17 Jun 19
mum of sonny

As a newborn, Sonny was a very noisy sleeper. He was also a colicky baby and used to writhe around his cot, body popping. He fed every two-three hours. As someone who loves their sleep, and would regularly be in bed for 10.30pm before having a baby, this was a major shock to my system.

17 Jun 19
Cong Ty Qua Tang

If you’re looking for tactics to improve sales and develop new company relationship, you possibly can make more utilization of promotional gifts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a company owner, or executive of a giant corporation, gifting wisely plays an important role from the health of your business. This informative article evaluates different functions of […]

17 Jun 19
Mummy Welburn

So since my daughter was born I have always been scrolling on the internet in between feeds and settling her for one thing and another such as tips for new parents, vaccination schedules, newborn check lists etc etc abc wanted to share what I have found useful! I have popped the sites links below and […]

17 Jun 19

Updated : June 15, 2019 When Rangoon University re-opened in 1946 (after closing for three years), Dr. Pe Nyun (Dick San Pe), his younger brother Dr. Pe Thein (Tom San Pe) and their elder sister entered Rangoon University. Their classmates include Saya U Tin U and Saya U Sein Hlaing. At the Independence Day Regatta […]

17 Jun 19
Although Meghan Markle’s birthday is two month’s away, the Queen is wasting no time planning her gift for the Duchess of Sussex. The royal family is known to celebrate milestones in the most extravagant fashion, and Markle’s birthday will be no exception. Queen Elizabeth’s gift for Meghan Markle’s 38th birthday just goes to show how much she cares for her grandson’s wife. The Queen has reportedly invited Markle to celebrate her birthday on August 4 at Balmoral Estate, the royal family’s Scottish home. Markle will reportedly be joined by her husband, Prince Harry, and their newborn son, Archie. This estate is apparently the Queen’s favorite royal property, making this invitation incredibly momentous. “The Queen and Prince Philip adore the couple and, of course, their new great-grandson Archie, and they have invited them to Balmoral for a few days. It is testament to Meghan that she has been given this invite. It’s a huge honor,” a source said to The Mirror. “It’s no secret Balmoral is Her Majesty’s favorite home and that’s why this invite is so special and heartfelt.” The trip will be Markle’s first time visiting Balmoral, as well as baby Archie’s first-ever official royal trip. The itinerary for the trip reportedly includes a traditional afternoon tea with the Queen, and the Queen will also be preparing a special cake for the birthday festivities. In addition, Markle and Prince Harry will also be provided with their own wing of the estate, giving their family a little extra privacy during their stay. View this post on Instagram The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce they have named their first born child: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor This afternoon Their Royal Highnesses introduced Her Majesty The Queen to her eighth great-grandchild at Windsor Castle. The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess’ mother were also present for this special occasion. Photo credit: Chris Allerton ©️SussexRoyal A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on May 8, 2019 at 8:39am PDT Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are known to travel to the Scottish Estate in July when it’s closed to the public. Apparently an invitation to stay at Balmoral with the Queen signals a prominent social status within her inner-circle. This trip could inspire a change in the way Markle is received by both the royal family and the British people. Since her relationship with Prince Harry first became public, Markle has been no stranger to criticism of their union. Even after the Duke and Duchess celebrated their first wedding anniversary and the birth of their first child earlier this year, tabloids continue to publish unnecessarily harsh stories that at times include racist and sexist undertones. Apparently, the public consensus in Britain is that Markle used Harry to climb a social ladder, despite her being a well-established actress in the United States. View this post on Instagram A new @Instagram channel for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been launched today. @SussexRoyal will feature the work and activities of The Duke and Duchess. You can still follow the work and activities of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge @KensingtonRoyal. A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) on Apr 2, 2019 at 7:20am PDT And the criticism doesn’t just stop with the public — reports of members within the royal family warning Harry against marrying Markle have also surfaced. Just last month, The Sun reported that Prince Phillip told Harry the following when things started getting serious between the two: “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.” Maybe after Markle is given the honor of a birthday celebration at Balmoral this year she will be fully accepted and respected as an important fixture in the British royal family.
17 Jun 19
The Center of Inter-religious Peace

Portrait: Mother 
Group Exhibition
Curators: Dorit Kedar, Irit Levin
6.6.19 – 29.6.19
Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

17 Jun 19

Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid are also parents to son Caiden Zane, whom they welcomed on June 8, 2017

17 Jun 19
Unworthy of the Gift

Allow me to preface that what you’re about to read has no real life implications. I’m perfectly safe and happy in my own life. This topic came to my mind from the phrase “Walking with God,” which I felt could only happen when we die. The moral of the story is to bring awareness to suicide that occurs even in devout Christian lives, and that the people God gives us are a gift that should not be taken granted. Fair warning: the first paragraph may be a little graphic for some readers. Additionally this is a short story which may be considered long for a blog post, but this is my platform and I wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy!

17 Jun 19

ALMA observation of the young star system HD 169142, which shows an outer region composed of thin rings and a double gap. These fine structures had never been seen before in the outer parts of a disk with a deep chasm that severs the protoplanetary environment into inner and outer regions.  (Image: © N. Lira…

17 Jun 19

#RambamYomi #TumatTzaraat 9:1 All can be impure of Tzaraat blemishes, even a newborn baby or servants, but not gentiles or resident aliens.

17 Jun 19

* Press release… State Rep. Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) today released the following statement announcing his retirement from the Illinois House of Representatives, effective today: “I have had the honor of representing the families and businesses of the 20th District in the Illinois House of Representatives for 23 years. While I never set out to spend […]

17 Jun 19
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A woman accused of drowning her daughter’s newborn boy whose body was found buried in the family’s backyard has been ordered held for trial on charges including first-degree murder. Superior Court Judge Charles R. Brehmer found there was enough evidence presented at Beant Dhillon’s preliminary hearing Monday morning to have her bound over for trial. She remains held without bail. Police testified Dhillon admitted to killing the baby out of the shame a pregnancy by her then-15-year-old daughter would bring to the family in the Sikh community. In questioning police investigators, Dhillon’s attorney, David A. Torres, tried to establish people other than Dhillon could have entered the bathroom where the daughter gave birth. The girl’s parents, a brother, two cousins and grandparents lived in the five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in southwest Bakersfield. Dhillon, 43, is next due in court June 27, where a trial date is expected to be scheduled. Sitting hunched forward and listening to a Punjabi court interpreter, Dhillon wiped at her eyes with a tissue and bowed her head as a police investigator described how she told him she discovered her daughter had given birth Nov. 18 in a bathroom at house in the 5200 block of Shining Crag Avenue. In the last of three scenarios she laid out for police, Dhillon said she was in her bedroom when she heard a baby crying and went to investigate, testified Bakersfield police Sgt. Eric Littlefield, the lead investigator in the case. She knocked on an upstairs bathroom door and received no answer. She tried the door and found it locked. Peering through a crack under the door, Dhillon said she saw her daughter’s legs surrounded by blood, Littlefield testified. She retrieved a key, opened the door and entered the bathroom. Her daughter, too exhausted to get up, opened a cabinet under the sink where she’d placed the baby wrapped in a shawl, according to Littlefield’s testimony. Dhillon told him she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant until seeing the baby. Dhillon said she took the baby and placed him face down in several inches of water in the bathtub, Littlefied said. She kept him there a few minutes, until he stopped moving. The baby was then taken and buried in the backyard by Dhillon and 23-year-old Bakhshinderpal Singh Mann, nephew, according to police testimony and court documents. They dug a hole and placed the newborn in it along with salt. Dhillon and her husband, Jagsir Singh, told their daughter, who passed out in the bathroom and didn’t see what happened to her child, that the baby had been taken for adoption, according to police testimony and court documents. They told their daughter not to mention the pregnancy to anyone because they could get in trouble for not taking her to see a doctor. “The reason (Dhillon) didn’t tell anyone about the birth was the reaction of the Sikh community to the pregnancy,” Littlefield said. The baby’s death came to light Feb. 26 after police were called to the daughter’s school and she told an officer her father had threatened to kill her, according to police testimony. She talked about the pregnancy, and further investigation – including Dhillon’s comments – led to police finding the baby’s decomposed body buried in the backyard. Singh, 48, hanged himself in March after posting bond and being released from custody on charges of accessory to murder and willful cruelty to a child. Mann, who was in the country illegally, removed a GPS monitoring device the day after police dug up the body. He remains at large.