Neon Buddha

23 Feb 19
Miku's World

Another quora reprint: At different times, people on quora have asked about Greek, Indian or Japanese words in Chinese. Being the curious type, I put little answers together for each, which I am now combining in the post below. First off – Greek Loan words from Greek are few, but there are some: adopted via […]

22 Feb 19
Baja Surf Yoga

Samsara is a foundational concept found throughout eastern spiritual philosophy that describes the inherent suffering in the cycle of life. To break free from the cycle, at some point we have to just get up and go. Buddha teaches us there’s a path to freedom, an end to the suffering, a way out. Travel can teach us that this movement is possible, and as we change our scenery, we can begin to change our minds.

20 Feb 19
Stubbs Rambles On

The second half of our honeymoon abroad traveling throughout Southeast Asia in 2016. Thailand Part 17.

19 Feb 19
Entertaining WE

17 Feb 2019 During development of meshoptimizer a question that comes up relatively often is “should this algorithm use SIMD?”. The library is performance-oriented, but SIMD doesn’t always provide significant performance benefits – unfortunately, the use of SIMD can make the code less portable and less maintainable, so this tradeoff has to be resolved on…

18 Feb 19
Weston J Schloss

2018 was a crazy year for myself. My girlfriend of a year and a half and I broke up (which I wrote about here), I quit the job I worked at for almost two years, tried out being single for a few months, got involved in a super intense three month relationship which ended rather […]

18 Feb 19
One Stop Tourist

Japan is somewhere I think everyone should visit. From futuristic skyscrapers to tranquil bamboo forests and neon arcades to serene temples, it’s like nowhere else on the planet. The food is incredible, the people are ultra polite, and it has one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world. We love the combination of […]

18 Feb 19

After 6.5 weeks it was time to say goodbye to New Zealand. I had a short flight to Melbourne and arrived a few hours later in Adelaide. Finally! It was time to see Dean again. I was so happy to see him. It was really hot in Adelaide but i was happy to be back […]

18 Feb 19
Stubbs Rambles On

The second half of our honeymoon abroad traveling throughout Southeast Asia in 2016. Thailand Part 16.

18 Feb 19

So, now that you are here, we definitely know that you are planning your next vacation to Phuket. You will need the help of this write-up to plan your trip properly without wasting much time on your vacation. Below are the few fun and adventure activities which will answer your question of what to do […]

14 Feb 19
Pretty Planet

Seoul in South Korea was somewhere always high up on my bucket list, as most my family and friends know I’m obsessed with Asia and it’s traditions. Seoul was somewhere I had always wanted to go, and with the airline I work for they fly there daily. Over the past few years I’ve flown to […]

10 Feb 19
NEET Knowledge Base

Kayson Carlin Bowling Green State University April 9, 2018   Animated movies have been made in nearly every major country with a film industry. The technique of moving drawn images progressed differently in parts of the world, but none quite as uniquely as Japan. It even has its own name, to which everyone knows exactly […]

10 Feb 19
Simply Because

The Morning Of —A little something I wrote this morning on my way to Pinnacles National Park— I wasn’t sure i’d be able to do it — wake up in the morning after only 3 hours of sleep. But at 4:20am the alarm rang, my body rose out of bed and I was stoked to […]

09 Feb 19
Vegan Wander Woman

Bangkok has a reputation for being sleazy, smelly, and loud. It’s reputation is not wrong. But it is the gateway to Thailand and South-East Asia, so the chances are if you are going that way you’re going to end up in Bangkok at some point. I actually liked Bangkok more than I expected (since I […]