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18 Feb 19
The Outerhaven

Welcome to “This Week In Geek Entertainment,” a weekly recap article for those looking to get caught up with the big news in entertainment. Tune in every Sunday to start your week off ready for those watercooler conversations. Top Film News: The First Teaser Trailer for ‘Frozen 2’ Looks More Epic than the First Prominent […]

18 Feb 19
Hollywood Latest News

What Led to Selena Gomez’ Breakdown: A Timeline of Her Health Struggles, List Of 2017 Hollywood Films.

Upcoming Celebrity News 2017, A Wrinkle In Time Film, What Led to Selena Gomez’ Breakdown: A Timeline of Her Health Struggles.

What Led to Selena Gomez' Breakdown: A Timeline of Her Health Struggles

Hollywood Latest Story Moana Celebrity News Ebert and Walt Hollywood Studios Motion Pictures is an American film distributor owned by The Walt Hollywood Company. Established in

18 Feb 19

This blog post is going to be more journal styled, so get ready for a good story my dudes. Friday afternoon I headed down to the valley very excited to see Connor (who, if you’re new here, is my amazing boyfriend). He had something up his sleeve for the evening but he wouldn’t tell me […]

18 Feb 19

Disney movies are going to be filling up my calendar this year. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them. Here are twelve new Disney movies and their release dates: 1.) “Captain Marvel” – March 8, 2019 2.) “Dumbo”- March 29, 2019 3.) “Disneynature’s Penguins” – April 19, 2019 4.) “Avenger’s: End Game” – April 26, 2019 5.) “Aladdin” – […]

18 Feb 19
faceless mask

desires,kisses on your neck,ineligible,i think colors beck, who am i to fall,for dear white-lemon jasmine,are my three wishes done,is this the last i’ll see aladdin? purity,tosses and turns in bed,untrodden,santa’s ‘sis no red, who are you to fall,for dear alpha of the pack,protest when you’re slain,became the prey for attack, connected,touch between two hands,independent,spectrum chaos […]

17 Feb 19
Neil's Commonplace Book

It occurs to me that much coming from Scott Morrison and minions since the passing of the “medivac” reforms last week has more than strayed into demagoguery. In passing, enjoy this quote: Back to Australia. I am impressed with this commentary in Eureka Street. Having failed in Parliament to prevent tinkering to the border protection […]

17 Feb 19
Hag's Un-profound Adventures in Writing and Opinion

On the surface, one can read Kingdom Hearts as an incredibly shallow, capitalistic experience. It’s the product created by one of the biggest Japanese videogame studios and the most enduring and powerful entertainment corporation around.  A game that consists of combining the popular JRPG series Final Fantasy with animated films which have saturated culture on […]

17 Feb 19
Now All I Know is Grace

Growing up, I didn’t watch a lot of movies. We had a few specific DVDs that I would watch over and over, but that was about it, and we rarely went to the movie theater. The last couple of years, though, I’ve realized how much I love movies. I’ve started going to the movie theater […]

17 Feb 19
Amy Garner

In January this year, I turned 30 and celebrated by hitting the streets of New York City with Ross for four days and packed in as much as was physically possible in the space of time we had. Over the course of our stay I made a few observations and have a number of highlights I would like to share.

17 Feb 19
Fun, info & Entertainment blog

[ad_1] Redmi Note 7 India launch date was officially confirmed, details of upcoming Samsung M30 were revealed, and the teasers of Xiaomi’s next flagship Mi 9 dominated the tech news headlines this week, while Moto G7 Power showed up in India.  Ever since its announcement, Redmi Note 7 has constantly been talk of the town. […]

17 Feb 19
Viatic Narrative

Ciao Minchia, It’s been quite a long time since I’ve last divulged my latest adventures and many things have happened in my absence (or yours if you want to begin this hopefully thought-provoking post with an existential consideration). Allora, I hope you are keeping your New Years resolutions. After my previous post, I did end […]

17 Feb 19
B+ Movie Blog

So what we do here each year as a warm up for the Oscars is, I break down each of the 24 categories. The idea is to both familiarize everyone with the category and its history. I look at what the major trends are throughout the past bunch of years, how the precursors tend to […]

17 Feb 19

Long gestating projects rarely turn out that well. Since the turn of our modern century, co-writer/producer James Cameron has been attempting to make a film version of the manga Gunnm aka Battle Angel Alita since the dawn of the new millenium. This sci-fi dystopian actioner about a young cyborg woman Alita (Rosa Salazar) being resurrected and finding her place […]