Neon Buddha

14 Dec 18
Michilun Translations

Inner Residence arc ー Chapter 5 (Part 1): It is said, that is the future [Previous] | [Table of Contents] | [Next] The end of the year was approaching. The whole family went to the temple to pray and worship the ancestors. I remembered that in “Dream of the Red Chamber*” it described that when […]

14 Dec 18
Kerris's Keepsakes

From upstart creative spaces and obscure bars to neighbourhoods where a surprising urban tranquility reigns, Bangkok remains ripe for discovery. One of the first Thai words that foreigners learn in Bangkok, is ‘Farang’ or ‘Foreigner’.  And no wonder.  More than 20 million farang descend on the temples and temptations of Thailand’s capital every year, making […]

14 Dec 18
The Andy Berger Blog

I’ve often heard people say that once you have a kid, you can’t keep up with new music anymore. Music is one of my primary sources of joy, so that sounded like a bummer, but I had a kid anyway. Although I’m sure I will indeed have to cut back on the amount of music […]

13 Dec 18

People have told me that you either love Bangkok or you hate it. I’m the first camp, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for being in the second. It’s bonkers. During our first hour in Bangkok, Murtie and I unwittingly strolled hand-in-hand down the neon lit street of Soi Cowboy, which I’d seen in a ‘things […]

11 Dec 18
My Unique Life

Well Nick and I are back from an amazing trip to Thailand. We went for two weeks with a group of young people as part of the Ultimate Thailand tour and it was definitely the best experience of my life. I will take you through everything that we have done and what I thought at […]

05 Oct 18

City of the future, boasting an astonishing blend of beautiful mountain parks and vibrant modern architecture. Crowded, chaotic, but always charismatic, Hong Kong remains Asia’s ultimate city sensation. [column column=”one-third”] [icon image=”fa fa-signal” size=”small” url=””] [/icon] By the numbers Population: 7,374,900 Elevation: 0 meters – 957 meters / 0 feet – 3140 feet Time Zone: […]

10 Dec 18
bursarts's Blog

“She said baby you a savage I said 21, 21” ~ 6lack Its so clear from up here Ne’er come near me 21 has been good to me I’m having a ball and I don’t wanna jinx it all away by upsetting Gods applecart This musical experience where 28 is the climax Don’t overdo the […]

09 Dec 18

  It has been quite some time since I have reviewed a series. The last time was Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (After the Rain) episode 2. I have a lot of backlog reviews to go through and edit and post. Real life obligations have taken over but that doesn’t mean anime is out […]

08 Dec 18
Tom and Cheryl Travels

Our flight on Mann Yadanapon Airlines departed Bagan for Mandalay at 8:35 am.  I wonder what a vacation would be like without 6 am alarm calls.  Our guide in Mandalay was a delightful woman by the name of Thanda, who first took us to the large Mahanumi temple.  The photos of shaved women in pink […]

08 Dec 18
Aspie Journal

Since my mid-teens, I’ve loved nothing more than to lose myself in the beautiful chaos of London’s Chinatown. This vibrant enclave in the heart of the West End provides a temporary escape from the humdrum realities of city life, as well as an opportunity to eat my way through the full colourful spectrum of Chinese […]

06 Dec 18

China – Jinan – 26th to 27th October 2018 We arrived in Jinan from Luoyang late in the evening. Animated neon lights flickered over the facades of buildings opposite our hotel. It was nearly 11pm when we reached the hotel. We were too late for the famous combination of fountain display and light show at […]

06 Dec 18
The Rokovoko Local

Lost Japan: Last Glimpse of Beautiful Japan, Alex Kerr It’s a shame that readers looking to gain an insight into Japanese history by way of a good non-fiction book are likely to pick up this short title with the powerful market endorsement of its orange Penguin spine. Packaged as an insight into Japan’s sacred and […]

04 Dec 18

Neon Witche's Witchy Blog

purplebuddhaquotes: Purple Buddha Project recycles and transforms remains weapons of conflict in Cambodia, one of the most bombed countries in the history of mankind into jewelry through local fair-trade cooperatives, essentially transforming an object traditionally symbolizing negativity into positivity.  Support the Purple Buddha Project today Purple Buddha Project Homepage