22 Feb 19
Nataya's Worlds

Human Trafficking edition (Mitchell Reports)22 February 2019 Breaking News – Robert Kraft  Robert Kraft is accused of soliciting prostitutes as one of well over 150 individuals charged of using women who were brought from Chi and trapped into a life of what is being called prostitution. These women have been forced into prostitution through a human trafficking ring. […]

18 Feb 19
Nataya's Worlds

While watching #MTPDaily We’re hearing how Putting told Trump that North Korea didn’t have ICBM that could reach the US Of  note: Trump has said more than once that he talks to Putin all the time Trump is known to have at least one unsecured phone – how do we know how often Trump and […]

16 Feb 19

Hai, sudah lama sejak post terakhir. Entah mengapa tiba-tiba ingin menulis suatu hal yang bermanfaat di blog. Semoga ini bisa bermanfaat untuk kalian meskipun sedikit. Kali ini saya ingin membagikan cerita mengenai suatu hal yang membuat gue tertarik akhir-akhir ini. Yup, dilihat dari judul kalian sudah pasti bisa menebaknya. Benar sekali, akhir-akhir ini saya sedang […]

06 Feb 19
brazilian tattoos

Do you like temporary vagina , thigh tattoos on your body or not ? Do you shave your public hair or not ? However if you remove your public hair you can increase your inner beauty by the help of Brazilian plus tattoo art design . Brazilian plus tattoo art offers you best vagina tattoo […]

03 Feb 19
Toulouse c'est wunderbar

We all need a break from time to time. Especially in this rainy winter weather, what better than to relax and take time for yourself. If you would like to relax in or not far from Toulouse or even after a day of skiing in the Pyrenees, here are some of our favorite beauty and […]

30 Jan 19
Lira Karina

Hi, vintage dolls! I want to introduce you thic gourges bloody  dress, by Nataya brand, wich I recieved strait from dreamy city Los Anjeles. I feel like Pre-Raphaelite woman. Of course quality is really high, every line of this dress in divine.       Also here is totally another way to wear this […]

15 Dec 18
Suga Lifestyle

Eli’s Knits and Knots is a Selected Suga Artisan! See the touching story of how Nataya applied needle art to a silver lining and see the items she still finds joy in creating today at Suga Lifestyle’s Christmas Connection here! Buy Local, Buy Jamaican this DECEMBER 15! 🇯🇲 Eli’s Knits and Knots Instagram: @eliknitsandknots By: […]

13 Dec 18

Nataya Ricks December 11, 2018 English Throughout this semester when it came to writing, I caught myself struggling a few times. College writing is really a different style of writing compared to high school. This semester I had to write papers in certain fonts, word sizes, even the word spacing. I am still learning about […]

13 Dec 18

Nataya Ricks November 28, 2018 English Recently the government has been discussing about having unisex bathrooms in public areas. Some people don’t consider themselves as a gender, so having a unisex bathroom might be comfortable for them. There are many pro and cons to having a unisex bathroom in the public areas, but they can […]

12 Dec 18

Nataya Ricks September 25, 2018 English Healthy eating is more expensive than unhealthy foods which bring the problems of sickness and weight gain. Although unhealthy food is more affordable to buy, people can still limit the way they eat. Is it the person’s responsibility to have control on the way they eat or is it […]

11 Dec 18

Nataya Ricks October 16, 2018 English Slut Shaming Advertisement Slut shaming has been a major issue for centuries for women. The feeling of being judged by men based on your behavior and the way you wear clothing is frustrating. Men pick on women because they know that our feelings are more sensitive than theirs. It’s […]

10 Dec 18
Mojito With a Twist!

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite. There could not have been a better title for this moving book by Keith Julius. Catch a Falling Star – The CASA Chronicles Vol 1 revolves around the life of Beverly, who is a CASA -The Court Appointed Special Advocates – worker, and Aleisha Turner, a mother of three […]