Neon Buddha

17 Apr 19
Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Imagine humidity like you have never felt before with a layer of choking smog on top. Imagine an array of contradictory smells, pleasant versus abhorrent, experienced sometimes only seconds apart. Imagine a sea of backpackers, chaotic heaving streets under glaring neon lights, uneven pavements littered with rubbish and splattered with god-only-knows what, elephant-patterned clothing EVERYWHERE, […]

14 Apr 19
Gavin's Blog

Pop art & Post-modernism In the present day of living under a world that was full of advanced technology, there are a lot of same products which existed everywhere because of mess production. Products can be seen every places and became part of a lifestyle, people have accustomed to them. However, if looking from another […]

12 Apr 19
Stumbling Through Life

After another two weeks here, I’m still not used to being in China, and the Chinese aren’t used to it either. People on the street turn to stare as I pass. A bus driver with a full bus slowed down to grin and wave at me. Some people ask for selfies. In restaurants I’ve been […]

09 Apr 19
Random Shoes

This is the one where the original TARDIS crew play hide-and-seek. Ah, or perhaps it is the one where they meet Marco Polo. Incidentally, those celebrity historicals that you all think Russell T Davies invented? Nuh-uh, this is the first. Sadly, none of the episodes exist since the BBC threw them all away. So this […]

07 Apr 19
Tales from the Trail

Well, today has had its issues.  Doug ate something yesterday that disagreed with him.  Since around 2 this morning, he has had stomach problems.  Not fun.  There was a green veggie dish he ate that I didn’t and he thinks that did it to him.  It had a bitter taste to it but he ate […]

05 Apr 19
The Battered Passport

Following my time in Seoul, I flew down to Hong Kong for a couple days to explore and meet up with my friend Garesa. Garesa is originally from Hong Kong but has spent the past several years in school in the States. We met when she moved to D.C. briefly for an architect job. She […]

04 Apr 19
Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

My manager claps me companionably on the shoulder.  I swivel around on my office chair. “This is your third year at All-World Compliance, Kent.  Didn’t want to scare you off, so I never mentioned that most people don’t make it past their first month.  The staff thinks you’re due for a promotion.” “Really?  Uh, wow.”  […]

04 Apr 19
Dead Code

Fractal light patterns jittered through a series of frequency vibrations, settling on channel-4792.591. Slowly, familiar patterns emerged from static, buildings materialized from beyond the scope of the cyberspace, binary transitioning into virtual reality, simulation manifest from the void of clustered data relays. Jacked into the fragment of channel-4792.591, time rebound back into simulated reality, decades […]

01 Apr 19
EatTalkTravel Japan

Planning for two weeks in Japan is no easy task. The more you research, the more overwhelming it becomes… Should you focus on the major tourist sites or step off the beaten path? How long should you spend in Tokyo? What about Kyoto? This guide will make these decisions much easier for you. Here’s what […]

01 Apr 19
Metode Berkah Buddha

metode mudah mendatangkan berkah