New Brunswick Crime

21 Apr 19
I Survived...Now What?

I am a sexual violence survivor. Unfortunately, I’m not alone. I’m not even special. The Ontario statistics are depressing. I’ve experienced the whole range. Many other women have. And that’s something I need to understand better, because I don’t believe all individual men are the problem. I know some pretty fantastic male human beings, just […]

19 Apr 19
The London Free Press

Stratford effort real wild goose chase I found it amusing the money and time wasted on getting rid of Canada geese in the river that flows through Stratford – and all for tourism in favour of the swans? Canada geese have been living there for eons, in harmony with the swans. This is their natural […]

19 Apr 19
90 Feet From Home

“I am not your mother,” said the polar bear, “but I can show you where to catch a fish.” – Pup and Bear by Kate Banks and Naoko Stoop I have been blessed since the beginning of my days over thirty-one years ago.  There is no doubt about that.  I didn’t have to work for those blessings, […]

19 Apr 19
Viral Topic Zone

A 27-year-old man who left his dog to starve to death in a rented home he abandoned in the Woodstock, N.B., area four years ago was sentenced Thursday to a year in jail — double the sentence recommended by the Crown. Kyle Springer, who previously pleaded guilty to the criminal charge of cruelty to animals, was also […]

18 Apr 19
Shield for Muslims

Administrators at East Brunswick High School suspended both the Muslim student and her alleged attacker after the incident.

18 Apr 19
The Dialog

For the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, MUDCRABS (the Melbourne University Comedy Revue Board) have produced one of their most entertaining shows yet. Kit Goodman! A Good Man, written and directed by Emily White and playing at the University’s Guild Theatre, is a fast-paced, funny and smart take on the traditionally male-dominated detective genre, complete with […]

17 Apr 19
Levine Lowdown

Would there still be worldwide terrorism if the media wasn’t involved? “Terror at London Bridge” (Sunday Express, June 4, 2017) Terrorism. It seems to be on the cover of every newspaper or the key story of a news bulletin at least once a week and there seems to be no indication of it slowing down. […]

15 Apr 19
Random Scottish History

Eighteen martyrs of Saragossa, 304. St Turibius, Bishop of Astorga, about 420. St Fructuosus, Archbishop of Braga, 665. St Magnus, of Orkney, martyr, 1104. St Druon, recluse, patron of shepherds, 1186. St Joachim of Sienna, 1305.   Born. – Sir Hans Sloane, naturalist, 1660, Killileagh; John Law, speculative financier, 1671, Edinburgh.  Died. – George Louis, […]

15 Apr 19
Unconventional Xicana Ph.D.

Cultural appropriation, the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture, has become a controversial issue in recent years. Reality star Kim Kardashian, pop star Miley Cyrus, and megastar Madonna have all been accused of cultural appropriation. When these women dress in traditional attire from other cultures or sport corn rolls in […]

15 Apr 19
First for Credible News

The famous ‘dieselgate’ emissions cheating scandal has once more been brought into the news cycle with the official charging of a former VolksWagen boss. The charge was brought by prosecutors in Brunswick, adjacent VW’s Wolfsburg HQ in northern Germany who said four other managers were charged in addition to Winterkorn.   Among the accusations against […]

15 Apr 19

South Beach Family Vacation where to stay & Eat So, we returned from our spring family vacation. We always like to get away some place sunny and warm at least once a year, while it’s still snowy and chilly. Yes, in New Brunswick, Canada we still get snow in spring and still have some even […]

15 Apr 19
Film Quarterly

Meheli Sen, Nilanjana Bhattacharjya, Monika Mehta, and Anupama Kapse on the Netflix Bollywood anthology film Lust Stories.