16 Apr 19
Chunky Thighs & FPIES

It’s been a WEEK around here, y’all! From Lincoln’s vomit-inducing double ear infections and amoxicillin rashes, to some unfortunate Applebee’s food poisoning (#pregnancycravings), to un-timeable contractions that just won’t quit… we are NOT at our best! And while several days of snuggles and slow mornings with Lincoln were glorious, I’m more than ready for my […]

18 Mar 19

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10 Mar 19
Proclaim His Whisper

We are made up of body, mind and spirit. I truly believe that we cannot attain true health without the Holy Spirit ruling supreme over our members physical, mental and spiritual. In Christ we are truly balanced. In Him we can truly thrive.

07 Mar 19

A little E update for you & hopefully this may help other parents struggling to find answers to why they have a unhappy / unsettled baby (in some cases). Ever since E was born she’s been difficult to feed, we were told she was a ‘messy’ eater, she’s always thrown most of her bottle back […]

21 Feb 19
The Life Of A Madre

Being a madre hasn’t been your typical walk in the park, more like a run in the park! You know that feeling when you’re just running around in circles and you’re tired and feel like giving up sometimes but then you start seeing the results and it makes you wanna keep going? Well that’s exactly […]

12 Feb 19
Chunky Thighs & FPIES

It’s been an icy, snowy, more than a little bit stir crazy week here in Minneapolis. We’ve had a whole lot of homebound days, which has led to reorganization, purging, cleaning, and prep for baby #2. One of the projects I’ve enjoyed the most has been creating two Lincoln safe food spaces- a fridge shelf […]

08 Feb 19
Roselyn Ruth

Rosie has been going through some sort of speech regression. She went from using multiple words to using none. Hopefully, its something that passes soon. Her appetite is finally starting to increase now that shes on solid foods. We’re having an issue with her taking enough formula during the day.. after spending hundreds of dollars […]

06 Feb 19
A Mum Who Writes

And the word of the day is.. 30 January 2019 When my twin boys were babies I was convinced they were suffering from a different life threatening illness every week. I don’t think I was alone in this. And I remember people always talking about a mother’s instinct, and how you should always listen to […]

03 Feb 19
Headline Spews

As we embarked on our journey on the Milk Ladder this week, it was a time to reflect on the journey we’ve had with Albie to date. In the early days, we had a baby who was clearly uncomfortable at what should have been one of his happier times of the day. Feeding was heart-breaking, […]

02 Feb 19
IWIK Mummy Blog

Having a baby with CMPA and Reflux, I’ve learned that there isn’t going to be the perfect solution that will finally work. There will be products that I can say she gets on better with but no doubt there will still be some other issues that will arise. Isabella’s two main products that she is […]

27 Jan 19
The Mom Adventure

Oh my gosh, what a fun month. There are so many changes in month three! They follow you with your eyes, they laugh, they coo like crazy. They drool and blow bubbles and they sleep so much more! Harrison has always been a fun baby, but this month was totally different. Not only did he […]

17 Jan 19
'Baby-tism' of Fire

As we all know because we’ve discussed this before, once you become a big you gain a new found fascination for poop. It’s frequency, velocity, general colour, smell and gross/impressive nature of the teeny wee human turd sharing. The teeny wee human started life on cow and gate stage 1 milk: and we live by […]

15 Jan 19
Chunky Thighs & FPIES

This week I’m answering some of the questions I got on our instagram account (go follow us on instagram right now! @chunkythighsandfpies … I’ll wait…) Thank you for your participation and input! This blog is evolving as our journey with FPIES continues, and I want it to be supportive to families who are going through […]

08 Jan 19
Chunky Thighs & FPIES

First of all, thank you so much for stopping by! To never miss a post, click on FOLLOW to sign up for email notifications from Word Press, and follow along on Instagram for additional FPIES content and updates! @chunkythighsandfpies   Within moments of Lincoln Mac’s birth, midwives and nurses were encouraging me to have him […]