08 Apr 19

Baada ya kumaliza adhabu ya kukosa mechi tatu za Ligi Kuu Bara, beki aliyechukua jezi ya Nadri Haroub Cannavaro, Abdallah Shaibu maarufu kama Ninja, leo anatarajiwa kuwa sehemu ya mchezo wa ligi kati ya Yanga dhidi African Lyon. Ninja amemaliza adhabu hiyo aliyoipata kutokana na kumchezea rafu mbaya mchezaji wa Coastal Union kwa kumpiga kiwiko […]

23 Mar 19

Qabiilooyinkii Carbeed iyo Qoyskii Rasuulka (scw):   Carabtii reer Qaxdaan: Carabtu asal ahaan waxay ka soo jeedaan qabiilka faca wayn ee Qaxdaan, kuwaasoo loo yaqaano carabta Qaxdaaniyiinta. Deegaanka carabta qaxdaaniyiintu wuxuu ahaa dhulka Yamen, hase ahaatee markii uu dumay xidheenkii Ma’rab, ayay carabtu ka qaxeen Yamen, waxayna degeen jasiirada carbeed, dhulka Shaam iyo qaybo badan […]

22 Mar 19
Dress for the Wedding

Sponsored by Nordstrom. Affiliate commission links are also used in this post this post about spring wedding attire ideas.  Spring Wedding Attire Ideas from Nordstrom Another wedding season is almost upon us! If you’re attending lots of weddings this spring and summer, you may be trying to figure out what you’d like to wear. However, […]

18 Mar 19

Hello everyone! Now that summer is approaching, I hope this helps those going on a weekend getaway! 🙂 When packing for the weekend, I love mixing bohemian pieces with streamlined styles. I find this combination looks effortless and feels super comfortable and summery. Let me know your favorite look in the comments below. Thanks for […]

12 Mar 19
Jericha Good

1. Nadri Earrings These earrings are elegant yet edgy at the same time.  I get compliments every time I wear them! 2. LightStim This has truly transformed my skin!  It reduces breakouts and oiliness.  It makes my skin look overall healthier. 3. Maybelline Nude Lust Lipstick I am so happy I tried this lipstick!  The creamy formula feels very comfortable on […]

26 Feb 19

In this first post of my highly-requested Wardrobe Staples series, I’m sharing some of the dainty jewelry brands I wear almost daily.

25 Feb 19
Slice Of Living

The rakabdars (gourmet cooks) of Awadh are here in Mumbai with their Mughal cooking artistry to give you a Nawabi feast filled with flavour and flair.  Check this out. Ummrao nestles at Courtyard Marriott well-bred and poised with an era of Awadhi culture. Treading into this restaurant hint that you are in a royal palace […]

22 Feb 19
Malaysianews TV

ROMPIN: Penganggur warga Kemboja dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Majistret, di sini, hari ini, atas tuduhan membunuh kanak-kanak perempuan berusia 11 tahun di Kampung Tanjung Medang Hilir, Pekan, di sini, bulan lalu. Bagaimanapun tiada pengakuan direkodkan daripada tertuduh Mohd Amirul Abdullah, 23, yang berasal dari Kampung Parit Tengah, Pekan, ketika pertuduhan dibacakan di hadapan Majistret Azizah Ahmad. […]

12 Feb 19
The Fashion Research

Cheap alternatives Top : edc €35,99 Giacca / Blazer : Fashion Union €54,99 Pantaloni / Pants : Fashion Union €39,99 Borsa / Bag : Even&Odd €24,99 Scarpe / Shoes : Topshop €34,99 Orologio / Watch : Marc Jacobs €279,99 – DKNY €169,99 Collana / Necklace : Nadri €42,15 – Asos Design €8,49

11 Feb 19
TheIcePrince by Alec Le

Since seeing Kim Kardashian rock her layered necklaces in one of her random confessionals on KUTWK, I have been loving the trend- so much that I have started collecting my own variations of necklaces that I can layer. If you take a quick scroll through any fashion blogger’s Instagram, you will literally see a layered […]

05 Feb 19

Related Articles Fabrication of conductive fibrous scaffold for photoreceptor differentiation of mesenchymal stem cell. J Cell Physiol. 2019 Feb 04;: Authors: Nekouian S, Sojoodi M, Nadri S Abstract Conductive nanofibrous scaffolds with that can conduct electrical current have a great potential in neural tissue engineering. The purpose of this study was to survey effects of […]

02 Feb 19

IRIS 2019 NEW SAMPLE Iris package with Nadri studio, located about 30 minutes drive from Seoul posses has a wide roof. Studio new sample added more night scene concept with indoor more modern. Making use of its roof top, there are also more special scenery added 🙂 One of the strong point with studio is […]

01 Feb 19
The Style File.

Years ago I had an epiphany. I realized that several stacked or super chunky bangles looked WAY better on me than those little delicate things. I guess it’s because I’ve always been a rather substantial girl (mom called it “big-boned”). From a young age, I always felt that small chains or bangles seemed disproportionately small […]

27 Jan 19
Primped and Proper

This dress is flirty and feminine with the keyhole neckline, drop waist, sheer arms, pink florals, and ruffled skirt. The thing that I love about this dress is that it could be worn with your favorite strappy sandals and a straw hat or you could pair it with your favorite knee-high suede boots/booties and a […]

18 Jan 19

The Global “Womens Suits Market” report is a meticulous study of the global Womens Suits market portraying the state-of-the-art details in the market. It also predicts its growth in the next few years. The Womens Suits report evaluates various aspects that determine the growth as well as the volume of the global Womens Suits market. […]