles I. In 1642 he arrived in England with […]

23 Jul 19
The Blogging of Devine 456

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23 Jul 19
Remembering the Past Australia

The second of two letters published in ‘The Australian’ in 1827, in response to the impressions given by a previous writer of five letters, published in the same newspaper, entitled “A Trip to the Hunter’s River”.

23 Jul 19
Aotearoa Notes

Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou: Struggle Without End – Ranginui Walker (1990) The Musket Wars – Ron Crosby (1999) The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict – James Belich (1986) Kūpapa: The Bitter Legacy of Māori Alliances With the Crown – Ron Crosby (2015) The New Zealand Wars Ngā Pakanga O Aotearoa […]

23 Jul 19
U S Military History

July 23, 1757- The Battle of Sabbath Day took place on 23 July 1757 just off the shore of Sabbath Day Point, Lake George, New York and ended in a French victory. The battle (actually better described as an ambush), pitched approximately 450 French and allied Indian forces under the leadership of Ensign de Corbiere […]

23 Jul 19
The Life of Kjeldgaard 152

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23 Jul 19
The Chatham Packet

One of the Special Exhibits on display at The Heritage Museums & Gardens is a collection of intricately detailed military miniatures representing historical military organizations from the Revolutionary War through the Spanish-American War. On the same shelf in one of the display cases are two Civil War regiments that would become well known for their […]

22 Jul 19

“That’s a very concrete example of telling people who were born in this country that they don’t belong here and they have to ‘go back,'” says historian Kunal Parker