Napoleon Perdis

15 Jul 19

I hope that you’ve got your wish lists ready, because it’s that time again at Priceline! Get your baskets ready, because it’s time to race everyone to those hugely popular items. The sale will run from Tuesday 16th July – Friday 19th July. But if you want to make sure that you grab all of […]

04 Jul 19

Some people wear makeup, while some do not. Some are interested in it, while some care not even an inch. Some are used to it, while some are uncomfortable with it. Makeup users have always been attacked with statements that judge their way of putting makeup and that jump into harsh conclusions about their reason […]

07 Jun 19
Her Own Beautiful Hell

Oh, God. Not again. What are you doing? The last two nights were good, great even. Nine drinks total in 48 hours – barely any! Well, barely any by my standards. Way to go! But wait…not again… now look at you. Do you even see yourself? One after another, after another and another. You didn’t […]