07 Jul 19
Swirl and Spice

What’s better than a glass of wine? A culinary experience that is a delight to the tastebuds and a colourful piece of art. Every mouthful. Every drop. When food gets paired with wine it creates a balance between the components of the dish and the characteristics of the wine. It’s a taste sensation that makes […]

22 Jun 19
Janice Scott - Learning Log

Detailed observation of natural objects Select a single object – use dark, medium and light tones, using pencils, hatching and cross-hatching techniques. Use smooth A3 paper. For this exercise, I started out doing some studies of tree bark, ending with this final attempt. I then decided to try an arrangement of a couple of pieces […]

20 Jun 19
Algoth's Grove

“’tis time to be reborn,
The sun god’s warmth in my sight,
Come in, come in, we welcome you in,
Child of promise, child of this winter rite.”

17 Jun 19

The report portrays the piece of the global Baby Clothing Market by fragmenting it based on different factors, such as product type, manufacturers, application end utilize and areas. In this Baby Clothing report, each and every fragment is examined altogether and exhibited clear and exact way. The key drivers and restrictions influencing the development of […]

16 Jun 19
Struggling Sportsman

Since the euphoria of completing Comrades in 2016 I have developed a love hate relationship with this event. I love how it brings people together and how you are forced to go through physical and psychological change. I hate how it consumes you. There is no easy way to do Comrades and the training required. […]

13 Jun 19
Greg Sherwood MW

I’ve written a number of articles and been involved in numerous discussions about Chenin Blanc and whether or not it might just be the only grape out there that can truly rival the greatness, diversity of styles, ageability and collectabity of Chardonnay. To my surprise, I am yet to be berated by any journalists, wine […]

04 Jun 19
Little Giant's Hum

Being a big sister is one of my favourite things.  I am guaranteed a lifetime friend. Someone I can share stories with and so much laughter.  Someone who won’t laugh at my jokes, although I think I’m hilarious. Someone who is right next door, when I need a little perfume, some eyeliner, maybe even a […]

03 Jun 19

I grew up Botswana, where the access to clothing was limited to just a few stores and so my mom started a small business importing brands from South Africa such a Nonki, Naartjie, Keedo, Bug Zoo and the like. Back then these companies will still small, mostly operating from markets in Cape Town. Now 30 […]

02 Jun 19

I can remember eating koeksisters every Sunday for breakfast as a kid, then when I grew up, it stopped. Simply because the aunty that we would buy them from, got older and stopped making them.  My mum used to make koeksisters, but they never lasted. I used to make koeksisters but the whole raising thing […]

24 May 19
Appalachian Adventure

We started the day off walking some pastures, which I always enjoy. We walked past a 300 year oak tree, the oldest living dated tree on the AT. We knew it was going to be a scorcher with water sources few and far between so we had to make sure we fill up where ever […]

23 May 19
Sustainable Gardening

Naartjie End of summer Seed taken out of grocery bought fruit Seed washed and out husk removed by carefully making a cut on the pointy end of the seed Put on damp cloth in closed container in partial sun.

20 May 19

A few weeks ago, Maya and I went to play on the beach and took some pictures. In my mind, I had ONE shot I wanted to take. Anything past that would be great.  We ended up playing for TWO HOURS, and I kept taking shots here and there, which means…a LOT of pictures! 😂 […]

17 May 19
Simply Their Mom

Planning for my second child has been so different compared to my first. I suppose a little experience can go a long way when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t. This is why we decided against a full on nursery and opted for a little nursery nook in the space I’m naturally […]

13 May 19
Colonialist's Blog

South African Elections End Apple-ly for some, Though impotent erections Up Pear-ently have come. A Naartjie is averted, Banana Republic, too? Im-Peach meant’s not asserted As something they will do. Plum-p pockets may continue Corruption without Paw-paws — Water-Melon cholic sins you Find politicians cause! Grape pleasure they’ll be taking — In fact, be feeling […]