16 Mar 19
Peace Corps Mongolia

Mongolica. One hour outside of the capital, surrounded by rocky peaks, frozen rivers, and chalky earth, this resort was the location of a week long Peace Corps conference for project design and management. This annual conference is an opportunity for first-year volunteers to learn the basics of grant writing, project management, and planning for sustainability. […]

07 Mar 19
Peculiar Porter

One of my goals this month was send out an email every month rehashing all of the current sustainable news. This is a great way to stay up to date on the latest news… and get a few cute puppy pictures!

05 Mar 19
Skyscanner Canada
Whether you plan to festival hop, lounge on the beach, enjoy nature or a mixture of all three, July is one of the best months of the year to do it all! Here are our hand-picked 10 best destinations for where to travel in July 2019. July is a popular month for vacations. The kids are off school, you might be ready for a break from work and just about everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is in its peak, warmest season. With so many dream destinations at your fingertips – we’ve made it easier by rounding up the 10 best destinations for where to travel in July. Each destination might be good any time of year, but July may be the best time to visit. Now you can really look forward to summer! The 10 Best Destinations for your July Holiday 1. Calgary, Alberta Best for: Letting your inner Cowboy or Cowgirl shine at the Calgary Stampede It is no surprise that Calgary, Canada’s own “Cowtown”, tends to find its way on to many traveller’s bucket lists. This is mostly because of its proximity to Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and some of the best views and experiences that the Rocky Mountain range has to offer. However, Calgary itself is a vibrant city that really picks up in the summer months, where the snow has cleared (for the most part) and Calgarians strap on their ranch boots and head to the infamous Calgary Stampede. This year, the Calgary Stampede is running from July 5-14, and there are plenty of events planned for this year’s Stampede. With more than 1.2 million visitors from around the world coming to the city for Calgary’s biggest event, the Calgary Stampede hosts the World’s Richest Tournament Style Rodeo in addition to chuckwagon races, the Midway and live performances from renowned artists. If you want to experience a Canadian destination this July, Calgary is the place for you! Have extra time in Calgary? Take a day trip to Drumheller to explore the prehistoric Canadian Badlands and the World-Famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. Or opt for a casual afternoon strolling in and out of the many cafés and shops in the Kensington Neighbourhood. Any of that sound exciting? Then book your flights and hotels ahead of time before they run out or become more expensive. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Calgary The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Calgary | Skyscanner Canada 2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Best for: Pampering yourself on an all-inclusive vacation by the beach in Mexico Summer vacation immediately brings up visions of being somewhere far from the daily stresses of life, where you can kick off you shoes and really unwind. Where better to do this then right on the ocean with a cold drink in your hand and a colourful sunset to enjoy? This is high on our 10 best destinations for July because we love a good beach vacation and the weather during July is also optimal for being outside, averaging 28°C. Besides wading through the sparkling, ocean waters, you can also get your adventurous side on if you are up for it. From horseback riding to zip-lining, Punta Cana has it all. Additionally, tourist volume is typically lower in July, giving room for cheaper hotel prices and discounts on vacation packages. Whether you are planning a getaway with the family, your friends or a romantic partner, Punta Cana has some of the best all-inclusive vacation resorts. So pack your flip flops – you’re going to the beach! Search Cheap Flight Deals to Punta Cana The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Punta Cana | Skyscanner Canada 3. Winnipeg, Manitoba Best for: History and culture seekers looking to explore a new, hip Canadian city Lonely Planet has rated Manitoba as one of their top best in travel destinations for 2019, so undeniably, it makes our 10 best destinations for July list. The typically overlooked Canadian province and its capital, Winnipeg are building a presence in today’s travel world. Literally located in the centre of Canada, Winnipeg is continuously growing into a trendy, artsy, and lively city. July is also one of the best times to visit Winnipeg when the weather conditions are warm and ideal for walking around and exploring all day. For history and social justice buffs, Winnipeg is home to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Be prepared to be moved, shaken and inspired as you walk through the various exhibitions. Then make sure you take an elevator to the Peace Tower for panoramic views of Winnipeg. If you are on a budget, the museum also offers free general admission on the first Wednesday of every month. After your museum musings, head over to the Forks Market for a number of dining, shopping and recreational activities. Winnipeg also plays host to a number of fantastic festivals throughout July, including the Winnipeg Folk Festival from July 11 – 14, 2019. With so much to explore, what was once an underrated travel destination, will quickly become one of your favourites! Search Cheap Flight Deals to Winnipeg The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Winnipeg | Skyscanner Canada 4. Mongolia Best for: Intrepid folks looking to have a travel experience like no other Mongolia is certainly not a quick getaway, but all the more reason to make use of your summer holidays at this more untouched, undiscovered destination. Mongolia is home to a vast and rugged landscape and also one of the world’s most scarcely populated countries making it an ideal destination for travellers looking for something a little different. Mongolia is also one of the last remaining countries with a surviving nomadic culture. Furthermore, it is a nature lover’s paradise with incredibly diverse landscapes. Adventure to the Gobi Desert in the south, the vast mountains in the west or the pristine lakes in the north to fully appreciate the natural beauty that this country offers. July is one of the best times to visit, because not only is it the summer season and those strong Gobi winds are bearable, but the unique Naadam Festival, which celebrates the nomadic culture of Mongolia. The festival incorporates a combination of sports (wrestling, horse racing, archery) along with art (singing, dancing, performing). This year Naadam takes place on July 11 – 15. Be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime experience of nomadic expression, with a little Genghis Khan inspiration thrown in for good measure. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Mongolia The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Mongolia | Skyscanner Canada 5. Montreal, Quebec Best for: Festival goers around the world interested in music, art, and comedy A Canadian favourite, Montreal frequently makes our list of best destinations to travel to but it particularly deserves a spot here due to the plethora of festivals that take place in July. The summer season is at its peak and Montrealers take to the streets (and restaurant patios for great cocktails and conversation). The world’s largest jazz festival, the Montreal International Jazz Fest is celebrating its 40th year this year and takes places from June 27th – July 6th. The festival hosts highly acclaimed artists and newcomers to the jazz scene by Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal and surrounding streets. To see this year’s line-up, head to their website. If it’s some comedy you’re after, look no further than the Just For Laughs Festival (the largest comedy festival in the world!), taking place from July 10 – 28 this year. More into movies? Then check out the Fantasia International Film Festival from July 11 – August 1st. During your spare time in between festival hopping, be sure to check out the above-average restaurants or the creative, diverse neighbourhoods. There is truly never a lack of things to do in Montreal. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Montreal The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Montreal | Skyscanner Canada 6. Rwanda Best for: Travellers wanting to splurge on a life-changing conservation experience Rwanda may be one of the safest, most peaceful countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, even for solo travellers. Despite being deeply connected to the horrific 1994 genocide, it continues to grow and flourish into a multi-faceted, creative and lively country. Start off in Kigali, the bustling capital city that houses endless coffee shops and vast mountain views. Learn from the detailed exhibitions and knowledgable staff at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, take a walking tour from the Nyamirambo Women’s Centre, or learn about coffee roasting in Rwanda with a delicious cuppa at Question Coffee. The main draw to Rwanda though is certainly observing the endangered mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains of Volcanoes National Park in the north of the country. This experience is quite costly (varying from $1000-$2000 per person for a tour) but it would undoubtedly be worth every penny. Take a guided trek with experts to find families of gorillas going about their daily lives. You’ll feel as though time stops in your hour viewing period, leaving you speechless in awe of these majestic animals. By purchasing a permit and following the rules of your trek, you will be contributing to the conservation of these gorillas. Funds generated from the permit go towards the management of the National Parks and nearby communities to improve natural resource management. With eco-tourism on the rise, a trip like this would have a greater impact on the world around you. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Rwanda 7. Lisbon, Portugal Best for: Travellers looking to explore a multi-layered European city Thinking of a European destination getaway for July? As Europe’s second oldest capital city in Portugal, Lisbon easily makes our 10 Best Destinations for July 2019 list. Lisbon is a city that expertly blends a slower pace during the day with an upbeat energy that flows through Lisbon’s streets at night. And July is the perfect month to really enjoy the Lisboa night. Start off with a drink in the energetic Bairro Alto district and then hit the dance floor at one of the many trendy spots, including Lux Frágil, Lust in Rio or the bars of Cais do Sodré. If you still have energy after you have danced the night away, there is so much to see and do. Lisbon in July also means that the beautiful, glistening beaches along the Atlantic Ocean are in their prime for swimming and lounging. Other major attractions include the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, a monastery built in the 16th century or the Tower of Belem, a monument dedicated to Vasco de Gama’s maritime discoveries. Also, you can’t miss a Fado performance during a trip to Lisbon, a combination of guitar and singing that expresses traditional Portuguese folk music at its best. The wide array of options in Lisbon will make for a truly intimate travel experience this summer. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Lisbon The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Lisbon | Skyscanner Canada 8. Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Best for: Outdoor experiences and mingling with friendly locals Any Come From Away fans? The popular Broadway musical has put the most eastern part of Canada on the radar of travellers now more than ever. Whether it is the friendliness of the locals or the beautiful landscapes, Newfoundland is a great choice for a summer holiday in July. Start off in the capital of St. John’s where you will weave in and out of streets lined with colourful houses. Drop in any of the pubs along George Street to enjoy a lively jam session. And of course, being so close to the ocean, seafood is at its freshest so be sure to get some good grub at St. John’s Fish Exchange and & Wet Bar. Getting outdoors in Newfoundland is not hard – however being there in July makes it easier because while it doesn’t necessarily get really hot, it’s in its warmest season. Take a Bay Bulls boat tour with O’Briens to visit the largest Atlantic Puffin colony (!!) in North America and hopefully you will spot some humpbacks, porpoises and dolphins along the way. Make a visit to quaint Trinity which will make you feel as though you are on a movie set (The Shipping News was filmed here!). But there are also several hiking trails with breathtaking views and beaches in close proximity. If its the Northern Lights you want to see, Newfoundland is the best place to see them in Canada while on summer vacation. Travelling to Newfoundland will be something you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Search Cheap Flight Deals to Newfoundland The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Newfoundland | Skyscanner Canada 9. Costa Rica Best for: Chasing waterfalls, waves and good weather in Central America Costa Rica is one of our top 10 best destinations for July because it has something for everyone and it’s one of the most stable and peaceful countries on the continent. July is also a great time to visit because it’s not peak season. You can wake up to the ocean breeze or hike through the rainforest with less crowds. Although it is the middle of the rainy season, July in Costa Rica is usually a short mid-year dry season. If its hiking or mountain biking you’re into, the Arenal Volcano has a number of treks and trails. Then soothe your sore muscles and treat yourself to a dip in the refreshing hot springs surrounding the area, including Tabacón. Or if you want to enjoy the water more, Costa Rica offers some of the best surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. In particular, the Caño Island Biological Reserve has five platforms of low coral reefs and an array of fish and marine mammals. The La Fortuna Waterfalls is a must-see and suitable for all types of travellers. There are steep stairs leading down to the falls but the lush green backdrop, coupled with the gorgeous blue waters will be too enticing to think about anything else. You will get so accustomed to the Costa Rican lifestyle, you’ll never want to leave. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Costa Rica The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Costa Rica | Skyscanner Canada 10. Oaxaca, Mexico Best for: Travellers longing to see another side to Mexico Many think of Mexico and think beautiful beaches and a luxurious vacation at a coastal all-inclusive resort. But if you are looking for a more culturally rich experience, then Oaxaca in July is the place to be! Oaxaca has some of the strongest traditions in Mexico, and the Guelaguetza Festival is no exception. Guelaguetza means “offering” and refers to the tradition that if there is an event, then everyone contributes. So basically it is one big party! People from the surrounding areas come dressed up in traditional clothing and perform dances at the Cerro del Fortín amphitheatre. This year it will be held on Monday, July 22nd and Monday, July 29th. Looking for other things to do while in Oaxaca? Weave your way through the historical centre, where you will find an array of colourful (Instagram-worthy) houses and cafés. Stop by the Templo de Santo Domingo, one of Oaxaca’s biggest landmarks and over 400 years old. And if you’re still curious, it is worth a wander through the many art galleries including MACO and Museo Textil de Oaxaca. Bring your Mexican destination holiday to the next level, experiencing Mexican culture to its fullest. Search Cheap Flight Deals to Oaxaca The 10 Best Destinations for July 2019: Oaxaca | Skyscanner Canada Still can’t decide where to travel in July? Check out how to search for the cheapest flight deals across the entire month. Sometimes the best destinations are the ones you least expect to find. Ready to Book your Next Trip? Everywhere Search Skyscanner Price AlertsHow to Save Money for Your Next TripHow to Book a Multi-Day Layover to See Another City for Free
05 Mar 19
TRAN QUANG HAI's world throat singing

Mongolian americans by Baatar Tsend Overview Mongolia is a large landlocked country, 604,100 sq. miles (1,566,000 sq km.), in area about three times the size of France, over twice the size of the state of Texas, and almost as large as Queensland, Australia. It is located in Northeastern Asia, south of Siberia and north of […]

05 Mar 19
Happily Ever Alexia ♡

Today I received two outfits I picked out from Naadam Co. and was so in love with the first one I tried on that I haven’t even tried the other one on yet. All of their clothing is made with cashmere so it’s super soft, comfy, and lightweight. This is their ribbed jump suit in […]

04 Mar 19

One unforgettable trip

02 Mar 19

Naadam Festival is Mongolian major holiday and a wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land. The festival has its roots in the nomad wedding assemblies and hunting extravaganzas of the Mongol Army. The opening ceremony features marches and music from soldiers, monks and athletes before the real fun begins! In […]

01 Mar 19

2019-03-01 22:07:30 [ad_1] Couple in a retail storeGetty There’s a new in-crowd of brands hitting the retail scene, disrupting and causing an industry shift toward the idea that “small is the new big”. New digitally-native and niche brands are the future of retail. I predict these retail industry newcomers will continue to thrive in 2019 […]

24 Feb 19
The Heartstone Post

“MEN’S” AND “WOMEN’S” categories still occupy the navigation menu on the website for 10-year-old retailer Totokaelo. Yet shoppers have increasingly crossed these virtual gender lines, said Fanny Damiette, vice president of brand and marketing for its parent company, Richmond, Va.-based NSTO. “We have data that shows that sometimes the girls will go in the men’s section and the men will go in the women’s section.” The shop leans into this fluidity, hiring transgender and nonbinary models and putting menswear in the women’s section.

24 Feb 19
ray slater abides

We awake to Mongolia. The green hills are rolling and the steppes wide. We had been assured by our host that someone will be at train station holding a sign/placard with Joe’s name. There are a lot of people bearing lot of signs but Joe’s is not among them. Which leads us to another problem […]

24 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Tapsee Pannu was born on August 1, 1987 in Delhi, India. She is an actress, known for Baby (2015), Naam Shabana (2017) and Pink (2016). Born: August 1, 1987 in Delhi, India Actress (40 credits)   Kaan (filming)   Tadka (filming) Nicole  2019 Mission Mangal (filming)  2019/I Game Over (post-production)  2019 Badla (post-production) Naina  2019 […]

22 Feb 19
lakooi, These 3 Challenger Brands Have a Bigger Purpose Than Just Profits and Growth – In today’s advertising and marketing landscape, there’s no shortage of brands taking a stand for something bigger than the bottom line. For some, like Patagonia or Nike, those messages become iconic cultural moments. For others, like upstarts Bombas, Naadam and […]