Mz Wallace

03 May 19
handstand happiness

Yes, I realize that Cinco de Mayo is this weekend, but what we really care about is honoring all the mothers out there next weekend! Am I right?! Some of you may do this in different ways, and sometimes, gifts aren’t completely necessary, but rather a weekend or day spent honoring and loving on all […]

02 May 19
Rockstar Moms

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! Have you found something special for the moms in your life? I found some great gift ideas at Nordstrom! From the traditional sleepwear and jewelry, to handbags, accessories, and even home decor. Check them out…and I wouldn’t mind if someone sends them to my family- I love […]

30 Apr 19
Inmate Blogger

“Hi Mz .Jennings, much respect to this unique platform that you offer for those powerful voices that’s mostly forgotten.” -Jermaine Moore “Mrs. Jennings, I truly thank you for providing a avenue for those locked up to not be locked out of society. You have been an important & precious vessel in my communication with & […]

24 Apr 19
Site Title

Beyond your basic bag, the Yoga Sak has all of your yoga wishes protected, and it always gets top marks from yogis. The bag has straps to securely keep your yoga mat, and adjustable shoulder straps make it smooth to tote alongside anyplace you’re going, backpack-style. It has multiple booths and is roomy sufficient to […]

22 Apr 19
CW39 Houston

[ooyala player_id=”f2605fb46a6e47afab7be3fd7032bb72″ auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”A3YjUyOqJwP3bbvAQ_DZkpSoSWfy” code=”JnY2luaDE6UUmzKiz7jHyafMzurTkN6J”] Beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert Angela Willoughby shares celebrity spring fashion trends that won’t break the bank with Morning Dose. Here’s a list of the items featured in this fashion segment and where to find them! Spring Closet Must-Haves: Short polka dot romper, Zara, $39.90 Monochrome beige lace […]

18 Apr 19
BrandVision Insights

Donec Eras. It’s Latin for “Wait until tomorrow”. Life is not static. Life moves. It evolves. This never-ending movement is why brands of all type are continually faced with the process of shifting and re-shaping themselves. Simply put: Brands must evolve to survive and thrive. It’s a hard concept to embrace. Period. Why? Simple. When […]

04 Apr 19

The Westfield YMCA area hosts Pocketbook Bingo on Friday 26 April from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. to Holy Trinity Parish Center, 512 Westfield Avenue. at Westfield. The community is welcome to enjoy a fantastic evening and the possibilities of going home with brand booklets for a good cause. Only adults over the age of […]

15 Mar 19
Samantha Pious

After reading Sam Escobar’s essay “On Being Non-Binary in Female-Centric Spaces” and Kat Marchán’s “On the Design of Women’s Spaces,” I realized my original list, “LBT+ Women and Non-Binary Poets,” was saying one thing and doing another. My list mentioned non-binary poets in the title, but the vast majority of poets were still women. What […]

14 Mar 19
The Fashion Magpie

10 Must-Have, Life-Changing Baby Products.

04 Mar 19
Bambi & Me

C U Next Tuesday Bambi! Well technically it’s C U tomorrow but that doesn’t spell out the four-letter word I want to scream from the rooftops right now. So the other day I heard someone say that laughter is the best medicine. This is bollocks because if you have a brain tumour then a craniotomy is definitely going […]

01 Mar 19
Mompreneur Monica Lynn

Okay frankly I am in no way shape or form a fashion guru…but I know what I like and I own it and to me that is what ‘Fashion’ is all about! With that here are my must haves of Spring 2019… First off…GRAPHIC TEES!!! They are huge this season and frankly I can not […]

27 Feb 19
Mompreneur Monica Lynn

I don’t know about you but for me February ‘flu’. Yes, half of the month I had one of the worst cases, if not the worst flu of my life. Then it was winter break for the kiddos so trying to have organized chaos in the house with all five for 10 days was well…exhausting […]

21 Feb 19

Nat Rev Mol Cellular Biol ’06, 6:177�C187.PubMedCrossRef 11. Underlying Signifiant, Hacohen D, Hahn WC, Lander Realmente es, Sabatini DM: Genome-scale loss-of-function testing using a lentiviral RNAi library. Nat Approaches 2005, Several:715�C719.PubMedCrossRef 14. Berns Okay, Hijmans EM, Mullenders M, Brummelkamp TR, Velds The, Heimerikx Michael, Kerkhoven RM, Madiredjo Michael, Nijkamp Watts, Weigelt T, Agami 3rd r, […]