21 May 19

CHORUS Em G C D Em Nannenthagaa Preminchithivo – Ninnanthagaa Dooshinchithino Em G Am C D Em Nannenthagaa Neeverigithivo – Ninnanthagaa Ne Marachithino Em C D Em Galanaa Ne Cheppagalanaa – Daayanaa Ne Daayagalanaa (2) Em D Ayyaa… Naa Yesayyaa… C Em Naadam…Thaalam…Raagam – Edalo Neede Ee Prema Swaramu (2) VERSE 1 Em G D Em Ae […]

18 May 19
Pulse 2.0

HATCH, a lifestyle brand for women before, during, and after pregnancy, announced that it raised $5 million in Series A funding.

14 May 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/14/2019 Best Rate on05/13/2019 Hill City 2 mi./$ Best Rate History Bank/Credit Card Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/14/2019 Best Rate on05/13/2019 Cash back Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/14/2019 Best Rate on05/13/2019 1&1 IONOS $10 $5 Best Rate History 1-800-FLORALS 21% 20% Best Rate History 101Phones […]

08 May 19

Lake Da’erbin. Rhododendron flowers. Hulunbuir Grassland. Herd of sheep. Lake Hulun. The city of Manzhouli. Naadam. Horse race. Camel race. Wrestling. Image source  

06 May 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/06/2019 Best Rate on05/05/2019 123 Inkjets 15 (9) mi./$ 12.5 mi./$ Best Rate History CVS Photo 10 (3) mi./$ 4 mi./$ Best Rate History Drizly 2 (1) mi./$ 1 mi./$ Best Rate History eBags 14 (7) mi./$ 10 (7) mi./$ Best Rate History Glossybox 9 (3) mi./$ 3 […]

06 May 19

By guest author Janet Groeber In 2012 Matt Scanlan was working as an analyst at a private equity firm and wanted something different. He made a break for Mongolia, where he met nomadic goat herders who produce cashmere — and inspired the launch of Naadam, a maker and seller of cashmere fashions. Scanlan teamed up […]

28 Apr 19
girl in a ger

As we rode along we were joined intermittently by local herders who chatted with our guide and then went on their way. One of them had a fabulous black leather hat with turned up sides and was riding bare back with his legs sticking out for balance. He told us about a sacred rock nearby […]

26 Apr 19
Equestrian Adventuresses™

EQA interviewed several adventuresses who competed in the “World’s Longest and Toughest Horse Race,” the Mongol Derby. They reveal their biggest mistakes and most successful strategies in this grueling race, which takes place over 1,000 kilometers of Mongolian steppes and re-enacts the Genghis Khan messenger “pony express.” You ride semi-wild Mongolian horses and swap horses […]

19 Apr 19

From cashmere sweaters and swimwear to designer duds, the men’s market has embraced the effort.

16 Apr 19

It is practically become a cliché the past few years: Physical retail is dying; ecommerce can stand on its own. But, if both of those are true, why are so many digital natives opening physical locations? The answer is simple, says Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos. “There is no way to […]

02 Apr 19
The Looking Glass

by Idanwyn Lluanswys, Editor-in-Chief Lavender, both the fragrance and the color, accented the petite figure of the Xaela woman as she entered the newsroom, the sharp, cleansing scent both overriding and complementing the smells of ink, paper, and old smoke so near and dear to the reporter’s trade. Clean and well-heeled, hair and horns covered […]