19 Apr 19

Two girls, a van named Mervan and the wide open spaces that Latvia offers. And when I say wide open spaces, I mean. wide, open, spaces. This place is so flat, and so flat in fact, that it has now been coined Flatvia. And let me tell you, this joke has got us through endless […]

18 Apr 19

Global Construction Equipment Telematics Market report is built up with detailed research, especially on queries that thresholds on platform valuation, perfection circumstances, core-edge  encroachments, action based situations, road maps and structure of Construction Equipment Telematics Market. The Construction Equipment Telematics research expertise have consolidated analysis recently on new advancements in growth, basic required portfolios of […]

16 Apr 19
Research Reports

The use of telematics in construction vehicle is continuously increasing in order to achieve higher productivity of the vehicle. Telematics are increasingly being installed in smaller as well as large construction vehicles. The telematics system consists of GPS technology, on board diagnostics, and monitoring sensors, which are connected by cellular network that provides continuous insights […]

14 Apr 19
2019 Travel Diary

11th April 2019 (Yes the title is a play on words and not bad spelling) With no mosques close by and no call to prayer at 4am we all had a really good night’s rest. Mustafa had breakfast ready early at 8.30. Today we were travelling to Merzouga. Unfortunately our Navman didn’t recognise the place […]

14 Apr 19
2019 Travel Diary

10th April 2019 Sadly we had to say good goodbye to Mohammed at our Riad (Riad Gzira). He has been an excellent host and has made us feel at home here. A rep from Aster cars came to the Riad to pick us up and take us to our hire car. We got a reasonably […]

13 Apr 19

The probe is the quantum leap the transport industry needs right now according to Shannon Kyle of Teletrac Navman and here he writes on the NTC review into the NHVL. CHANGING OUR INDUSTRY FOCUS With the National Transport Commission (NTC) leading a review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), the transport industry has a […]

12 Apr 19
Facts and Trends

Vehicle procurement services in the public transportation industry is comprises of multi-tiered regulatory compliance requirements, multi-objective approaches and multi-agency input Multi-objective approach for the vehicle procurement services process includes the involvement of numerous participants. These numerous participants are primarily individuals representing various organizations that are involved in the procurement process, each of whom have unique […]

11 Apr 19

Global Commercial Vehicle Telematics market research report covers the analysis of its upcoming growth prospects is been mentioned with maximum precision. This study includes an elaborative summary of Commercial Vehicle Telematics market which also includes snapshots that offer depth of information of various other segmentations. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of key factors which are […]

09 Apr 19
Latest Market Reports

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) is a combination of hardware, software, and technology that updates the user about the location of mobile assets at a specified duration of time. The term is rapidly gaining momentum as a powerful automation business tool owing to its ability to integrate location technologies, hardware, data interoperability server, transaction processing, and […]

05 Apr 19

A detailed analysis of the Material Handling Equipment Telematics Market 2019 Industry research report has been compiled in this research study, inclusive of prominent factors such as the market size with respect to volume and remuneration. Also, Material Handling Equipment Telematics Market study elucidates in extensive detail the generic industry segmentation as well as a […]

03 Apr 19
Latest News

“The Latest Research Report Vehicle Procurement Services Market provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. –” Vehicle procurement services in the  public transportation industry is comprises of multi-tiered regulatory compliance requirements, multi-objective approaches and multi-agency input Multi-objective approach for the vehicle procurement services process includes the […]

03 Apr 19
Market Research Reports

April 3, 2019: The global Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Solutions market was valued at $XX million in 2017, and Radiant Insights Research analysts predict the global market size will reach $XX million by the end of 2028, growing at a CAGR of XX% between 2017 and 2028. This report provides detailed historical analysis of global […]

02 Apr 19
The Australian

In comparison with some industry sectors, the logistics domain is one in which digital transformation is a readily-embraced concept.

01 Apr 19
STN Media

When Winter Storm Avery struck New York City last November, the flurries weren’t strictly snow and ice. The storm immobilized traffic, including thousands of school buses on afternoon routes, thus spurring angry parents, activists and city officials, to take action.